What’s Happening to Tik Tok on March 7th

On March 7th, 2022, TikTok will introduce new policies, and several users are worried that this could impact their accounts.

In the past, certain dates posted on the website have gained widespread attention. Users joined in on the trend that the world was going to end on August 27 of last year.

What's Happening to Tik Tok on March 7th

The date March 7 has been trending in a lot of TikTok videos recently, and it’s making people nervous.


The 7th of March: What’s Going on with Tik Tok?

On March 7, 2022, TikTok will roll out a new version of its community guidelines. The result has been widespread speculation among TikTok users that specific soccer accounts are going to be blocked for copyright violations.

Video clips from other channels are frequently reposted by several of these accounts. A Twitter user speculated that all football accounts will be suspended for copyright violations and wrote as much.

Another user said, “It seems like TikTok is removing any football-related videos or accounts.” Thirdly, “Football accounts are getting banned on that day,” was written.

At this time, however, it is unclear whether or not these accounts will actually be banned by TikTok.

The new rules seem to target potentially dangerous sports stunts and challenges, as reported by Sportskeeda.

What are TikTok’s New Community Guidelines?

The latest set of TikTok’s community guidelines is aimed squarely at problematic online behaviours and trends including those associated with eating disorders.

There is no mention of the new copyright restrictions in the policies, although they are being modified to better protect kids.

Some accounts may have gotten warnings that they may be banned, but TikTok has made no such announcement.

While March 7 may be a difficult day for some soccer fans, it won’t be the end of the world as some have made it out to be.

While soccer fans may need to find an alternative platform, the app itself will likely remain unchanged for a large user base.


As of March 7, 2022, TikTok will implement new Community Guidelines “to help maintain TikTok friendly and engaging for creators and viewers alike.”

Many users are understandably worried about the impending update to the Community Guidelines, but the business has yet to provide any details.

Soccer pages in particular are worried that the upgrade may lead to their profiles being blocked.

Many users fear that TikTok may start policing accounts that reproduce content from other sources without permission.