When Does Elena Turn Her Humanity Back On In The Vampire Diaries Series

Elena’s humanity is restored by the end of “She’s Come Undone.” The Salvatores are trying to use Elena’s fleeting moment of dread for her life in the previous episode.

As motivation to get her to reconnect with her feelings. The problem is that she is well aware of their love for her and is confident that they would never intentionally harm her.

When Does Elena Turn Her Humanity Back On In The Vampire Diaries Series

Torture them, and they won’t even flinch. They bring in Katherine, someone who may cause Elena physical harm.

But Katherine isn’t interested in helping Elena regain her humanity and would rather just watch her suffer. As a last option, they have Damon act as though he has killed Matt.

Damon’s motive for murdering Matt is not inconceivable. He has always prioritised Elena’s life over that of the individuals he claims to care about.


In Which Episode Did Elena Get Her Humanity Back

This episode, titled “She’s Come Undone,” airs as the twenty-first in Season 4 of “The Vampire Diaries” and the eighty-seventh episode of the series overall.

When Elena turned her humanity back on, she was troubled by the countless wrongs she had perpetrated during her time without it.

How Elena Get Her Humanity Back

Caroline is thrilled to be graduating, and Elena shows up at school to share in her joy. Something isn’t right, and Elena knows it’s all in her head.

They kept her frail so they could transport her to an imaginary high school. No, according to Elena. Once back in the basement, Damon unlocks the safe long enough for Elena to scold him.

Guilt for killing the waitress and her other wrongdoings floods back into Elena’s mind and she feels helpless in the face of it.

Stefan encourages her to go deep and find whatever it is that serves as her personal motivation to keep fighting. I’m not fine, but I’ll be fine eventually, she says.

Returning home with her mother, Caroline uses a syringe to extract blood and inject it into her mother’s heart in an attempt to revive her.

As she stands over her mother’s corpse, she sobs. Sheriff Forbes takes a moment to catch his breath.

Elena returns home and begins to calm down after her traumatic experience. As a result, she becomes enraged.

All of her energy went into her hatred of Katherine, the person she saw as responsible for Jeremy’s death and the source of all of their problems. Elena has murderous intentions.


Elena Gilbert, throughout The Vampire Diaries, consistently displayed her generous and devoted nature toward her friends and family.

Her loyalty to those she cared about led her into perilous circumstances, the ramifications of which were sometimes felt for years to come.

When Elena disconnected from her human side, she became a careless and uncaring vampire, losing all the good qualities that made her human.