Where Is Molasses In The Grocery Store

If you’re looking for molasses, look first under the baking section. Corn syrup and other liquid ingredients may be where it’s kept, but sugar is usually right next to it.

The maple syrup section of the breakfast food aisle is a good second place to look. It’s not unusual to find it in this location.

Where Is Molasses In The Grocery Store

Alternatively, if your supermarket has a natural foods section, you might find it in there. If you’re still having trouble, have a look at our shopping guide down below. Molasses should be readily available in these locations…

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Molasses is a thick, dark syrup with a sweet, tangy taste that has been a staple in various cuisines and industrial applications for centuries.

This article aims to demystify molasses, exploring its many uses, where it can be found, and answering some common questions, such as the differences between pomegranate molasses and pomegranate juice or the relationship between molasses and jaggery.


What is Molasses?

Molasses is a byproduct of sugar production. It is derived from sugarcane or sugar beets during the process of refining sugar. The sugarcane or sugar beets are crushed and boiled to extract their juice, which is then further boiled down to create sugar crystals. The remaining liquid is molasses.

Types of Molasses

There are different types of molasses, distinguished by the extraction process and the source:

  1. Light Molasses: This is the syrup produced after the first boiling. It’s the lightest in color and the sweetest.
  2. Dark Molasses: After a second boiling and sugar extraction, you get dark molasses. It’s thicker and less sweet than light molasses.
  3. Blackstrap Molasses: This comes from the third boiling; it’s very thick and dark and contains the least amount of sugar.
  4. Pomegranate Molasses: Made from pomegranate juice, this molasses is common in Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s tangy and is not as sweet as sugarcane molasses.
  5. Sorghum Molasses: This type is made from the sweet juice of the sorghum plant and is commonly used in the Southern United States.

Common Uses of Molasses

Culinary Uses

  • Baking: Molasses is commonly used in cookies, gingerbread, and other baked goods.
  • Sauces: Adds depth to BBQ sauces and marinades.
  • Sweetener: Can be used as a sugar substitute in various dishes.

Industrial Uses

  • Ethanol Production: It’s used in the production of biofuels.
  • Animal Feed: Blackstrap molasses is often used as an additive in animal feed.

Other Uses

  • Natural Remedies: Blackstrap molasses contains vitamins and minerals and is sometimes used in home remedies.

Are There Any Stores in Your Area that Sell them?

  • Amazon: You may buy gallon jars of molasses on Amazon. If you use a lot of molasses, this is a good option because it is often cheaper.
  • Walmart: You may find Grandma’s Original Molasses, Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses, and other molasses products at Walmart.
  • Whole Foods: Using the store locator on the company’s website, you may narrow down the options available at each location. There are goods like Wholesome Organic Molasses at Whole Foods.
  • Local Health Food Store: Any health food store will have molasses of some sort on the shelves.
  • Target: There are Simply Balanced Organic Blackstrap Molasses products available in all Target stores around the country.
  • Safeway: You may find Grandma’s and Brer Rabbit products at Safeway.
  • Trader Joe’s: If you’re near a Trader Joe’s, pick up Trader Joe’s Organic Blackstrap Molasses.
  • Kroger: There should be more brands in Kroger besides Grandma’s.
  • Publix: If you’re shopping at a Publix, you’ll find Grandma’s as well.
  • Wegmans: — In the baking aisle, look for Grandma’s or Wholesome Organic Molasses.

Molasses Can be Used in a Variety of Creative Ways..

Vegan Molasses Cookies can be made by following these instructions:
Molasses cookies, with their chewy texture and sweet flavour, are a classic delicacy that everyone enjoys. In addition to molasses, ginger provides a nice rush of heat. There are several vegan dessert recipes that call for the addition of molasses.

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To Make Pancakes, Add It.
Even if you don’t want to make vegan gingerbread pancakes, as demonstrated in this video, molasses can be used to enhance the flavour of any pancake recipe. Mix it into pancakes or waffles, or use it as a pancake or waffle syrup.

You may use it to make vegan baked beans.
It is crucial that vegan baked beans include molasses because of its earthy and sweet flavour. When it comes to comfort food, this is a great option.

Where is Molasses Found?

Natural Occurrence

Molasses naturally occurs in sugar-producing plants like sugarcane and sugar beets.

In Supermarkets

In grocery stores, you’ll typically find molasses in the baking aisle alongside other syrups and sweeteners. Pomegranate molasses, however, might be located in the international foods section due to its Middle Eastern origins.

Common Names for Molasses

In different parts of the world, molasses may go by various names:

  • Treacle in the UK
  • Melaza in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Rabes in German

Is Pomegranate Juice the Same as Pomegranate Molasses?

No, pomegranate juice and pomegranate molasses are not the same. Pomegranate molasses is made by reducing pomegranate juice into a thicker, less sweet syrup. It’s often used in cooking and has a more concentrated flavor than the juice.

Is Molasses the Same as Jaggery?

While both molasses and jaggery come from sugarcane, they are not the same. Jaggery is a type of unrefined sugar that contains both the sugar and molasses components in a single, crystalline form. Molasses is just the syrup byproduct after the sugar has been extracted.

Is Molasses Present in Sugarcane?

Yes, molasses is naturally present in sugarcane as it is a byproduct of the sugar extraction process from this plant.

Does Molasses Come in a Jar?

Molasses is usually packaged in glass or plastic jars or bottles and can be found in varying sizes depending on the brand and the type.


Molasses is a versatile product with various uses that extend beyond the kitchen. Whether you are looking for a sweetener, a unique ingredient for your next culinary masterpiece, or even exploring its industrial applications, molasses offers something for everyone.

By now, you should have a comprehensive understanding of what molasses is, its various uses, and where to find it. So the next time you come across this intriguing syrup, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at—and what to do with it.