Woman Praised For Refusing to Switch Plane Seats

A passenger has reached out for guidance after she declined a couple’s request to switch seats during their recent journey.

The Woman has a Health Problem that Necessitates her Sitting on an Aisle Seat During Flights.

Once they were in first class, the man next to her asked whether she would mind switching seats with his wife, who was seated in the window row several rows back.

Woman Praised For Refusing to Switch Plane Seats

The man wasn’t convinced by the woman’s justifications for requesting an aisle seat and “gave her attitude” for the whole of the journey.
I get upgraded all the time,” the poster boasts. Right now, I’m sitting in first class thanks to a complimentary upgrade. I always select an aisle seat. Unless I am travelling with individuals I know, I always choose to sit in the middle seat instead of an aisle.

“I had surgery for endometriosis that impacted my bladder a few years ago, and I get up regularly to use the restroom, and I detest inconveniencing the person in the aisle by making them wait.”

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I was upgraded to first class on today’s flight, and my neighbour on the window seat politely requested that I switch with his wife, who was sat in the window seat in the row behind us.

After explaining my predicament, I politely declined. Also, this flying time is under 2 hours. Since then, my neighbour in the next seat has been acting haughty toward me.

One user commented, “The pair should have agreed to sit together when purchasing the travel or when they boarded the aeroplane,” and another said, “Your row mate should have been more understanding of your legitimate medical cause for desiring your seat.” You’ll show them some consideration by choosing a seat by the aisle.

One more commenter put it like way: “Seriously people are so entitled when flying, believing people will give out their seats to others, and most of the time they ask someone who paid extra for the ticket!”

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Last Words

As a third person chimed in, “Shame on them, they didn’t book the seat, thus they are not entitled to it. Asking is fine, but if you get a negative response, don’t take it personally.