Top 8 Best Sites Like ‘YoMovies’

The movie is one form of art that most of us have seen and relate to. Some movies take us to an imaginary world where we suspend our disbelief while some movies are so realistic that it makes us feel like a spectator of real life happenings. However, watching movies is not a free experience.

Most of the times we have to pay to watch it. So, when you want movies for free of cost, you have to switch to websites instead of going to the theater to watch it. Yomovies is a website where you can watch movies for free. Read on to know more about it.


What is Yomovies?

Yomovies is a website where you can watch Bollywood movies along with other regional cinemas from India. Along with Indian films, the website also has a collection of Hollywood films as well.

So, this is a one-stop place for your movie needs. Every time you feel like watching a Bollywood movie, you can log in to the website and you will have your desired movie ready to be watched.

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Features of Yomovies

Features of a website is what helps us differentiate between websites and choose the ones that suits us according to our needs. Some features of YoMovies that you should know are as follows:

  • The website offers short descriptions of the movies for you to read and decide if you want to watch the movie or not. The description has a small introduction to the movie.
  • Another great function is that you can download the movies for watching later when you will be free, or when you might be travelling and may not have an internet connection. This gives the viewer flexibility.
  • The movies are available in High definition quality for a top-notch viewing experience.
  • If the language barrier stops you from watching Hollywood movies, then this website is the solution to your problem. The Hollywood movies are dubbed on the website, so you can start watching them without any interruptions.
  • With super-fast servers, the buffering time on the website is very less.
  • The user interface of the website has designed to be very simple and with minimum ads. This allows for smooth navigation throughout.
  • For further ease of use, the movies are separated as per different categories like genre, year of release, language, region, etc.
  • The website is also updated frequently so you will always find the latest releases on the homepage.

Top 8 Best Sites Like YoMovies

Sometimes YoMovies may not be available due to various issues. Also, people often refrain from going on websites like these for privacy and security issues. For times like these, this list of 8 alternatives has been prepared. Read on to know more about the websites.

1. Moviezwap

Regional movie lovers, this website is for you. Most of the Indian movie streaming websites have a limited collection of regional movies. This makes it difficult for those who want to explore beyond the usual Bollywood movies.

Moviezwap has a good collection of regional movies on its website that you can watch online or even download to watch later. However, the website’s collection is not limited to regional movies. It also has Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

But the fact that steals the show is that Moviezwap also streams WWE! Maybe while watching a movie, you suddenly remember that you have to watch your favourite WWE match, then all you have to do is simply search for it on the same website.

No need to switch tabs and waste time by searching for an appropriate website. The website also has no annoying pop up ads so you can watch without any interruptions.

2. MovieNinja

MovieNinja is a great alternative website to YoMovies. Similar to the interface of YoMovies, the only difference is that you are required to register on the website as a member to be able to watch movies and other contents.

Registering on the website gives you added features and benefits. Hence, registering is not a bad thing when it comes to MovieNinja. Once you register, you will be able to download movies and watch them at your own convenience.

3. Ice Movie

Another great alternative to YoMovies, Ice Movie is a popular movie streaming website. The star feature of this website is that the movies list has been made based on the IMDb ratings. So those who are always on the lookout for well-made and good quality movies, they can check out this website.

The films are also categorized according to the year of their release. This makes it easier to search for movies of a particular year. This definitely gives the user the same experience when they use YoMovies.

4. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is an alternative website to YoMovies that has obtained legal status. The collection of movies on Sony Crackle ranges from Bollywood to Hollywood, so you name a movie and it will definitely be available here.

If you like to shift between your laptop and mobile phone for watching movies, then there is also an app for Android phones available to download.

Registering on the website makes it easier to switch between devices and save movies that you could not complete watching. However, a downside of this website is that it is unavailable in some countries, so you need to have a VPN to access it in such countries.

5. Online Watch Movies

With a large directory of Bollywood movies, Online Watch Movies is one of the top destinations for Bollywood movie lovers. It has old Bollywood movies along with the new latest ones, so you can find any movie that you want here in one place.

The website also has regional movies in its collections, so for those looking to explore across languages can definitely try this website.

6. Netlix

Netflix needs no separate introduction. Famous and largely used across the world, Netflix has slowly become synonymous with watching movies and TV series. Netflix is one of the revolutionary streaming services that has slowly enabled people to transition from watching movies in theatres to watching them from their homes.

