How To Unblock YouTube

Yes, the real world exists when you fly to a different nation and discover you can’t access YouTube there. In many places, the most popular video site is prohibited. This doesn’t just happen on a national level; you may stroll into a university or an office space, type into your browser and find a blank screen with the error “video unavailable” glaring back at you.

Unblocking YouTube videos is possible, and we’ll show you how in this article. Please be aware that we strongly advise you not to break any school or workplace policies. They were put in place for a reason, so only unblock YouTube if you require information and believe it will not reduce your productivity.


Why Is YouTube Blocked?

YouTube is thought to be a significant distraction – after all, isn’t it where people go to watch cat videos? This is the most common cause for network administrators to request that YouTube be disabled at your school or workplace.

Although it is true that one may waste many hours binge-watching YouTube videos of minimal value, this is not the sole reason why people visit YouTube. It’s also a popular video-creation site and a source of educational content. So, even if you’re at school or at work, it’s acceptable to desire access to it.

Unblock YouTube

Online censorship is another typical reason for YouTube being blocked. Different levels of censorship may exist: some nations may outright ban YouTube as a platform, while others may just block certain videos. This might be a major issue for nation visitors who rely on YouTube for their employment or studies. So, if YouTube is prohibited, here’s what you should do.

5 Easy Ways To Unblock YouTube

If this isn’t a one-time problem and you need to view prohibited content on a regular basis, we strongly advise you to install and utilize reliable VPN software on your computer. Otherwise, you may try using a proxy or even Google Translate! The following are our top five suggestions for unblocking YouTube videos.

1. Use a VPN

Using a VPN program is the simplest way to get around YouTube restrictions. There is no better solution for Mac users than ClearVPN. You don’t have to think about which location to move to because it’s built on simple shortcuts; simply find and activate the “unblock YouTube” option.

Here’s how to use ClearVPN to unblock YouTube videos:

Step 1: Setapp is where you can get the app.

Step 2: Select “Unlock streaming & entertainment” from the dashboard, or simply type “YouTube” into the shortcuts search.

Step 3: Wait a few seconds for it to activate after clicking “Open YouTube.”

You can now navigate to or directly to a specific video to watch it.

2. Unblock YouTube With a Proxy

If you don’t have a VPN, you can try using a proxy to unblock YouTube, but we don’t suggest it because it’s less safe and could disclose your personal information. Proxy servers, unlike VPNs, do not encrypt your data; instead, they filter your traffic through a specific server, changing your IP address to make it look as if you are in another place.

There are many proxies available online, and some of them are even available as browser extensions. If you want to take a chance and unblock through a proxy, simply type the URL of your YouTube video into a proxy server site.

3. Watch YouTube Content Offline

The best way to unblock YouTube is to prevent it from being unblocked in the first place. If you only require a few YouTube videos, you can download them for offline viewing before going to a location where YouTube is restricted. You won’t have to get around any limits or break any company policies this way.

Pulltube is a fast and dependable YouTube video downloader that we recommend:

Step 1: Setapp can be used to install Pulltube.

Step 2: Copy and paste the YouTube video link into the app window.

Step 3: If necessary, adjust the video’s quality, subtitles, or trim it.

Step 4: To begin, click the Download button.

Pulltube is a great application to have on your Mac because it works with 1000+ other sites, like Vimeo, Facebook, and others, in addition to YouTube. We particularly like its cutting feature, which allows us to download only what we need.

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you may also save YouTube videos to your iPhone or Android phone. This is how you do it:

Step 1: On your mobile device, open a YouTube video.

Step 2: Select Download from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select high-quality products.

Step 4: Please wait for the video to finish downloading.

This might work for folks who don’t mind watching YouTube videos on their phone, but Mac users will be disappointed to see that offline viewing is disabled. It’s also worth noting that a YouTube Premium subscription costs $11.99 a month, so it’s just for people who already have one.

4. Unblock With Tor

Tor is a browser that conceals your IP address. It works by routing traffic across many servers, making it impossible for YouTube to track your position. Tor appears to be a good way to view YouTube from anywhere in the globe, and it works similarly to a regular browser: just type or your video URL into the address box.

Tor has the drawback of being extremely sluggish, which is why video streaming is not the best use case for it. Tor’s traffic is routed through a number of servers, which naturally slows down the connection speed. Tor, on the other hand, is a fantastic tool for keeping the internet open for everyone – especially in countries where the internet is extensively blocked. Unfortunately, this is not the case with YouTube.

5. Using Google Translate

This one may appear strange. However, it works! Apparently, you can get around network restrictions by using Google Translate to view YouTube – if Google Translate isn’t prohibited. This could be a fantastic option for schools that allow sites like Translate to be used.

Here’s how to use Google Translate to unblock YouTube:

Step 1: Open a new tab in your browser and type in Translate.

Step 2: Set the output language to English and the input language to “detect language.”

Step 3: In the input field, paste the YouTube URL.

Step 4: Select “translated” from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Voila! The video should start playing in a new tab.

What exactly does it entail? The “translated” link, however, has a Google domain rather than a YouTube domain. If your network firewall detects that you are visiting a Google site, it will not block the page. Please keep in mind that this is a one-time solution that does not function on a constant basis.


A VPN would be the most secure and reliable way to unblock YouTube if we had to choose. It helps you to quickly and efficiently bypass network firewalls without exposing your personal info. You might also try downloading YouTube videos for offline viewing or using workarounds like a proxy, Tor, or Google Translate, depending on your situation.