Why Every Business Needs VoIPstudio to Increase their Numbers

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol; as the name suggests it is a technology that permits you to make calls over the internet. It is a cloud-based phone service that lets you make calls via an internet connection instead of through the traditional ways by using a regular phone.

What is VoIP Technology and How It Works

VoIP service works by converting your voice or video call into the digital signal then it travels over the internet. In case if a person makes a call from a regular cellular phone number, then VoIP service convert that digital signal back to a regular telephone signal before the time that signal reaches the receiver.

VoIP provides digital telephone services (internet broadband calls) with affordable prices and faster connections compared to traditional ways of calling. It comes out to be very useful in the business world no matter if your business is small or big. VoIP is bundled with many useful features.

VoIP helps in making hundreds of calls (both voice and video). It helps in increasing the efficiency of making calls as well as receiving them. It ultimately helps in business growth or I would rather say expansion. You can make long-distance, international calls using VoIP services from either your computer, or you could use a particular VoIP phone, or a traditional one all you need to do is connect it to a special adapter, and you are all set.

As we said, VoIP is worth a shot if you run any business, whether it’s big or small, and you will see that there are many VoIP providers over the internet. For someone new with these terms, it would get a bit challenging to compare different VoIP service providers and then choose the right one. Thus, in this article, we have listed one of the best VoIP service provider to fit your need.

What is VoIPstudio?

VoIPstudio is the best VoIP service provider, and it’s a telecommunication solution that allows you to make as well as receive business calls from the internet and the traditional phone network (regular landline or analog phone) also.

What is VoIPStudio

VoIPstudio is a simple, budget-friendly, and yet powerful internet call service provider that works in a scalable manner. That means it is suitable for your business, whether it is big or small. VoIPstudio is highly reliable with thousands of customers around the globe. The basic mantra of VoIPstudio is to make their customer’s business communications powerful with simplicity and help them in increasing their efficiency of both making and receiving calls.

VoIPstudio is very easy to use as there is neither a hardware one needs to learn about, nor it’s a software to install on your devices, it’s a basic yet efficient telephony service that will be running on your devices.

You can do anything with VoIPstudio phone service provider you can join an ongoing video conference with your employees, colleagues anywhere around the world, you can manage every setting. VoIPstudio has various plans for you to choose from. Hence, you can select one plan suitable according to your needs.

As we have mentioned already VoIPstudio is budget-friendly and offers various plans to its customers. Once you select your plan, then you can manage all the settings, calls call history, voicemail, call recordings and, etc. You can use VoIPstudio from your computer, laptop, or landline/desk phone; you can even use it as an application on your smartphone.

Business VoIP Phone Service by VoIPstudio is available in 45 countries around the globe. We shall discuss the features exhibit by VoIPstudio further in this article.

VoIPstudio Features

Following is the list of features provided by the VoIPstudio phone service provider:

1. Free Internet Calls

Free Internet Calls

Free Internet Calls is an essential business feature that VoIPstudio provides to their users. This feature allows you to make any call on the internet for free. Yes, it’s true you can make a free call to any landline number, cellular/smartphone, or computer easily via your current internet connection.

2. Reduced Non-VoIP Rates

Reduced Non-VoIP Rates

Another essential feature that VoIPstudio offers to its customers is reduced Non-VoIP rates. They allow their users to make any landline or phone call or to a PC via the internet at reduced prices. Also, you can make calls at reduced prices if the number is standard, and they also provide free unlimited calls from VoIP to VoIP numbers.

3. No Contract

No Contract

Yet another fantastic fact about VoIPstudio is No Contract; that’s right. You will not be chained with their service. They provide the flexibility of canceling your plan at any time in case you don’t wish to continue with them, and they will not charge you with a single penny.

4. CRM Integration

CRM Integration

VoIPstudio also helps in integrating your CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  Simply put, they offer you solutions, including Salesforce, Oracle Sales, and more. So that you can effortlessly integrate your VoIP phone range.

5. Ready-to-Use

Ready-to-UseThere is no software/hardware installation required; the set-up is easy, to begin with, and can be used to make phone calls immediately.

