Woman Mauled by Tiger to Sue Beijing Wildlife Park

According to a Chinese publication, a woman who was attacked by a tiger after stepping out of her car at a Beijing zoo is suing the park, claiming that she wasn’t given adequate warning about the facility’s dangers.

After getting out of the car to try to rescue her daughter, the woman’s mother was mauled to death by another tiger.

Woman Mauled by Tiger to Sue Beijing Wildlife Park

In what was reportedly her first interview since the event on July 23rd, the Beijing Times reported on Thursday.

That the woman, surnamed Zhao, was seeking 2 million yuan($299,917.52) in compensation from Badaling Wildlife World.

Zhao claimed that a park ranger in a neighbouring car did not intervene to help. According to her newspaper interview, she signed a document promising not to get out of her car assuming.

It was a registration to access the park before she realised what it actually was. She claimed that the person who took her ticket did not provide an explanation.

Shocking Footage Was From China

In 2016, one of the most viewed videos in China was of a tiger pulling a woman deep into its enclosure at Badaling Safari Park. The horrifying photos rapidly went viral around the world.

The woman’s car had stopped inside the tiger enclosure, and she had gotten out of it for reasons that were not immediately evident.

Within a matter of seconds, a tiger pounced on her. The victim’s mother exits the vehicle to try to save her, and surveillance footage shows the tiger dragging the woman away.

Rest of The Things Happened Off-Screen

What happened next was cut from the film, but the state-run Xinhua news agency claimed that the second woman was killed as she tried to save the first, who had been injured, from another tiger.

Xinhua claimed that an inquiry into the incident was underway and that the zoo was temporarily closed due to posters posted around the park reading, “Cherish your life. Never get out of your car.”

The park boasts around 10,000 wild creatures, including brown bears, Malayan Sun bears, leopards, and wild wolves, according to the Beijing Tourism website.

The park is renowned for “breeding violent animals in huge groups in open regions.”

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A Chinese woman who witnessed her mother’s death at the hands of a caged tiger has filed a lawsuit against a safari park in Beijing, seeking compensation in the amount of 1.55 million yuan (£175,000).

Ms. Zhou, the dead, was attempting to save her daughter, Ms. Zhao, last year when she stepped out of the car and into the animal enclosure.