How To ‘Windows 8.1 Product Key’ Activation

Windows 8.1 is an enhanced version of Windows 8. When Microsoft launched Windows, it was getting bad feedback from the users. So, Microsoft decided to make an update in Windows by changing the interface. Don’t lose hope you are about to find Windows 8.1 Product Key and Activation.

So, they released Windows 8.1. But to activate it, you need a Windows 8.1 product key. In this article, many activation keys will be mentioned, use them to activate your Windows. Also, we have Windows 7 serial keys.

Windows 8.1 Product Key and Activation

When it comes to operating systems, Windows remains a ubiquitous choice for users worldwide. One of the versions that still retains a user base is Windows 8.1. In order to unlock all the features of this OS, you’ll need a Windows 8.1 product key.

But what exactly is this product key, and do those cheap keys advertised online actually work? In this SEO-optimized, comprehensive guide, we’ll demystify the Windows 8.1 product key and explore the efficacy of cheap keys.

What is a Windows 8.1 Product Key?

A Windows 8.1 product key is a 25-character alpha-numeric code that Microsoft uses to authenticate your copy of Windows. This unique identifier ensures that your version of the software is genuine, offering you full access to the features and updates provided by Microsoft.

Typically, you receive the product key when you purchase a genuine copy of Windows 8.1, either as a physical card or as an email from Microsoft or its authorized retailers.

How it Works

The product key validates your Windows installation by checking it against Microsoft’s database. This ensures that the same product key isn’t being used on more systems than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

New Additions to Windows 8.1

There are many reasons you want to install Windows 8.1 or upgrade your windows to 8.1. Thus, the reasons are listed below:

Features of Windows 8.1

The newly added features of Windows 8.1 are as follows:

1. Upgradation of Internet Explorer.

2. Addition of new applications.

3. Also, the addition of new music and video applications.

4. App store improvisation with many bugs fixed.

5. Improvement in power shell for enhanced stability and security.

6. Addition of Customization features.

7. Addition of features related to the user interface

8. Many bugs related to application snapping and live tile resizing

9. This version includes Skydrive

New Technologies

1. Version 8.1 of Windows supports ReFS (Resilient File System).

2. Support for 3D printing.

3. It also supports DirectX 11.2.

Where to find a Windows 8.1 Product/Serial Key

You can find the 25-character serial or product key at the following locations:

1. Your Windows 8.1 product/serial key is printed on your CPU, if you have bought a computer with Windows pre-installed on it.

2. Ask the dealer for the Windows 8.1 product key, if you have bought your computer from a dealer.

3. The Windows 8.1 serial key should be in a card inside your product box if you have bought an operating system CD or DVD,

4. Windows 8.1 key will be sent to you through the email you provided at the time of purchasing if you bought a digital copy of Windows

5. If you don’t remember the key you have installed Windows with, then download the Key finder program and then retrieve your key.

Product Keys of Windows 8.1

Below is the list of Activation keys to activate your Windows 8.1:


















Product Keys for Windows 8.1 Ultimate

Below are the product keys for Windows 8.1 Ultimate. So, use them to activate your Windows:












If, by chance, any key doesn’t work for you, it means that key has been used by someone. So, try another activation key.

Activating Windows 8.1 With Product Key

System Requirements for Windows 8.1

You need to have a system that runs on Windows before you can use the Windows 8.1 product key. So, system requirements for the operating system Windows 8.1 are listed below:

1. RAM- 2GB.

2. Processor- 1GHZ.

3. Hard disk space- 20GB.

4. Graphics card supporting DirectX9.

Procedure for Activation

After you have found your serial/product key, it’s the time to activate your Windows. So, follow the below-given procedure to activate Windows 8.1 with a product or serial key:

Step 1: At first, close all your programs.

Step 2: Now, press the Windows and R key together from your keyboard to invoke Run dialog box. Then, type “slui 3“. Then, click on the OK button.

Procedure for Activation for Windows 8.1

Step 3: Activation Window will appear, and you will be asked to Enter the Windows 8.1 product key.

Enter the Windows 8.1 product key

Step 4: Then, type the Product Key.

Step 5: After entering the key, the operating system will try to Activate Windows Automatically.

Then, wait for some time to activate Windows 8.1 on your system.

Activating Windows 8.1 Without A Activation Key

Option 1: Upgrading the Windows 8

If your system has Windows 8, you can easily upgrade it to Windows 8.1. Therefore, you don’t need to have the product key.

Before you start, make sure to:

1. Backup all the important data.

2. Free up some space, i.e., at least your system should have 3 GB of free space.

3. Also, upgrade your Operating system on Direct Power.

4. Full Internet Connectivity to upgrade windows.

5. Disable your Antivirus Program.

Now, after all the above conditions are met, you can start upgrading your Windows. So, follow the below steps:

Step 1: At first, open the Windows Store on your Windows 8.

Step 2: Then, in the Windows Store, search for the option to update it to Windows 8.1.

Step 3: Next, select the option and click on Download.

Step 4: Then, Downloading and Installation will start in the background.

Step 5: Once it is completed, it will ask you to restart your system.

Step 6: Then, restart your system to make the changes.

Step 7: Next, you have to choose “Use Express settings” when the update screen comes up.

Step 8: At last, sign in with your Microsoft account and then Reinstall the apps again.

So, with the above method, you will be able to update your windows to 8.1, and there will be no need for the activation key.

Do Cheap Windows 8.1 Keys Work?

With the prevalence of cheap Windows 8.1 keys available on various websites, many consumers wonder if these budget-friendly options are too good to be true.

Risks Involved

  1. Validity: One of the primary concerns with cheap keys is their validity. These keys are often sold by unauthorized sellers and may not be legitimate.
  2. Limited Features: Some cheap keys may unlock only a fraction of the features that a genuine key would, limiting your OS experience.
  3. Security Risks: Unauthentic keys might expose your system to various security risks, including malware and viruses.
  4. No Support: If you face issues with your cheap Windows 8.1 key, chances are you won’t be able to access Microsoft’s customer support for troubleshooting.

Pros of Cheap Keys

  1. Affordability: The most evident benefit of cheap keys is the price point. For users on a tight budget, these keys offer a more affordable way to activate Windows 8.1.
  2. Temporary Use: For short-term projects or secondary systems, a cheap key may suffice.

Should You Go for a Cheap Windows 8.1 Key?

While the allure of a low price is hard to resist, the risks involved make cheap Windows 8.1 keys a precarious choice. If you want a stable, secure operating environment with full access to Microsoft’s support and updates, a genuine product key is the best route.

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Thus, upgrading Windows 8 to 8.1 is very easy. You can use the above-listed activation keys to upgrade your Windows. Also, if you are not able to do that with the activation key, then you can use the method listed to activate Windows without the product key.

A Windows 8.1 product key serves as your gateway to a fully functional operating system, offering security, support, and a plethora of features. While cheap Windows 8.1 keys might seem like a bargain, the associated risks often outweigh the benefits.

To ensure a seamless user experience, it’s advisable to invest in a genuine product key from Microsoft or its authorized retailers. By understanding what a Windows 8.1 product key is and weighing the pros and cons of cheap options, you can make an informed decision that best suits your computing needs.