Gold Rush: Why Gold Remains Relevant in World of Warcraft

Gold is the backbone of the game and has been for decades. The economy of Azeroth is standing on gold, and it has never lost its importance despite other, different currencies being introduced. Valor, for example, is one such in-game currency that serves a specific purpose.

However, gold has never gone out of fashion. In the next section, we will first discuss how you can get your hands on some gold.

Why Gold Remains Relevant in World of Warcraft

How to Get Gold in World of Warcraft?

The easy answer is that you get gold just by playing the game. No, really. Gold is a common reward handed out to players for completing certain objectives. Finishing a quest, surviving a raid, killing monsters and enemies as you travel, etc., are all viable ways to earn gold. This gold is given out in small chunks, though.

Another way is to sell your equipment. As you level up and buy or gain better equipment, you can sell what you previously used in the market for some money. This will be slow, though, so another way is to buy Blizzard tokens that give you gold in exchange for real-life currency. Not cheap, but always an option.

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What Can You Do With Gold?

To understand why exactly gold is so important, why it has not been left in the dust after all this time, we need to examine what it is used for.

Gold in World of Warcraft

We have put together a list of what gold, and only gold, gets you in World of Warcraft:

  • You need gold to buy new weapons and armor, as well as to repair old sets. If you are not in the best gear you can afford, you are a sitting duck for monsters.
  • If you like crafting, then you will need gold more than anyone else. The crafting reagents for potions and materials for other equipment require gold to buy.
  • It takes gold to level up your profession. You will have multiple professions, as well, so you need to always have gold to keep these fully leveled up. The gold cost for leveling up goes up higher the more you level up, so you can hardly make do without gold without risking getting left behind.
  • Everyone likes mounts. They make life easier. Well, if you want a mount, you will need to unlock the Riding skill, which you can do with gold.
  • Building off the previous point, once you get the Riding skills, mounts won’t just drop from the sky. You need to buy them. Some of the best mounts are incredibly costly, too, so you better save up on that gold if you want the best flying buddies around!
  • If you have aspirations about getting on raid teams, you’ll need gold for that, too. First off, you need three professions to raid, and the gold involved with professions is something we have discussed previously. Other than that, you will need to buy food and water for a raid. These supplies are essential, and – you guessed it – they cost gold.
  • Azeroth is a huge place, with hundreds of zones to explore and master. Without gold, you will not be able to transport yourself from one zone to another. So, you have to keep making gold for forward progress.

The most obvious thing from this list should be the fact that all of the things that gold lets players do is completely essential to the game. You need to do all these things if you plan on actually being competitive in the game. However, even if you play casually, you can’t escape these things. Not all of them, anyway.

This is why gold is considered indispensable in the game. Without it, you can basically do nothing. That is why gold forms the backbone of the economy of Azeroth.


As long as gold is needed for the most basic functions in World of Warcraft, it will never truly go out of fashion. There are many ways to get it, but if you need a lot of it – and you will if you play the game for a while – then a lot of grinding awaits you. However, know that the World of Warcraft will always reward the enterprising soul. So, go forth and do your best!