How To Increase Workplace Security Through Proper Network Management

Every company compiles its data about various aspects of its business. This data is used to analyze, compare and execute business practices. However, this data is usually very sensitive information that should not be available for everyone such as the Information about clients, staff, and the company. This is cause for concern. Many small companies to large corporations should have a secured IT network.

The network runs through the whole company and is used to connect users throughout the enterprise as well as streamline processes and make functionality more efficient. However, this very connection can pose a security threat. The network itself can be vulnerable to intruders and other types of attacks.

How To Increase Workplace Security Through Proper Network Management

These attacks called for network security and proper network management. An IT team is responsible for developing the security of the system and managing it so that the network can remain secure and operate smoothly.

Improve Security Through Network Management

Here are some methods to improve your network security management. These are good to note whether you’re a part of the IT team, a general employee, or the CEO. They will also apply if you’re an outside Network Security Management team wanting to improve your best practices.

Control Sensitive Data Handling

Sensitive data is anything that an outsider can use to harm or otherwise cause disruptions to the business. The handling of sensitive information such as financial records, bank accounts, company details, etc, should be top on the priority list.

As stated at It is important to have a policy in your management system that blocks sensitive information from being shared with the wrong person. To stop or monitor when this information is going to unauthorized personnel you can set up alerts that will notify when the system is acting in a way that is outside of the allowed policy.

Password Protection

Frankly speaking, if a hacker really wanted to get into your network, then bypassing passwords is one of the easiest ways they’ll go for. This is why the passwords for the user on your network need to be strong. Require them to create passwords using at least 10-15 characters with capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Remembering passwords can be difficult, so it is advisable to use a solid and trusted password manager that can’t be easily accessed. Another thing to consider is setting system locks in place that immediately click into place when a password is used outside of the normal parameters.

Safe Browsing

An important part of network management and security is creating a safe browsing environment. Train employees on safe browsing practices so that they understand the effects of certain actions but also have a better awareness of their usage habits.

This will foster a better relationship between staff and employees. Encourage them to use trusted browsers, avoid downloading unauthorized files, making sure there is anti-virus software, having pop-up blockers, and so on.

Secure File Sharing Methods

Another management tool is the use of secure sharing methods. Encrypted USBs are a good use for employees, along with transportable hard drives. The important thing is to use these only on approved hardware.

USBs and external hard drives can easily transport malware across the network, so it is important to monitor how these are used for file sharing. However, keep in mind that they can be a safe method for transferring and storing sensitive data.

24/7 Monitoring

One of the most important areas that can also be improved on in terms of security is monitoring. The network should be monitored 24/7. This is because the information is being shared constantly and the network is always connected. A lot can be missed without constant monitoring.

A part of your management process should be to have a monitoring system in place that can keep track of the whole network at all times and immediately notify you if there is anything amiss.

Increase Workplace Security Through Proper Network Management

The security of a company’s IT system depends heavily on its management. Management is more than just the responsibility of the IT team but rather the collaborative effort of the entire company workforce. Using policies, guidelines, and training that teaches proper usage and protecting the network from any vulnerability is just a small step in creating a more secure network.

This is a small overview of things to consider when trying to manage and secure your network better. However, there is much more information and practices to consider to truly have top-notch business network security and peace of mind.