5 Best Writing Tools to Make Your Life Easier – A Guide for Writers

If you have limited knowledge when it comes to picking the best writing tools, then you will love this list because we have some of the top writing tools in 2024 – picked up by our writers.

College is always tough, even if you associate it mostly with freedom, maturity, traveling, and parties. Lots of time in college is devoted to lectures and homework, and the workload can be so huge that students start looking for backup options asking, “Who can do my homework? I’ll pay for it”.

The major part of all college assignments takes academic writing: different essay types, presentations, reviews, term works, and other papers. To complete these tasks, you need to combine logic, organization, research, and creativity, while not all young people can do that. Luckily, in the era of technology, you can no longer struggle with math as math homework helpers are here for you.

After doing a lot of research, we have finalized the 5 best and most trusted writing tools to furnish your writing and other education-related tasks.

5 Writing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

If you lack focus and organization skills, you may prefer to order college homework help, but before you do that, let`s check the options that can help your creativity and productivity. There are many apps for writing that can help you cope with your essays, not spending long hours on research or waiting for a creativity splash. You can find some useful software on this list:

1. Cold Turkey Writer

Cold Turkey Writer is a must-have writing tool for those who lack focus and can procrastinate on an essay for ages. One of the key reasons for making students procrastinate is laptops and smartphones. Some young people can’t live a minute without checking their social networks, even if the deadlines of the assignments are pretty tight.

Cold Turkey Writer Tool for Writers

Cold Turkey Writer can remove potential distractions like social media, Netflix, video games, and YouTube and make you concentrate on the task. All you have to do is to set a writing goal (number of words, hours, etc.) and it will block all the apps that can stop you from achieving it until you meet the goal;

2. Scrivener

Scrivener will be especially relevant to those who struggle over term works and dissertations that take a lot of time. Writing long and complicated papers has many challenges that can’t be compared to writing essays or reviews.


To arrange everything, you can use Scrivener. Scrivener software has all standard word processing features, and besides, it also offers features for comfortable navigation, organization, and editing of the project.

Here you can clearly see all the chapters, rearrange them plan the overall structure, and split the piece into smaller and more digestible parts. You will also have tools to reference materials (even images, PDF documents, and websites) and can export your writing to any format;

3. Pro Writing Aid

Compared to previous options, Pro Writing Aid is cloud-based and one of the best writing tools not only for academic writers but also for bloggers, copywriters, and editors. Pro Writing Aid’s primary goal is to find and fix possible issues like grammar, style, and punctuation, improve your writing, and the readability of the text. You can either use a free version or pay for premium writing features;

4. LibreOffice Writer

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LibreOffice Writer is an effective program for essay writing, which lets users write, review, and revise a paper in one app. Using LibreOffice Writer software, you can make your paper look clean and well-structured while still being focused on the content.

5. Canva


Sometimes we need more than just words to express our opinion, and Canva is the best writing tool for this purpose. With its help, you can create images, graphics, and diagrams to prove your point visually, making your essays more engaging.