Was Paul Pogba Bitten in Germany vs. France

During Tuesday’s Euro 2020 encounter between France and Germany, France’s midfielder Paul Pogba claimed that Germany’s defender Antonio Rüdiger bit him.

Just before halftime, the two were seen tussling off the ball, with Rüdiger seeming to bite Pogba on the shoulder in replays.

Was Paul Pogba Bitten in Germany vs. France

The Frenchman was furious that neither the referee nor the VAR saw what happened. For that reason, no disciplinary measures were considered for Rüdiger.

After France’s 1-0 victory against England, the Premier League players embraced each other at the final whistle, but Pogba maintained after the game that he had been bitten.

Germany’s Antonio Rudiger Caught Nibbling Paul Pogba During France vs Germany Clash

During Wednesday’s match between Germany and France, the highlight of Group F at Euro 2020, German defender Antonio Rudiger was filmed attempting to bite French midfielder Paul Pogba.

Rudiger was directly behind Pogba when the defender decided to have a nibble, but the officials failed to notice that it was not a full mouth bite like the way Luis Suarez goes at it.

Pogba went up to the linesman to voice his displeasure, but he didn’t make a big deal out of it because the foul wasn’t very harsh.

Rudiger is caught on camera trying to nip at Pogba’s jersey during the game, leaving the French midfielder in a daze of uncertainty and disbelief just before a throw-in was granted to France.

After the unusual situation occurred, no official saw it until it was shown on television at halftime, which made Pogba quite angry.


Mats Hummels’ own goal gave France a 1-0 victory against the hosts in Munich on Tuesday. The Germans were unable to break through France’s resolute defence and looked especially vulnerable on the counterattack.

Rudiger seemed to vent his anger on Pogba right before halftime as the two players scuffled.

A delayed cry and plea from the Frenchman were ignored by the referee, and Rudiger avoided punishment.

This incident reminded me of the time Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini, an Italian defender, during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.