‘Were the Millers 2’ Release Date, Storyline, Cast, And Much More

Miller’s Marijuana back yards; do you recall them? If we plant seeds again, maybe this time they’ll become trees. Anyway, the producers have said that they are working on a sequel to We’re the Millers. The premiere date for “The Millers” has not been announced, but you can learn as much as can about the show before then.

The 2013 comedy ‘We’re the Millers’ became an unexpected box-office hit, making fans eager for a sequel. If you’re one of those fans, this is the article for you!

We’re diving deep into everything you need to know about ‘We’re the Millers 2’, including its release date, cast, and where you can catch this anticipated follow-up. We’ll also delve into the original film’s ratings, awards, and even its budget.

A Sequel To “We’re The Millers”

The Millers is a dramatic comedy about two people who fabricate their family history. Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Molly Quinn are among the film’s cast. The script was based on a narrative by Bob Fisher and Steve Faber.

Were the Millers 2

More than $270 million was made from the film’s theatrical release, while it only cost roughly $37 million to produce. However, what about the follow-up? Thanks to the successful box office debut of the first film, fans are eagerly anticipating and even excited about the second film in the series.

When Can We Expect We’re The Millers 2?

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether and when The Millers will be shown in theatres? As soon as we learn more, we will post an update on the status of Miller’s release.

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Who Are The Millers, Anyway?

Rose O’Reilly, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, and Casey Mathis, portrayed by Emma Roberts. Besides Ed Helms and Molly Quinn, the cast reportedly includes Kathryn Hahn, Rawson Marshall, Matt Wiling, and Matt Wiling.

We’re the Millers’ Storyline

It’s possible that the film’s protagonist was initially introduced as a pair of anonymous characters and only revealed to be one at the film’s conclusion.

The movie concludes with a tight shot of the Miller family posing on their front porch. The family had settled into their new home across town and had even made some new acquaintances. They seemed content, but who can say for sure if their relationship will last?

We’re The Millers’s Box Office Results

On IMDb, the film has been rated 7/10, while on Rotten Tomatoes it received a 48% approval rating. It was rated a 3/5 by Common Sense Media.

Reviews of “We’re the Millers” by Audience Members

The Millers is a classic comedy about a family adjusting to life after the death of the father. This comedy ranks high on my list of favourites from the past several months. The cast gels wonderfully and provides fascinating insights into human nature.

‘We’re the Millers 2’ Release Date

While there has been considerable speculation about the sequel, as of my last update in September 2021, an official release date for ‘We’re the Millers 2’ has not been confirmed. However, reports suggest that the project is in the development stage, keeping fans hopeful for a future release.

Were the Millers 2 Cast Details

The original ‘We’re the Millers’ ensemble featured Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter. As for the sequel, there’s no official word yet on whether the original cast will reprise their roles. Fans are certainly hoping to see the original “family” reunite for another adventurous escapade.

When and Where Can I Watch the Movie Were the Millers 2?

Details about when and where ‘We’re the Millers 2’ will be available for viewing are still under wraps. Given the rising trend of simultaneous releases in theaters and streaming platforms, there’s a possibility the sequel could follow suit. Stay tuned for official announcements.

Who is the Director of Were the Millers 2?

The original ‘We’re the Millers’ was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, known for his work on films like ‘DodgeBall’ and ‘Central Intelligence.’ It remains uncertain whether Thurber will return to helm the sequel.

Did ‘We’re the Millers’ Win Any Awards?

While ‘We’re the Millers’ didn’t win any major film awards, it did receive several nominations, including a MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Comedic Performance for Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston.

Why is ‘We’re the Millers’ Rated R?

The original movie was rated R for crude sexual content, pervasive language, drug material, and brief graphic nudity. The film’s mature themes and explicit content make it unsuitable for younger audiences.

Is ‘We’re the Millers’ a Family Movie?

Despite its focus on a fake family embarking on a road trip, ‘We’re the Millers’ is not a family-friendly movie. Its R rating signifies that it contains material suitable for adult audiences only.

How Old is Kenny in ‘We’re the Millers’?

Will Poulter’s character, Kenny, is portrayed as a naive 18-year-old who joins the Millers in their zany adventure. Poulter himself was around 20 years old when the film was released.

How Old is Rose in ‘We’re the Millers’?

Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rose, is a stripper who assumes the role of a suburban mom in the film’s makeshift family. While the movie doesn’t explicitly reveal Rose’s age, we can make some educated guesses.

Jennifer Aniston was around 44 years old at the time of the film’s release, and her character Rose seems to fit into the late 30s to early 40s age bracket.

This aligns with the storyline, as she portrays a woman with enough life experience to convincingly pretend to be a seasoned mom for the fake family’s smuggling mission.

Who is the Eyebrow Kid in ‘We’re the Millers’?

The “eyebrow kid” from ‘We’re the Millers’ has fascinated fans since his memorable appearance in the movie. This character, known as Scottie P., is played by actor Mark L. Young. Scottie P. is characterized by his thin, pencil-like eyebrows, which are actually a prosthetic makeup effect. Mark L. Young’s portrayal of Scottie P. has made the character a pop culture icon, earning him a spot in the list of memorable minor characters in comedy films.

Is ‘We’re the Millers’ Available on Netflix?

Streaming availability can change over time, so it’s always best to check your local Netflix listings. As of my last update in September 2021, ‘We’re the Millers’ has been available on and off on various Netflix regional libraries.

Given its popularity, it’s possible that the film will make periodic returns to the streaming platform. If you can’t find it on Netflix, the movie is often available for rent or purchase on other digital platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and YouTube.

How Much Did it Cost to Make ‘We’re the Millers’?

The original ‘We’re the Millers’ had a reported budget of around $37 million. It went on to gross over $270 million worldwide, making it a commercial success and a strong candidate for a sequel.


While details about ‘We’re the Millers 2’ remain scant, the anticipation continues to build. Whether you’re curious about the cast, where to watch it, or even the first movie’s details like age ratings and awards, we’ve got you covered. Keep an eye out for future updates, and prepare yourself for another hilarious ride with the Millers!

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