6. Advanced PBX Features

The advanced PBX features provided by the VoIPstudio include services like a conference call, video calling, voicemail, call recordings, IVR virtual members, reception console & much more. You will be surprised to know that all this is provided in only a one-month budget-friendly payment.

7. Use VoIPstudio in Every Device

VoIPstudio service allows you to easily transit between devices, which means you can make VoIP calls using Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, or through your VoIP phone. VoIPstudios services keep statistics of all your work and help you to easily track & connect to your fixed calling lines at reduced rates.

No matter which device you are using or from where you are making or receiving calls, call records, data, and etc. Will be in your web portal; of what you will have total control of.

VoIPstudio’s Reviews and Ratings

VoIPstudio provides its services around the in 40+ countries to thousands of customers. VoIPstudio services had been voted for the best; they won an Internet Telephony Service Providers Association Award for the Best ITSP business.

Review PlatformRatings


VoIPstudio Plans & Pricing

VoIPstudio believes in transparency, and they have made their plans in such a way that it shall fit the needs of any business, whether small scale or large scale. Each and every plan offered by VoIPstudio includes all the PBX features only at a fraction of cost.

You will find that there are no hidden costs in their plans. There is not anything such as a contract or more than a monthly subscription, and if you want, you can always switch the plans at any time.

They have mainly categorized their plans into two categories; Pay as you go and 2K Bundle. If your business is small and doesn’t require making many calls, then I would suggest you go for the basic “Pay as you go“, in this plan, you are required to pay by the minute. You will only pay for the calls you made.

If you are doing business on an international basis, then the 2K Bundle plan offered by VoIPstudio is best for you. It covers the features of basic Pay As You Go plan + National Plan features, and you can make outbound calls to any country you want to do business with.

Following are the plans offered by VoIPstudio:

VoIPStudio Plans and Pricing

Free Trial Without a Credit Card

If you are not sure about what plan you should consider for your company, then you can go for a free trial. You can choose any plan you need to know about under the free trial for 30-days.

You will be required to register for a trial account, and then you can choose any plan you wish to explore. Also, you will be offered every feature that comes under that plan, and you would not have to make any commitment. There will not be a need for any credit card or debit card, and you are free to cancel the subscription at any moment if you don’t wish to continue or if you are not satisfied with the services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How does the 300-day free trial work?

Answer: If you wish to go for a 30-day free trial plan, first you will have to register for a trial account. Once you have successfully signed up for a 30-day free trial, you will get your own VoIP personal web portal, from where you will be able to control and manage everything.

You will be able to use all the advanced PBX features without any restrictions. Plus, if you do not wish to continue with VoIPstudio services, you can simply opt-out. You can cancel your free trial at any time, and you will not be charged with any fee. Once you decide to end, your free trial will be off.

Q 2. Do I need a credit card?

Answer: Unlike most of the VoIP Service Providers, VoIPstudio does not ask for your credit or debit card details for you to register for a free trial. All you need to provide them with your contact number, and you will be all set to start your 30-day free trial.

Q 3. Can I cancel the trial at any time?

Answer: Yes, absolutely VoIPstudio is flexible with their services and provide excellent customer support. So, for whatever reason it may be, if you do not want to continue with VoIPstudio services, then you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. There is no minimum notice period, or you will not have to pay for anything or any cancellation fee.

Q 4. How do I get started?

Answer: Once you have made your mind and you wish to enjoy VoIPstudio service as their customer. You have to go to the official website and sign up for an account, choose a plan according to your needs, and you will ready to start.

Q 5. How am I able to get all my internet calls (VoIP calls) free?

Answer: VoIPstudio does not involve any third-party in their communication business, which means you will be paying for your internet connection only, and VoIPstudio will simply convert your call signal into a digital signal, or I would rather say into digital packet consisting data.

Those digital signals will be made accordingly to your recipient’s device so you won’t face any issue while connecting with them. Unless the call you want to make is already via the internet, then there will be no need for any conversion of calls or signals; thus, your internet call will be free.

