WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Frequently {Solved}

A prevalent difficulty reported by several users nowadays is that their WiFi Keeps Disconnecting on Laptop and then after a few hours, the WiFi starts to function normally again with a yellow exclamation.


The WiFi connection is lost if the user tries to reconnect to the wireless network and then they find that it is no longer visible. Leaving users perplexed and forcing them to restart their laptop or hard reset their WiFi card (switch it off and on again) to be able to get a wireless connection.

Why Your WiFi Keeps Disconnecting on PC

Before we start discussing the solutions let us try to know the reason behind this WiFi Keeps Disconnecting issue. If your drivers are not fully compatible with your device or operating system, you are likely to experience issues.

Here, your computer sends your wireless card to sleep when it is not in use to save on battery. However, the device is not able to wake up when needed possibly because of the driver issue.

A great way to troubleshoot is to try your computer on another network or try another computer on the same network. If the WiFi Keeps Disconnecting issue persists in both cases, try to use the network diagnostic tool in your laptop to further diagnose the problem. All you have to do is type “Network Diagnostic” in the Start menu and click “Identify and Fix Network Problems“.

3 Ways To Fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Frequently in Windows 8 and 10 Issue

Here are three solutions that you can try to fix the WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Frequently Error. Work your way through the list until the WiFi Keeps Disconnecting problem is resolved.

Solution 1: Download and Install Updated Drivers

To update your drivers manually to fix the drivers issue. Follow the methods below-

Method 1: To update your driver go to your manufacturer’s website. Scroll down to the driver’s section and then double click to download and install the drivers.

Method 2: If you are unable to find drivers to download go to an online service which will be able to automatically detect your PC. Click on get started and install the detection software then let the system find your drivers. After this download and install them. Some manufacturers also offer automatic system detection.

Solution 2: Don’t allow Windows to turn off your Wireless Device

If your computer is overheating in any way this can lead to your PC going in sleep mode. sleep mode causes the PC to disconnect your wireless connection and to save battery. To fix this follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Click Windows + R Keys to open Run.

Step 2: After this Type “devmgmt.msc” in the search bar and click enter to open the device manager window

Step 3: Now browse to the “Network Adapters” section and extend it

Step 4: Then Right-Click on your wireless device and select “Properties“. If a yellow triangle with an exclamation is visible, then your drivers have an issue.

Step 5: Under the properties window, select the ‘Power Management’ tab

Step 6: Uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” and Click OK to save changes. Then check if the problem persists.

Solution 3: Reconfigure your Wireless Adapter

WiFi connection in different countries tends to use different bandwidth of frequency. Here we will try to change the channel frequency range detection to auto, to overcome the obstruction caused by non-conventional frequency ranges.

Step 1: Press Windows + R keys to open Run.

Step 2: Next type “ncpa.cpl” in the search bar and press enter to open the network adapters Window.

Step 3: Then Right-click on the WiFi Adapter to select its Properties.

Step 4: Select the Configure option

Step 5: Browse over to the advanced tab and search for the property: 802.11n Value and the 20/40 coexistence. Change them to Auto.



Also, make sure that the router gets enough power and the plug and 12/5V jack is connected properly. Generally, try to keep the router away from electrical appliances which interfere with WiFi waves.