What Does Priority Mean on Instagram

You can now easily communicate with your most-frequently-contacted Instagram followers by marking them as “Priority” in the app’s Direct Message (DM) section. This short guide will explain everything you need to know about it if you’ve only recently become aware of it.

Instagram has just released a slew of new features for its casual users, producers, and businesses. Reels now last longer, postings may be pinned to profiles, and Reels stickers can be interacted with.

They were also the first to bear the new “Priority” designation. However, it has just recently come to users’ attention when Instagram fixed bugs affecting Translation, Camera, and Stories.

What Does Priority Mean on Instagram

Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform, has become more than just a place to showcase your life; it’s now a multifaceted social, and sometimes professional, network. One key aspect that may go unnoticed but plays a significant role in your Instagram experience is “priority.”

From notifications to messages, understanding how priority works on Instagram can enhance your user experience considerably. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dissect everything related to priority on Instagram and other platforms.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform focused on photo and video sharing. Owned by Facebook, Inc., Instagram is a hub for individuals, influencers, and businesses to create and share content, connect with audiences, and even sell products.

It’s a platform where priority plays a crucial role in determining what you see first, what grabs your immediate attention, and how effectively you can communicate with others.

Instagram Direct Messages: What Is the “Priority” Label?

Updated versions of Instagram now have a new “Priority” designation. Instagram will now indicate who you interact with the most by adding a tag to their names. This will help you organise how quickly you respond to your followers and friends.

Using your communication patterns, Instagram will determine which of your friends and followers deserve your undivided attention. You and the other person are under no obligation to take any action.

The tag will begin to show instantly. Priority was released alongside Instagram’s other important features in June. It works with the app on both Android and iOS.

How to Mark an Instagram User as “Priority”

You’ll need to be using the most recent version of the Instagram app to access the new Priority function. Visit the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device, to download the latest version of the Instagram app.

After the Instagram app has been updated, open it and navigate to the Direct Messages tab in the upper right. The people with whom you have the most frequent conversations will be marked as “Priority” in your contact list. Obtaining the tag requires no particular action on your part.

You and the other person haven’t done enough talking to exchange the tag yet if you can’t discover it. You can make the label appear automatically by engaging in more conversational activity on Instagram.

However, there are times when Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t take the importance into account, and the tag doesn’t show up. Wait for a while and then pick up where you left off in the app. In due time, a label will be affixed.

Instagram’s Priority Mode: How to Disable It?

individuals of Instagram are already looking for information on how to disable the Priority function, which arbitrarily labels some individuals and prioritises their interactions above others’.

However, after installing the most recent version, this new function will be activated automatically and cannot be disabled. As a result, disabling the “Priority” label function isn’t something you can do in the Instagram app’s Settings. Instagram users whose accounts the app deems important will continue to see it.

Although, you can remove the label by avoiding that individual entirely for a couple of days and switching to a different conversation partner. Next, the first person will pass the tag on to someone else. It won’t go away entirely, though.

The Priority Label Option on Instagram Has Been Met with a Mixed Reception.

The “Priority” badge, Instagram’s newest addition, has been met with a variety of reactions from users around the world. Some people have praised it, but others have questioned its veracity because it misidentifies what should be prioritised.

Users’ conflicting opinions on the new Instagram feature are being discussed on Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere. On Twitter, a person mused, “Idk what algorithm Instagram uses to mark people as a priority, but I’m sure it’s not working right.”

Instagram users who mostly use the app to stay in touch with pals approve of the new messaging option. The “Priority” designation now appears next to the names of their favourites.

However, it’s frustrating to the people who made it. Why does Instagram have so many problems? It only takes two or three replies to anyone for their name to be marked as urgent, as one user put it.

More and more people will become accustomed to the change over time. The bugs in Instagram’s algorithm that gave the “Priority” label to random persons in your direct messages will also be fixed.

Is it Helpful to Mark Instagram Direct Messages as Urgent?

Instagram’s “Priority” label in direct messages is helpful, but it’s not necessary. Once Instagram can accurately evaluate messages and offer the tag to the appropriate people, it will be much more valuable.

When that happens, chatting will be much more accessible. When the feature incorrectly prioritises discussions, however, users are likely to become frustrated since irrelevant conversations with random persons will be prioritised.

Recently, Instagram has been making efforts to create a more comprehensive experience on the app, giving users more options to remain hooked. Their efforts centre on reels, stories, and DMs.

How is Priority Decided on Instagram?

The term “priority” on Instagram is closely linked with the platform’s algorithm, which decides what content appears in your feed or Stories. Factors that decide priority include:

  • User Engagement: Content from users you frequently interact with will be prioritized.
  • Relevancy: Posts that align with your interests, based on your past interactions, are given higher priority.
  • Timeliness: Newer posts are often prioritized over older ones.

What is a Priority Notification?

A priority notification is an alert that takes precedence over other less-important notifications. On platforms like Instagram, priority notifications may relate to direct messages or interactions from accounts you engage with most often.

What is Priority Mode?

In the context of mobile devices, Priority Mode is a setting that allows only specific notifications (calls, texts, app notifications, etc.) to come through while silencing others. While Instagram doesn’t have a built-in “Priority Mode,” using your phone’s settings, you can assign priority to Instagram notifications.

What is a Priority Request?

On some platforms, a priority request is a way to bring urgent attention to specific actions or messages. On Instagram, any request or message from a user you frequently interact with may automatically appear at the top of your message requests or notifications.

What is a Priority Text Message?

A priority text message is a text that is flagged as high importance, ensuring that it catches the recipient’s attention immediately. Some messaging platforms and email services have this feature, although Instagram does not offer a built-in priority text messaging service.

How Do I Send a Priority Message?

While Instagram does not have an option for sending priority messages, you can use other methods to ensure your message gets immediate attention:

  • Direct Messaging: A direct message (DM) to a user you often interact with will generally be seen quicker, thanks to Instagram’s algorithm.
  • Flagging in Email: If using email, most services offer an option to flag a message as important or high-priority.

What is a Priority List?

A priority list, generally speaking, is a list where items are arranged based on their level of urgency or importance. On platforms like Instagram, your priority list would be a reflection of the accounts whose activities you engage with the most, hence seeing their content first in your feed.

How Do I Open Priority Mode?

The method to open Priority Mode will depend on your device:

  • Android: Go to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb > Priority only allows.
  • iPhone: Use the “Focus” or “Do Not Disturb” feature under Settings to customize which notifications you receive.


Understanding the mechanics of “priority” on Instagram and other platforms enhances the way you interact with content and people. From staying updated with your favorite accounts to ensuring urgent messages don’t get lost in the shuffle, grasping these priority-related concepts offers a smoother, more tailored social media experience.

Whether you’re a casual scroller or a business account holder, making priority work for you is, well, a priority.