Working Moms Kate Lips

In kindergarten, most of us learn that making fun of someone else because of how they look is never okay. But when it comes to famous figures, especially those who have been accused of plastic surgery, it seems that everything goes.

That’s why viewers of Netflix’s Workin’ Moms feel perfectly at ease making fun of Catherine Reitman. The show’s brains behind the scenes have teased the show’s star, creator, producer, and writer for years over how her mouth looks.

The 38-year-old performer has been the target of ridicule and harassment ever since she was a student. Now, followers assume Reitman underwent botched cosmetic work to create his distinctive mouth. However, it may not be the case.

Working Moms Kate Lips

Catherine Reitman has Endured Bullying Ever Since She was a Kid.

Reitman never addressed the plastic surgery rumours head-on, but she did say that she had been taunted about her mouth since she was a kid. girl claimed to be a “really awkward-looking kid” whose classmates referred to her as “horse mouth” and other derogatory terms.

More evidence suggests that Reitman’s unusually shaped lips is a result of his genetics rather than a botched cosmetic surgery job. Ivan Reitman, Reitman’s Czechoslovak-Canadian film and TV director father, has a pucker quite similar to his son’s. Among his most famous films are the first two Ghostbusters installments as well as Kindergarten Cop.

Catherine Reitman’s Lips have been the Subject of Much fan Speculation.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Netflix show Workin’ Moms. However, many viewers claim the star’s presence takes away from the show’s content. The show Working Moms is entertaining enough. However, I cannot tolerate Kate’s lips covering her teeth. I can’t stand to listen to her,” someone tweeted.

After finishing Working Moms, I couldn’t stop thinking about Kate’s lip. I mean, why is it shaped like that? There’s a lip on the outsides but none in the middle,” someone else echoed.

Another Twitter user said, “I started Working Moms but the lead character’s lips are driving me insane.” No idea how long I could stand to watch her lol. But the internet isn’t full with trolls. Only one Reddit user has spoken up in support of Reitman. One commentator argued that the creases in her face added a charming, endearing quality to her appearance.

Reitman has Never Spoken Out Against his Critics.

No amount of plastic surgery on Reitman’s part will change her appearance much. To her credit, she has never responded to the rumours about her lips with anything more than a passing reference to the bullying she endured as a youngster, suggesting that the shape of her mouth is innate rather than the consequence of plastic surgery.

In a roundabout way, though, the actor did address a fan’s comment regarding her lips. About Reitman’s appearance, one admirer remarked, “honestly, weird mouth but I’ll take it.” When asked if she would take the role, the Workin’ Moms star said, “I mean, I’ll take it.”