Why was Siren Season 4 Cancelled

Mermaids are universally popular. They exude allure and sophistication, are full of life and inspiration. It’s harmless to speculate every once in a while about the existence of such enigmatic creatures.

It was once Siren who gave credence to such a fantasy. And now, tragically, we face the possibility of never seeing Siren Season 4, letting our fantasy go.

Based in the fictional coastal town of Bristol Cove, which was once inhabited by mermaids, Siren is not your typical mermaid comedy due to the fact that the Sirens in the story are anything but naive. However, there was a time when it was intriguing, exciting, and confusing.

Why was Siren Season 4 Cancelled

Unfortunately, after three successful seasons, the show’s major characters are set on leaving Siren, leaving us without a Season 4. As a result, word has it that a possible resume is about to make its appearance. The tasty essentials of the tragedy that followed Siren Season 4 have been compiled in this post. Please read on if you find mermaids fascinating.

Date of Season 4 of Siren’s Release

The siren series has struck gold and secured a bright future. Why?  Because it seems to be the current trend for all TV recommendations and series to be put on hold. It was confirmed here, however, that the show would not be returning for a third season after its 2020 premiere. A new season of Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody will premiere in 2022, so be sure to watch for it.

Season four cancellation rumours spread like wildfire over social media and the internet, but the show’s creators have now dispelled the clouds. Even though the outbreak delayed production for an additional season, it did not bring the show to the brink of cancellation, and season three began airing on April 2, 2020.

Siren Season 4 Cast:

  • In the role of Tia, Tiffany Lonsdale
  • Ryn Fisher is Eline Powell.
  • Ben Pownall will be portrayed by Alex Roe.
  • Xander McClure is Ian Verdun.
  • Helen Hawkins portrayed by Rena Owen
  • We’ve cast Sibongile Mlambo as Donna.
  • Maddie Bishop will be portrayed by Fola Evans-Akingbola.

Season 3 focuses on Ben dealing with the fallout from killing Ian to protect his loved ones and friends from a potentially dangerous riches. Ryn unravels Ben’s nefarious plot. As a result, they are perplexed when a tyrant mermaid named Tia appears in Bristol Cove.

Throughout the season, Ryn fights to protect her surrogate mermaid girl, Hope, from Tia, who plans to erase all traces of humanity and wipe out all human existence. Hunter’s capture of Hope is what finally sets Tia off.

Ryn and Ben initiate marine hostilities against Tia and her mermaid classes so that they can preserve kindness and hope. As Xander’s condition worsens, Maddie and Robb will stop at nothing to find a solution. Helen and the hybrids go out as a group to calm the locals and restore order.

After learning about his son Ben’s extraordinary abilities, Ted’s entire way of life is turned upside down. Season 4 might have picked up just where season 3 left off, had it been made.

After the war is over, humans and merpeople can work together to repair the damage done to their land by the sea monster Tia and her offspring. Ryn may show her daughter, Hope, how to prepare for and avoid potential future issues. It’s possible that Ben may teach his father, Ted, how to make use of his extraordinary gifts.

Siren Season 4 Plotline: What Could Have Been

Though “Siren” was discontinued after its third season, speculations about the plotline for a would-be Season 4 are rife among fans.

The third season left several storylines unresolved, from the fate of the merfolk to the complex relationships among the characters. There was much anticipation around how the show would delve into the mermaid society’s rules and if it would explore the origin of the merfolk.

Why Did They Discontinue Siren?

While the series enjoyed a dedicated fan following, “Siren” was discontinued largely due to a dip in viewership numbers. Despite its unique plot and compelling characters, the show was not able to sustain the high ratings it initially enjoyed, leading the network to cancel it after Season 3.

What Happened to Levi in Siren?

Levi, one of the merfolk in “Siren,” was a character who went through significant evolution, adapting to human society as the series progressed.

Though his ultimate fate wasn’t fully disclosed due to the show’s abrupt end, fans are left to speculate on his future endeavors, given his growing adaptability and evolving relationships with humans.

Does She Have a Baby in Siren?

Yes, Ryn, the central mermaid character, does have a baby named Hope in the series. The baby’s birth introduces a new dynamic to the show, posing questions around parenthood, the future of the merfolk, and the ethical dilemmas the characters face.

Did Siren Have an Ending?

Unfortunately, “Siren” did not have a definitive ending. The abrupt cancellation left many story arcs incomplete, and fans were left with unanswered questions and unresolved relationships, making the end of Season 3 more of a cliffhanger than a conclusion.

Who is Ben in Love With in Siren?

Ben, one of the show’s central human characters, is in love with Ryn. Their relationship forms one of the series’ key emotional arcs, complicated by Ryn’s mermaid nature and the various challenges that arise from their interspecies love.

Did Ben Become a Merman in Siren?

The idea that Ben could become a merman was teased but not fully explored due to the show’s cancellation. Ben’s deep connection with the merfolk and his willingness to risk everything for them left the door open for such a transformation, but viewers never got to see this storyline materialize.

Who is the Villain in Siren?

“Siren” did not have a single, definitive villain, but rather several antagonistic forces that complicated the protagonists’ lives. From human exploitation of the ocean to internal conflicts within the mermaid community, the series portrayed a range of challenges that the characters had to navigate.

Does the Siren Find Her Sister?

Yes, Ryn does find her sister, Maddie, but their reunion is fraught with complexity and sets the stage for the events that unfold throughout the series. Their relationship explores the themes of family, loyalty, and the sacrifices that come with love.


“Siren” remains a series that tantalized viewers with its fresh take on mermaid mythology, even if it left fans with more questions than answers. From its intriguing plotlines and compelling characters to the unresolved futures and tantalizing “what-could-have-beens,” the series leaves a lasting impact that keeps it alive in fan discussions and speculations.

While we may never see a Season 4, “Siren” continues to be a series that captured imaginations and dove deep into the unexplored waters of mermaid folklore.