Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

Looking for the best Website Testing tool? As the world is growing fast, we have started becoming dependent on technology. Our view of life has completely changed. Without technology, one feels losing a very important part of their body. This, in turn, makes the sellers open a market online where they can exhibit their products and services. For this, they require a website to work effectively so that customers from all over the world can view their products and potentially buy them.

Comparium Automated Website Testing Tool

Subsequently, off-late many websites have been created to compete in the market. The importance here is that the websites are created but whether they are working effectively has not been checked. This step is very crucial because if the customer tries to open the website on a particular webpage, it should run smoothly. If it runs smoothly, there are chances of better results in sales. It is therefore very important to make sure that the website is running smoothly.

Comparium Roadmap

Comparium, helps the user to do compatibility test of their website and shows where it lacks by the way of screenshots and allows users to run their website smoothly on different portals. The tool can support several browsers from Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, and Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, to Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Safari 11.0. It works efficiently on any platform such as Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, Linux, or any other operating system.

The company regularly sends emails if you subscribe to it about updates, new releases, and features. If someone is facing an issue while using the Comparium website or is unable to get desired results, they can directly contact Comparium by the way of email and they soon reach you out to solve the issue.

Features of Comparium Tool

Features of Comparium Tool

1. Supports all Browsers and Operating system

An integrated tool, Comparium supports various browsers and platforms. Hence, testing of websites to see whether it runs effectively on various systems becomes easy.

Support for browsers from different platforms

2. Offline Report and Error Screenshots

Comparium is one such tool which works on offline mode. The user requires pasting the URL of their website and Comparium runs smoothly even if the internet stops working in the middle of the ongoing test.

Get Offline Report and Error Screenshots

Moreover, the system sends screenshots of the problem areas to the user’s e-mail address and hence no need to stop and watch at every process where the work has gone wrong.

3. User Interface

Comparium offers a very friendly user interface as one just needs to paste its URL into the box and click the run button.


As of today, the company has come out with two versions and the world is waiting for the next release. A completely free website testing tool, Comparium is one of its kinds in the market today and hence every business should test its website on it. Once the website runs smoothly on every device, the probability of attracting more customers shall be a piece of cake.