The phrase “Netflix and chill” is widely used by people to describe the “chill” atmosphere that they can enjoy from the convenience of their home for watching movies. If you do not like a movie that you started watching, you can simply change it to another one, unlike in theatres where you do not have the choice to do so.

Netflix also produces contents on its own that are available to watch exclusively on their platform. Another benefit is that Netflix dubs many of its content in the local language, so that makes it easier for people to watch new content.

Although Netflix is available to watch at a subscription service, the features and content that it offers are worth the amount. This makes it a great alternative website to YoMovies.

7. Zmovie TV Online

Zmovie TV Online is a good alternative website to YoMovies that you can consider the next time you want to watch a movie. The website does not require any subscription, so it is great for those who do not want to or cannot subscribe to a streaming platform.

This lets you watch movie for free of cost without having to pay a penny. However, the only downside to this website is that the facility to download a movie is not available. Hence, you can only watch the movies online with a stable internet connection.

8. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another really popular and widely used movie streaming platform. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription based movie streaming platform. Access to Prime Video comes free with the Amazon Prime subscription.

This makes it a cheaper option for those who are looking for premium features and quality in their movie watching experience. Amazon houses a large directory of films along with producing content of its own. This makes it a great alternative to YoMovies.

On the platform, you can make lists of movies you want to watch, and it also keeps track of unfinished movies or episodes. So, once you come back to watch the unfinished movie, you can simply resume it from where you stopped it.

This makes it easier than other websites where you have to manually forward to the part where you stopped. This saves a lot of time and makes the experience smoother.

Is It Safe to Use YoMovies?

Before you go on a movie-watching spree, one crucial question that should be addressed is: Is YoMovies safe to use? While the platform offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, there is no definitive answer to its safety. Here are some concerns to note:

  1. Legal Issues: YoMovies is known for hosting copyrighted material, which makes it a target for legal action.
  2. Malware and Adware: Free streaming sites are notorious for being riddled with intrusive ads and potential malware. Always make sure you are using strong antivirus software when browsing such sites.
  3. Data Safety: Your personal information could be at risk, especially if the website requires registration.

Thus, it’s crucial to exercise caution while using YoMovies or any similar platform.

Benefits of YoMovies

Assuming you’ve decided to take the plunge, let’s explore some of the benefits YoMovies offers:

  1. Extensive Library: YoMovies boasts a vast library of movies and TV shows, spanning various genres and languages.
  2. User-friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be straightforward and easy to navigate.
  3. Quality Options: You can choose the streaming quality based on your internet connection, which can be a boon for those with limited bandwidth.
  4. Subtitles: Many movies come with subtitle options, making it easier for a global audience to enjoy the content.

In Which Countries is YoMovies Banned?

Due to copyright infringement issues and legal controversies, YoMovies has been banned or is inaccessible in several countries. These often include:

  1. United States: Copyright laws are stringent, making YoMovies a risky venture in the U.S.
  2. United Kingdom: Similar to the U.S., the UK also has laws against piracy.
  3. Various European Countries: In many EU countries, accessing YoMovies may get you into legal troubles.

It’s crucial to understand the local laws concerning copyright and online streaming in your country before accessing platforms like YoMovies.

Is YoMovies a Free Movie App?

Yes, YoMovies offers its extensive library free of charge. However, the “free” comes with its own set of caveats like the risk of malware and intrusive ads. Always weigh the pros and cons before diving in.

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Next time YoMovies is unavailable for viewing, you can navigate through these 8 alternative websites and choose from the one that you feel is right for you. Surfing among these alternative websites will surely have the movie you are looking for.

You can choose among the free websites or if you want premium and customizable features, then the subscription based ones should be your choice. You can also choose among the websites that require registration and among those that do not. So, you are surely to find ones that suit your need.

YoMovies offers an attractive proposition with its extensive library and user-friendly interface. However, safety and legality are major concerns that can’t be ignored. The platform is also banned in various countries due to legal issues surrounding copyright infringement.

While it offers the allure of free movies and TV shows, one should exercise extreme caution before deciding to use the platform. Always prioritize your safety and adhere to local laws when choosing your entertainment options.

Happy watching!