How to Fix Valorant Not Launching on PC

Valorant is Riot Games’ second game, and given the success of League of Legends, it’s clear that first-person shooter lovers simply must check it out.

However, we have recently received a number of reports stating that Valorant cannot be launched on PC.

Don’t fret if you’re experiencing the same problem. Our customers say the problem is usually easily solved by clicking a few buttons.

Valorant Not Launching

How to Fix Valorant Not Launching 

Only one or two clicks are needed to launch VALORANT. However, if the game decides not to open or launch, the number of clicks may climb substantially.

There are a number of possible causes for a failure to open or launch. If VALORANT doesn’t launch for any reason (crashes, black screens, problems, etc.), the player will be sent to their home screen.

Developers usually respond to reports of widespread mistakes by fixing them, but if few people are having trouble with launching VALORANT, the cavalry may not come.

Solution 1: Reduce your PC’s Resolution

Because of this, VALORANT may have become confused if you frequently change your resolution depending on the work you’re undertaking on your PC.

While launching VALORANT, if the resolution does not match the game’s native setting, the game may act erratically or refuse to launch altogether.

Experiment with lower resolutions to see if they make a difference or choose the resolution VALORANT uses for your PC before opening the game.

Solution 2: Check for Graphics Card Updates

Driver updates are commonly missed by players. Graphics driver upgrades not only keep your GPU ready for the latest games, but they can also correct any flaws that have sprung up since you last updated.

Try relaunching VALORANT after installing the newest drivers for your graphics device. If VALORANT suddenly stops working after a driver update, you may need to roll back to your previous version of drivers.

Solution 3: Disable your AntiVirus Software 

Leaving your PC susceptible to threats may not sound ideal, but it may be misunderstanding VALORANT as a potential threat and leading it to shut down before it can even run.

Antivirus software has the potential to delay the launch of a game if it decides to crack down on a crucial file associated with the experience.

If you’re using an antivirus programme, try launching VALORANT without it to see if that helps. An other solution is to whitelist VALORANT’s files.

Solution 4: Run VALORANT as an Administrator

Games typically have a large list of authorization needs. Games may not work properly if you don’t have administrative privileges on your gaming PC, as they may not be able to access necessary system resources.

Try running VALORANT as an admin. This procedure may ask for a password. You should contact the system administrator if you can’t remember the password.

Solution 5: Reinstall VALORANT and Update Windows

If everything fails, reinstall VALORANT and update Windows. If you’re having difficulties with your game files, a reinstall of VALORANT is the best solution because it will replace any corrupted data.

Bug patches are sometimes included in Windows updates and can be used to address this issue.


Common causes of Valorant not opening or crashing at startup or loading screen include using an unsupported custom resolution.

Editing configuration files incorrectly, using an outdated graphics driver, not having Administrator access, and using an unsupported VPN or DNS.