What Did Joan Rivers Say Before She Died?

There was no topic off-limits for Joan Rivers, not even her own demise. The comedy legend joked frequently about her advanced years and even discussed her impending death in two of her books.

In her book “I Hate Everyone,” published in 2013, she describes her ideal world. In the first place, let me say:

What Did Joan Rivers Say Before She Died?

“I want my funeral to be a major Hollywood extravaganza with lights, cameras, and action… when the time comes (and yes, Melissa, that time will come; and yes, Melissa, everything is in your name).

Please send the photographers, the publicists, and the Craft workers to my house immediately. I’d like it to have a really Hollywood feel.

I’m not interested in a rabbinical discourse; rather, I’d like to hear Meryl Streep sobbing in five different dialects.

I’d like Harry Winston to design a toe tag for me to wear at my graveside and I’d like to be buried in a Valentino gown.

Even in death, I want my hair to be blowing like Beyoncé’s, so please send me a wind machine.”

In Memory of Joan Rivers

In 1933, Joan Rivers was born to parents who had emigrated to the United States from Russia and the Jewish middle class.

The Guardian states that she is from Westchester County and attended Barnard College, where she majored in both English literature and anthropology.

Rivers met her first husband while working as a buyer at a department store after finishing college. The marriage was annulled after only six months.

According to PBS, Joan Rivers “began as a serious actress on Broadway” before breaking into the traditionally male-dominated comedy world.

In 1965, she was discovered on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,” but after a falling out with the iconic host.

She went on her own and landed “That Show with Joan Rivers” the following year, in 1968. With her 14 books, reality series, jewellery lines, documentary.

Her infamous “Fashion Police” style critiques, Rivers quickly rose to prominence as one of Hollywood’s hardest-working stars.

Joan Rivers’ Death

It was reported on September 4 that Joan Rivers, 81, had passed away in a New York City hospital. The mystery surrounding what took place has been somewhat solved.

According to the New York City medical examiner, Rivers died from a lack of oxygen in her blood during a surgery to cure her hoarseness and acid reflux while under the effects of propofol.

According to the medical examiner, Rivers had brain damage because her brain did not receive enough oxygen for an extended period of time.

When her heart stopped, she had been sedated with propofol and undergoing diagnostic procedures.


In her work, Joan Rivers never held back. The comedian and host of Fashion Police was not afraid to criticise both live and deceased celebrities, politicians, and world leaders.

She made quips about such notable figures as Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lawrence, Whitney Houston, Barack Obama, and Princess Diana.