Why was Dwayne Haskins Crossing The Highway

NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins was killed last week when he was walking on a Florida highway to get gas, according to a newly recorded 911 call.

A woman identifying herself as Kalabrya Haskins called 911 and said, “I’m calling because my husband is trapped on the side of the highway.

Why was Dwayne Haskins Crossing The Highway

He had to go walk and get petrol, and then he said he was returning to the car on the highway.” We had been talking, and he had promised to call me as he had finished pumping the gas.

“I called and called, and he still didn’t pick up. Then, after I called for a little more, the line went dead.

That’s just not right for him to not call me back and his phone to go dead, and he’s just stuck by himself, so I want someone to check in the area and see if his car is there and if he’s okay and if anything occurred.

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Dwayne and Kalabrya had Spoken Prior to the Tragedy 

Supposedly, Dwayne and Kalabrya had a brief conversation before she crossed the street, and Kalabrya vowed to call back after she located someone who could help her with the gas problem.

However, she was unable to suppress her worry and ended up calling 911 from Pittsburgh.

Since an accident had already been recorded on Interstate 595, and it had not been established that Haskins had been the victim, the 911 operator encouraged Kalabrya not to panic.

Haskins was Training in South Florida

Before the start of the regular season, the quarterback was in South Florida training with some of his Steelers colleagues.

Haskins entered the NFL as the 15th overall pick in the 2019 Draft by the Washington Redskins (now the Washington Football Team), where he played for two seasons until being traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Dwayne Haskins, attempting to cross lanes on Interstate 595, was reportedly wandering on a limited access facility roadway.

The 24-year-old quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers was killed when he was hit by a dump truck while crossing the street and pronounced dead at the scene.