Who is The Best Archer in The World

At the end of the Yankton 2021 Hyundai World Archery Championships on Sunday, Kim Woojin wrapped up the competition by winning his third gold medal of the tournament and his third world championship triumph overall.

Archery, a skill that has been practiced for millennia, has its own set of terminologies and legends that continue to mesmerize enthusiasts. The term ‘Archy’ is often used in modern contexts related to archery, and questions about who the best archer in world history often generate passionate debates.

In this article, we’ll explore what ‘Archy’ means in the archery world and examine the candidates often cited as the best archers in history.

What is Archy?

In the context of archery, the term ‘Archy’ is colloquially used to refer to archery itself or elements associated with it. For instance, you might hear someone say, “I’m going for some Archy practice” to mean they are going to practice archery.

It’s more of slang or shorthand, adopted by those within the archery community to signify their shared interest. The term isn’t officially recognized but is commonly used among enthusiasts.

Who is The Best Archer in The World

As one of two top-seeded archers, the Korean swept all of his competitions at Yankton. A third stood out by doing the seemingly impossible and defeating an industry titan.

Who is The Best Archer in The World

Only the most exceptional archers can stand out from the largest pool of worldwide talent in the sport. Here is our (entirely subjective) ranking of the top three worlds performances.

1: Casey Kaufhold

That group, who are they? American female with a recurve body shape. In which location did they end up? A silver medalist in the women’s recurve individual competition. To what end are they included here?

In a stunning upset, Casey Kaufhold defeated three-time Olympic champion An San on route to a silver medal performance in the semifinals at the 2018 World Championships in Yankton.

Kaufhold’s third-place finish at the world championships for the recurve women’s event was the first individual podium finish for the United States since Denise Parker in 1989, when An San was on track to duplicate her three golds from Tokyo. She is the only person this season, and the youngest ever, to have defeated the Olympic Champion.

2: Kim Woojin

That group, who are they? Korean archer who uses a recurve bow. In which location did they end up? Winner of the solo, mixed, and team gold medals. To what end are they included here?

After leading Korea to triumphs in the recurve mixed and men’s team competitions, Kim Woojin became only the third man and fourth archer in history to win three individual world titles in Yankton.

Kim, who won his first individual title a decade ago, led South Korea back to the top of the podium after two bronze medal finishes. With his incredible performance in Yankton, he has skyrocketed to even greater prominence in the sport at the tender age of 29.

3: Sara Lopez

That group, who are they? Latina from Colombia who lives in a compound. In which location did they end up? Winner of three separate gold medals (individual, mixed, and team). To what end are they included here?

In Yankton, Colombia’s Sara Lopez had a faultless campaign, winning both the compound mixed and women’s team golds for her country and then taking home her maiden global title as an individual.

She achieved this by shooting a flawless 150-point match in the semifinals, so becoming the first archer to win all three gold medals available. Lopez had already competed in four world championships prior to the fifth, so this was her chance to cross off the missing title:

“It was something list on my list,” she said, “and now I can remove it and set new goals.” The Hyundai Archery World Cup Final will be held in the same arena later this week, where Lopez will attempt to win a record-tying sixth title.

Who is the Best Archer in World History?

Determining the best archer in world history is a challenging endeavor, given the myriad of cultures and historical periods in which archery has been essential. However, there are some standout figures renowned for their incredible skill in archery.

Howard Hill

Howard Hill is often cited as one of the greatest archers ever to have lived. An American, Hill was not only skilled with a bow but was also a good promoter of the sport. He won about 196 archery tournaments consecutively and was a master of all forms of archery.


Ishi was the last member of the Yahi tribe in California and was considered an extraordinary archer. He was especially skilled in hunting and was an excellent marksman.

Geza Toth

Geza Toth, a Hungarian archer, is considered one of the most skilled Olympic archers of all time. His focus and skill in competition were unparalleled, winning several medals in international tournaments.

Turkish Archers

In the history of warfare, Turkish archers, particularly from the Ottoman Empire, have been cited as some of the best archers. Their techniques and equipment were advanced, and their training rigorous.

English Longbowmen

The English longbowmen, particularly those who fought in battles like Agincourt, are legendary. Their ability to shoot long distances with accuracy made them one of the most feared military units in history.

Notable Archers in Fiction and Mythology

While discussing the best archers, it’s hard to ignore the impact of fictional and mythological characters like Robin Hood, Legolas, and Arjuna. Although they are not historical figures, their stories have inspired many to take up archery.

Archery Today: Keeping the Tradition Alive

In modern times, archery is both a competitive sport and a recreational activity. Technological advancements have resulted in bows with incredible accuracy, and institutions like World Archery govern international competitions.


‘Archy,’ though not an official term, has become a recognizable word among archery enthusiasts. When it comes to identifying the best archer in world history, several names stand out, like Howard Hill, Ishi, and the Turkish and English archers of yore.

Whether you consider skill in hunting, competition, or warfare, archery has had its share of legendary figures that have left an indelible mark on history. As technology evolves and the sport gains more recognition, the legends of archery will continue to grow, inspiring future generations.