6 Most Useful Items You Should Keep on Your Nightstand

Your bedroom is considered to be your comfy place, somewhere you can truly relax. The nightstand in your room should consist of things you consider important. Plus, you should stock the top of the nightstand with essentials, especially at night. Whatever style you choose for the decoration of your nightstand, it should be free of clutter.

Be sure not to crowd the top, or else you’ll have problems trying to find anything on it, and your things will easily fall off. So, to help, here are the 6 most useful items to keep on your nightstand.

Useful Items You Should Keep on Your Nightstand

1. A Lamp

A light source next to your bed is a must, either for reading or for dim lighting at night. If you want to get something fancy, be sure that there’s enough space on your bedside table. If you want to go simple, and get something functional, like a reading lamp, make sure its height is tall enough so that it shines the light on your book rather than your eyes. A tip is to use a low-wattage light bulb for your lamp to minimize the light and create a dim and soothing environment at night.

2. Skincare Products

A good skincare routine before you sleep is a good idea to make your skin look fresh and healthy all day. Keep your essential skincare products on your bedside table. The most basic ones include a moisturizer, eye cream, and lotion.

It’s a good idea to keep the essentials right next to you, so you don’t have to get up; this way, you can’t skip your night skincare routine even if you feel lazy.

3. A Book

Keep A Book on Your Nightstand

If you’re an avid reader, then reading material on your nightstand is a must. It’s best practice to read a good book or magazine right before you go to sleep. It not only speeds up your level of sleepiness but is also a good source of enjoyment after a tiring day.

Plus, you won’t be tempted to use your phone before bed, which, by the way, hinders your sleep and can even cause insomnia. So, be sure to place a single or a selection of good books or magazines on your nightstand.

4. Your Phone and Charger

I’m sure most of you are already very attached to your phone and keep it close to you when you sleep. It’s a good safety practice to keep your phone close to your reach when you sleep. You don’t want to wake up to an emergency with no way of contacting the authorities. Seconds can save your life or your property.

However, keeping your phone too close to your body also has adverse effects on your health because of the harmful signals coming from your phone. So, place your phone on your bedside table, with its charger securely connected, if you charge overnight.

Magnetic chargers are very trendy now; they’re not only convenient but also ensure your phone doesn’t fall off the bedside table while you’re asleep. Read more about wireless chargers from LifeRejoice.com and learn how to pick the best one for your phone. You won’t have to face the disappointment of your phone being at zero percent in the morning even though you put it on charge at night.

5. Medications

Keep a medication tray on your bedside table to ensure you don’t forget to take your medicine on time. The tray will ensure your medicine is organized with respect to days or time.

Keeping your medication next to you is a good idea, especially if you have severe illnesses that require you to take medicine urgently. You definitely don’t want to wake up having a panic attack at night with no idea where your medicine is.

6. A Catch-all Tray

A catch-all tray is a multi-purpose, small-sized tray you can place on your nightstand. It can even have small drawers where you can keep the jewelry you take off at night. Plus, it comes in especially handy to place a glass or bottle of water.

These trays come in different sizes and designs. Some even have compartments for different things like jewelry, earplugs, hair ties, and other small accessories you need to place so you won’t have to struggle to find them at night or the next morning.

Your nightstand should include the things you would need the most, especially at night. So, keeping that in mind, follow our guidelines or select things of your preference. Additional items can include a flower vase, an alarm clock, or a picture frame if you want to decorate it a bit.