Q 6. How much do calls to landline phones and mobile phones cost?

Answer: The rates of calls you wish to make might vary; thus, you will have to check the price list or plans offered by VoIPstudio. But one thing I can assure you is that the rates will be much lower than standard calling rates.

Q 7. What is VoIP’s call quality?

Answer: The quality of your calls doesn’t change much from that of the traditional phone call; it will be clearer, faster, and hassle-free. As you are making calls through the internet, that means there will not be any dead zones to affect your call quality. As long as your internet is working accurately and is stable, you would not have to worry about call quality.

Q 8. Is my voicemail also free?

Answer: Yes, under the advanced PBX features of VoIPstudio, you will get a free voicemail, where callers can quickly leave messages for you if their call goes unattended or if you are on another call.

Q 9. How much will it cost to call my VoIP phone?

Answer: It will cost nothing as your callers won’t even know the difference between your new VoIP service and whatever you may be using before. It is because your VoIP phone will work the same way your traditional phone did, and it will not affect the pocket of your callers.

Q 10. Are there any numbers I cannot call using a VoIP phone number?

Answer: You can call anywhere around the globe using the VoIP phone number. Still, in case of any emergency, you better use your smartphone. Especially if you are using a VoIP phone number which is not from your exact geolocation, then you or any of your teammates, etc. Shall use a smartphone to make an emergency call.

Q 11. Can I send text messages (SMS) from your website?

Answer: Using VoIPstudio services, you can not only make or receive calls, but you can also send text messages anywhere in the world at a much lower rate than standard rates.

Q 12. Do I need to sign a contract?

Answer: Of course not, as we have already mentioned this enough time VoIPstudio never make their customer sign a contract with their service. There isn’t any contract to sign, and VoIPstudio gives a full 30-day free trial, which means you can make benefit from their services for absolutely free of cost.

Q 13. What does “No Registered Endpoint” error mean?

Answer: The essential requirement before using any VoIP service is that your device on which you will use VoIP service should have a SIP endpoint registered on your network (Either it can be any softphone or desk phone). Then make sure that your endpoint is configured in the right manner and has access to a stable internet network. It should be connected to VoIPstudio.

In case if you are device is not registered with VoIPstudio servers. You will not be able to connect and communicate the result of which you will see this message “No Registered Endpoint” in your web portal of VoIPstudio. But don’t worry, it is not like that this issue can not be resolved, just make sure that your VoIP device is connected to a stable network and is correctly configured in your account.

24/7 Customer Help and Support

24/7 Customer Help and Support

Everything a user would want to know is easily accessible from the website. VoIPstudio has the most intuitive web portal so that their users do not face any problem. VoIPstudio has a FAQ section in which you can find the answer to your every question, plus they also have dozens of tutorials videos about everything, including every step which can be of help.

VoIPstudio provides Internet Failover protection to their users if you ever face any system failure. It makes sure that they keep their web portal up-to-dated, which means you will not miss anything, and it also shows excellent transparency from their side.

Their customer support team is always just one click away if you need any assistance; they are always ready to help 24/7 from any global location, they also have this feature of contact form which one you prefer.

The 30-day free trial offered by VoIP provides an ample amount of opportunity to make sure their users understand the system, the offers everything; also, they always look forward to providing help thoroughly when a user needs it.


VoIPstudio provides every feature, service one can ask for as a user. Hence, I can say that VoIPstudio is fully able to replace your internet telephony server. They offer many amazing features from low-cost outgoing calls, pricing plans to provide their services in 40+ countries around the globe. You can make outgoing calls using VoIP services to 4000+ locations around the world.

VoIPstudio believes and knows the worth of customer transparency; there are no hidden costs or any contracts. That means whether it’s a free trial or a calling plan, you can cancel it anytime you want.

You can switch the plans if you want to. Once signed up, they provide a complete personal web portal to their users from where they can control everything in their account calls, data, voicemail, recordings, etc.

VoIPstudio is best for every business. It grows as your business expands. You can add more and more people to your account as your business is paddling up.