The Best Vegan Clothing Brands in the Netherlands

Have you noticed that almost everyone is going vegan or organic and even recycling things whenever possible? This doesn’t necessarily mean that fast food isn’t appealing anymore, but that people are more conscious of what they consume and how it affects the environment. Even big brands like Burger King are considering plant-based meat alternatives for their hamburgers and hotdogs.

The equivalent of fast food in the apparel industry is fast fashion. And while this industry is still doing great, many manufacturers are moving toward plant-based fashion. The main goal—is sustainability! This article will help you understand vegan fashion, popular vegan fashion trends, and the best brands to help you support this noble course.

What Is Vegan Fashion?

Take a look at your wardrobe. You probably have fashion items made of wool, fur, silk, leather, suede, etc. These are animal products that either lead to animal exploitation or death. As an animal lover, you can choose to go vegan to satisfy your conscience. But did you know that adopting vegan fashion also benefits preserving animal life and the environment?

Vegan fashion refers to clothes, bags, shoes, and other apparel made without using any animal products or harming animals in the first place. Many innovative companies are now emerging to create environmentally friendly clothing, and the trend seems to be growing steadily every year.

Popular Vegan Fashion Trends

What does vegan fashion entail? If you can’t wear wool, silk, or leather, how else can you spruce up your wardrobe? These are valid questions that most people ask as they contemplate how to help the course.

Vegan Clothing Brands

Luckily, vegan fashion is anything but boring. With a bit of research and an artistic eye, you can look as stylish as your favorite fashionista in your vegan apparel while saving an animal’s life. You can read more about health in howandwow health section. Below are vegan trends to consider the next time you go shopping.

Cactus Leather

The ordinary leather industry is a huge part of animal agriculture, affecting climate change. More than one billion animals are killed every year to keep the leather industry alive. But thanks to DESSERTO (a Mexican company that deals with material innovation) and LUXTRA (a vegan accessory brand), cactus leather is slowly gaining popularity.

Cactus leather is an excellent alternative to regular leather, which comes from slaughtered cows. This vegan material is organic and partly biodegradable, while cacti save water as it doesn’t require irrigation. Additionally, cactus leather is luxurious and long-lasting, a big plus for the environment and fashionistas.

Vegan Wool

A sheep shearer recently faced charges for animal cruelty after getting caught on tape abusing sheep. While shearing sheep isn’t a cruel practice, some farmers torment the animals in the process. Luckily, you don’t have to depend only on synthetics and animal fleece. You can now obtain vegan wool from plants.

FABORG, an Indian company founded by Gowri Shankar, makes vegan wool from Calotropis, a flowering shrub found in the wild dryland areas. Known as Weganool, this wool substitute combines Calotropis fibers and rain-fed organic cotton to create a soft, lightweight, and 100% animal-free product!

Bamboo Silk

Did you know that silk is obtained by boiling silkworms alive in their cocoons? What’s worse is that it takes approximately 6,600 worms to make one kilogram of silk, yet the material negatively impacts the environment. The alternative is to use bamboo silk, which is eco-friendly and soft. It doesn’t require any animals or chemical fertilizers either.

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a great way to add some personality and style to your outfit without spending too much money. They also don’t require any animal exploitation, as they’re made of metal and enamel.

You can find pins with different designs, such as animals, symbols, quotes, and more. What makes enamel pins so great is that you can switch them up frequently to create different looks. They also do not negatively impact the environment.

Top Dutch Vegan Brands

Many clothing brands in the Netherlands are known to create eco-friendly and affordable apparel to keep you looking stylish while protecting the environment and animals. These manufacturers use natural, organic, or recycled materials to make everyday fashion items, including loungewear, sportswear, denim jeans, knitwear, etc. Below are some of the popular Dutch brands.

Eco Vegan Shoes

This is a Dutch ethical shoe company that makes boots, flats, sandals, and other shoes for men and women. Eco-Vegan Shoes strives to balance sustainability and durability while combining comfort and modern styles in their designs. Their prices are also relatively fair, ranging from $40-$170.

Studio JUX

Studio JUX is a sustainable clothing brand in Amsterdam that makes denim, knitwear, swimwear, underwear, and other basics for men, women, and children. The company strives to create a positive impact on the environment and a safe, enjoyable working space for its employees in the factory. Their prices range from $30-$$190.

Mud Jeans

Mud Jeans is a sustainable Dutch denim brand that makes high-quality jeans for men and women. The company was founded in 2013 to create ethical jeans after the founder (Bert van Son) realized how inconsiderate the fashion industry can get. Their products include jackets, skirts, tops, jeans, and shorts made with organic cotton and range between $80 and $150.

Get Your Vegan Apparel Today

Planting trees and reducing your carbon footprint aren’t the only ways to make a difference in the world. Today, there are other creative and productive ways to create a sustainable world, and investing in vegan apparel is an excellent way to start!

And if you can’t find affordable vegan brands near you or can’t access top-notch websites, using a Netherlands proxy will help you access high-quality clothes, shoes, and accessories online. Happy shopping!