How To Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On

Well, Xbox One is a trendy gaming console that is being used by players all over the world. This is literally so popular that people are waiting in line to buy it. However, everything has its good and bad sides. So like every gadget, the Xbox One also faces some of the problems that can cause the gamers to get very irritated. But no need to worry because we are here to the solutions to the most common problems that one has while using the Xbox One.


How To Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On

The difficulty with Xbox One is that they do not have any external cues like that of PlayStation or the Xbox 360, showing that there is a problem of overheating or maybe some problem with the cables so it becomes really difficult for a person to understand what this is and what is the actual problem and then you have to try every solution under the sun hoping that your device is okay and starts to work again.


Xbox One Won’t Turn On at All

Here are the things that you need to check if your Xbox One is not turning on at all –

Check the controller – If you are using the controller and getting no response then you should click on the power button. This is really a good way to check if your controller is the problem. Change the batteries and try again. If nothing happens then you need to connect the controller to the device using a USB device. If all of this is not working, then you need to get a new controller.

Check the Power Cord – If you are thinking that your controller is fine then you need to check the power cord. Check if it is firmly in place and that the outlet has been connected properly. If you are using a power strip then check if there is any damage. In case of any damage, it should be changed immediately.

Xbox One Shuts Down Suddenly

If you are happily playing games and then suddenly the console is turned off then that is a matter of concern. You should not just start it again and then start playing again, that is the bad move. You need to go ahead and make sure that the console is in good ventilation and that it is getting enough clean air.

You can easily take it to an open space and disconnect all the external devices that you have on the connected space. You should also try to clean out any of the dust particles on the ventilators with a clean dry cloth. It should be enough to give the console a little rest along with your eyes. Try to open it later again, and the problem should be solved.

Xbox One Shuts off and Won’t Turn Back On

If you are seeing that there are no ventilation problems in the Xbox one and then also your Xbox One keeps shutting off all of a sudden then you have to check some other things. Open your Xbox and go to the settings menu. You need to head over to the Power and Startup option. Here is a feature is known as the Instant On feature.

This feature will allow the console to go into sleep mode instead of completely shutting it off.This also enables the start-up to be quicker but it might affect the booting process. You can check out the energy-saving mode in the settings too. Check on the auto shut down feature that they have on there.

This can be the case when you are using some used consoles or consoles that had been used by someone in your family before and then passed on to you. This might be the case with the settings already changed in there. That is why it is important to check them.

Xbox One Beeps But Won’t Turn on

There are two situations that you can face here. First, you click on the power button, and you hear the beep, but it won’t turn on, and then you press the button again, and it turns on. That’s great because it happens sometimes and there is no problem with it. You can just turn it on and go on playing games but then there is the second scenario. When even after pressing the power button the second time the Xbox One will not turn on.

In such a situation, it is really bad news for you because this means that you need to repair or replace the Xbox One. You can try power cycling your Xbox One by tapping on the eject button repeatedly and also unplugging the Xbox for a few minutes. There is no guarantee that this will solve the problem completely.


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