WhatsApp’s Backups Are Getting End-to-End Encryption

Facebook is going on with a new angle here. With all the problems that they are facing, so they have decided that they are going to the matter of tightening WhatsApp’s security. They are going to go by extending end-to-end encryption (E2EE), and that is going to be given to the cloud backups.

This is now to be said that this is via an update that is being given to the app on iOS and Android. Now it must be noted that this was going on to be given in to the already allowed fact of this on local WhatsApp backups.

WhatsApp's Backups Are Getting End-to-End Encryption

Now we are sure that this is going to be a success but then there is going to be a company that will be extended by these security tools to online backups that had been made to iCloud and Google Drive.

“Starting on from today, we are now going on to be making available on the fact as an extra, and as an optional layer of the security which will be provided to protect backups that had been stored on Google Drive or iCloud and that also that is provided with the end-to-end encryption.

Now, this is true that no other global messaging service at hand had such features ever. Now, this is at on this scale that they have ever provided this level of security for their users’ messages, media, voice messages, video calls, and chat backup,” the WhatsApp team had gone on ahead and then shared this week.

It is however an optional feature which means that the users will have the option to switch this feature on when they want. This is available in the settings of WhatsApp. Several of the people are interested in the feature, and it does provide much more of a security and advantage for the users.

This is a great decision that Facebook has taken. We are looking forward to it. This is something that we have not seen on such a huge scale in any chatting services. That’s all for now. So keep an eye on the news.