5 Best Weather Apps In 2022

Think of a time when you made a plan to go out with friends thinking it to be a sunny day and on the way getting ended up with heavy rain? It becomes very difficult when we fail to predict the upcoming weather using our experiences. This is when the weather apps come for rescue. These applications are directly connected to satellites and stations. A slight change in weather can be easily detected by these apps, which directly inform you on your phone.

5 Best Weather Apps In 2022

Hence, after a lot of research and testing, we have made a list of some best weather apps of 2022.

1. Accuweather

A free mobile application, it is famous for its accurate weather forecasts. Its accuracy can be seen in its feature known as MinuteCast.It is a clock-structured tool which shows the forecasting for the upcoming hour. It provides weather reports every minute.

It even tells us about the wind speed, visibility, humidity and many more. Accuweather informs you with the exact time of sunrise and sunset. One of its attractive features is that it comes up with a variety of customizable themes of colors, that one can change according to their desire. Its in-depth analysis is what makes it one of the best weather apps.

2. MyRadar Weather App

MyRadar app is something that doesn’t require much effort while using it. A simple yet influential app, it is known for its fast speed. Its striking and tempting quality is that it shows weather forecasting in an animated format.

This generates interest among its users and is also one of the reasons why people are loving it.Whenever you use the application, it asks for your location. Just give your locale and then see the condition of your area for up to two hours.

3. WTForecast

Actually called What The Forecast, its predictive capacity is something that leaves everyone spellbound. An application highly supported by its users, it lays out the forecasting in real terms. You can even listen to the live forecasting by switching to Text-to-Speech. It gives appropriate news of up to 48 hours, i.e. two days. It gives you the option to choose the temperature units according to your convenience, both in Fahrenheit and in Celsius.

In addition to that, it even describes various weather-related terms, which is something very crucial and informative. Plus, it provides you with customizable solid colors and various background themes.

4. Yahoo Weather

With a marvelous structural design, it steals the attention of the people. Not only that, but also it is fast and precise. Its congenial user interface makes it reliable and appealing. You get to see everything about the weather conditions right before starting your day from this app. Sunrise and sunset timings, clouds, precipitation, wind speed, hourly temperatures- all of them are available in this one application.

Furthermore, it tells you about the weather situations for 5-10 days in advance. It keeps you updated with the immediate weather changes by sending notifications right when the changes were predicted.

5. Apple Weather App

A very useful application, it provides the basics of weather forecasting for the rest of the day. What you have to do is to start the app, enter the location of whose condition you want, and just let the app do the work. It tells about the situation of any city.

It clearly underlines all the details of the possibilities going to take place on an entire day.Like others, it also tells you about weather variables such as wind speed, time of sunrise and sunset, rain and its intensity, and much more than expected.


The above-mentioned list has been considered the best weather apps by its audience. They won’t let you ruin your plans. Rather, they are more like a mini weather channel that can easily fit into your pocket, giving you minute details about weather changes.