7 Best Windows 10 Themes For Every Desktop

Well let us be honest, there are many people that do not bother to change even the wallpaper of their computer. They just keep the basic stock images which literally bored us to death. Some people are not even aware of the fact that they can change the wallpaper and theme of their computer.

Next time you are in a public place, take a look around and you can find many such people. Why be so boring and plain when you have the option to style your desktop in your own way? There are many themes that are offered that you can choose to give your desktop a different look. So let’s not be a boring person and add some color to your computer.

7 Best Windows 10 Themes for Every Desktop

We have listed the 7 best Windows 10 themes that you can try out. They are universal and actually really popular. They make your desktop look beautiful and classy. Changing your theme at intervals can make your computer look as good as new. Not all changes are bad. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

1. GreyEveTheme

This theme is a dark theme and we must say that dark themes look great on windows 10. If you like dark colors then you will love this one. It is an added bonus that dark colors reduce the stress on your eyes. So that is something cool.

There are so many good dark themes there but we chose the GreyEve theme because it seemed to be the coolest to us. You can check out the other ones if you like. If you think that you want some other dark them then you can get plenty of options too. This theme really caught our eye.

2. HoverDarkAeroTheme

This One is another dark theme similar to the previous one. There is not much difference but they are not exactly same either. You can see that this theme uses the colour black more than the colour grey as was the case with the previous one. You need to download UXThemePatcher for windows 10 to use this theme. After the download is complete you can use the settings option and apply this great theme on your desktop.

3. 3DTheme

The3D theme is available in the theme pack. It has 17 high definition wallpapers that gives off a 3D effect. They are all abstract in nature. If you check them out you can find that the wallpapers are basically or rather mostly inspired by cubes and spheres. They look pretty cool to be honest and gives your desktop a completely different look. You can use this theme from your settings. You can use all the seventeen wallpapers at once. They will just keep on rotating and you can get to see all of them at regular intervals.

4. Simplify10

If you like things to be simple then this one is for you. As the name suggests it is a simplified theme. To those who find the Windows 10 layout a bit cluttered for their taste, they can opt for this theme. This theme removes a lot of unnecessary designs and gives your desktop a clean and sleek look. The minimalistic approach of the theme is liked by many users.

The simplify 10 also has 3 options – a light theme, a dark theme, and a third theme they call the Maverick. You should go check it out and see it for yourself.

5. XPThemes

You know that this is the old theme. The operating system is old and it is best if you do not use it in your everyday use. But if you simply are nostalgic and can’t let go of the theme then this is the option for you. You can easily make your windows 10 look like your  Windows XP using this theme. You can get this theme on Devian Art. This theme is good and for the old schoolers this is the best. Make sure that you get the latest version though to make it go with your Windows 10 operating system.

6. MacDock

This theme provides you with a dock. The frequently used apps are present on the dock to give you quick access to them. The dock replaces the existing taskbar. If you want to give your desktop a mac look then this theme is obviously the one for you. You can also customize the dock to place any app you want. You can download the theme from Devian Art. This is a great theme that is unique in its own way so you should try it out.

7. Various

This is the Windows 10 anime theme. If you are an anime fan then this one is hands down the one you should go for. Since anime is getting popular day by day, this is a great option. Even Netflix and other streaming devices have taken it upon themselves to add several anime shows to their list.

You can find a lot of varying anime themes for your Windows 10 operating system. It does not matter which anime you like. You can find Gintama, Haikyuu, and even Dragon Ball Z  themes for your desktop. We don’t know anything that can be cooler than this.


Well, guess this article came to an end after all. The fact that you have read till now means that you are serious about jazzing up your computer. No one likes a boring computer. The workload is boring enough. Try to add a little style and color to your computer. We hope that we could do justice to the article.

Now go ahead and change your desktop theme and see how a little change can transform your entire computer and make it look new. Thank you for giving this article a read and we hope that you also recommend this article to your friends and family.