Some of The Best Windows 11 Features

The official release of the Windows 11 operating system was done a few days back by Microsoft. Everyone had been really excited about this new operating system of Microsoft since Windows 10 came out, and that is also with good reason. The fresh new design and a bunch of new features that is going to streamline our system is something worth the wait.

Best Windows 11 Features

1. Android Apps

The new operating system of Microsoft will have Android apps built into the system. Windows 11 marks the first time everyone will be able to download them directly onto your PC.

2. Widgets

We all know what widgets are. Windows 11 will add Widgets to the interface – an AI-powered customizable feed that slides out to show you info such as news, weather, a glimpse at your calendar and to-do list, and your recent photos.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft video chat platform teams will be built by Windows 11. This will be built directly into the operating system, and it will be easier to access because of the same reason. You can connect with others on Teams across Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS.

4. Desktops

Windows 11 will allow you to create separate virtual desktops for different parts of your requirements. So you can have a desktop for each of the different work. One for personal use, one for work, etc. It is an organizer’s dream.

5. Snap Layouts

When you’re working in a bunch of open windows, Windows 11 will let you arrange them in different layouts on the screen and will save all of those windows in that arrangement.

6. Snap Groups

Snap Groups are the set of open windows that you saved in Snap Layouts.

These are just some of the features that caught our attention. Obviously, there will be a lot more than these.

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