What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

With the growing popularity in the use of BTC on major merchant platforms across the World, most investors are gradually developing an interest in cryptocurrency. Many retailers have integrated payment gateways on their platforms to facilitate BTC transactions.

Some of the biggest entrants into the crypto market are Microsoft, Home Depot, and AT&T among others.

However, the advent of Android and Apple Apps has made it possible for users to easily purchase air tickets with ease. This is attributed to exceptional Bitcoin-supported Apps that facilitate the conversion of Bitcoin to Fiat currencies in real-time.

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin

Have you obtained Bitcoin and skeptical about whether it will be accepted by merchants? Be that as it may, BTC has been accepted as a mode of payment on several platforms.

Having monetary value just like any other traditional currencies, it is in no doubt that you can do a lot with your BTC.

Dogged with future uncertainty and high volatility, BTC has beaten all odds to emerge as one of the most favorite alternative currencies in the World. What does this portend to the future of Bitcoin, of course, very promising! Let’s dive into what you can buy with BTC.

Bitcoin Transactions

Why is Bitcoin becoming an attractive mode of payment? Before looking at what you can buy with BTC, let’s put a spotlight on why Bitcoin is growing in popularity among traders.

The growing craze for Bitcoin is sparked by the inability to be affected by inflation, high safety standards among other factors.

Therefore is it possible to use Bitcoin in day-to-day shopping? The answer is yes. Several platforms are already integrating BTC payment gateway into their systems to facilitate crypto-based payment options.

With PayPal, Tesla, overstock hitting the crypto market, it is no doubt that crypto payments are gradually becoming a key mode of payment across the world. Despite Tesla’s move to allow BTC payments, it has invested up to $1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

Even though most businesses do not accept direct BTC payments, there are many ways you can opt to spend your Bitcoin. The following are ways you can spend your BTC.

Hotels, Airline Tickets, and Ordering Food

Many Hotels across the world have started accepting Bitcoins for reservations. Further, a few Apple and Android applications make it possible for travelers to buy air tickets by converting crypto to fiat currencies. Bitcoin users can also purchase food from Burger King, KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut.

Several airlines across the world are gradually planning to integrate BTC payment gateways into their systems. The move will offer   BTC users a hustle free process of buying tickets.

Bill Payment, Video Games

Another notable milestone in the crypto industry is that BTC users can directly purchase video games through their Bitcoin wallets. Technology giant Microsoft already allows BTC users to purchase Apps, games, and other content from their platforms and pay through Bitcoins. However, US mobile carrier AT & T already supports crypto payment from customers.

Online Gift Cards

BTC users can buy gift cards on various platforms and send them to their friends or relatives. Many e-commerce platforms allow BTC payment for gift cards. Though e-commerce giants BestBuy and Amazon do not allow direct BTC transactions on the platform, they accept such payments through third parties.

Online Gift Cards with BitCoin

An example of third parties is eGifter. The platform allows customers to purchase gift cards on various e-commerce platforms using Bitcoin. Customers who subscribe on the platform can easily buy gift cards from Adidas, Walmart, Amazon, Uber, and Apple. You can also visit bitcoin revolution app for more information regarding bitcoin trading.


Besides ordering services via Bitcoin, Bitcoin users can offer donations in form of crypto payments. A major example is Wikimedia Foundation. The world’s largest open-source encyclopedia uses Bitpay to accept Bitcoin donations. In this context, Bitcoin is mandated to receive BTC payments and convert to USD.


Bitcoin has become a valuable asset rivaling Gold, silver, and other precious metals. It is not only an attractive asset to investors but a great alternative to traditional currencies. It is against this backdrop that major merchants across the world have integrated BTC payment gateways to facilitate crypto transactions. If you own BTC coins and wondering how to spend them, then this article offers a great insight into how you can utilize your BTC to buy what you want.