UltraVPN Review: Price, Speed, Security and More

UltraVPN is a UK-based VPN provider new to the VPN market that started in 2018 and provides high-speed service with 100+ servers and over 55 countries in the world. They are now more popular due to their fast download speed, zero-log policy, and affordable price.

UltraVPN is user-friendly to their users and provides the customer care with full support and its 30-days money-back guarantee to their users. In which this UltraVPN is evaluated in different factors, which are mentioned below.


UltraVPN Price

UltraVPN is cost a little to their users as they provide their service in one, six, twelve-months plan. They also provide the 30 days money-back guarantee to their users. You can use the trial version before subscribing to a plan.

The Monthly Plan

The monthly plan costs about $6.99 per month and for renewal of the monthly plan costs $8.99. Where one of the additional benefits that users have is 30 days money-back guarantee to their users.

Six Months Plan

This half-yearly plan is about the half-year that is for 6 months the plan is valid, and it costs about $4.99 to their users, and this plan price keeps increasing on plan renewal as $9.98. This plan also includes the 30 days money-back guarantee to their users.

Annual Plan

This yearly plan is a long-term plan that is valid for 12 months, in which their price is low which costs about $2.99 a month and keeps increasing up to $7.50 on renewal to the subscription to their users to get the VPN service from UltraVPN. Where all plans are mostly identical to each other, and users can get their benefits of accessing the servers and VPN features.

In which the UltraVPN provides a 7-day trial to its users. The only users need to download the software and install it in their device and create an account to avail of this 7-day trial version. There is nothing to pay for their software.

UltraVPN Speed and Performance

The most important factor in the VPN software is the speed. The users do not need to wait to load the page, and it is a waste of time. In which the UltraVPN is one of the fastest and smooth VPNs that are available in the VPN market.

They provide the connections quickly and easily to their users. Where they also offer very high speed downloading to their users. But this VPN reduces the download speed to 15%, and sometimes it also reduces or slows down to 40% to their users.

This makes the users love this VPN to stream movies, torrent downloads, playing games, and browsing. They deliver a good and best performance to their users, but it depends on the server chosen by the users. We suggest to test the speed of each server and use to a fast-loading server.

Privacy and Security

UltraVPN is primarily focusing on privacy with their zero-log policy, where this zero-log policy is a little flawed and saves your originating IP address and does not track any one’s online histories of their users.

The UltraVPN uses the OpenVPN as they have the most secure protocol to their users, and they also provide the feature of most secure encryption standards of AES-256 along with their DNS servers, which secures the user’s data where they prevent the data from the leak.

Logging Policy

The logging policy means that you log information on your online activity that the website you visit, the games you play, and whatever online they store as data in logs. They also collect the data like the operating system, app version, VPN server that user uses, login/logout time, IP address, and other data, this data is to optimize the service to their users.

This also collects some of the harmless data, some may have a significant threat to your privacy. Thus, UltraVPN comes with a zero-log policy, they say that UltraVPN does not monitor your internet searches or visited websites. We do, however, note the IP of your device.


The users need to know where the VPN provider is incorporated, as the different countries have different policies and laws for their company. Where UltraVPN has its network protect LLC and network protect Limited in the US and the UK. Where in both countries have some aggressive intelligence agencies, but the UltraVPN has a zero-log policy.


This encryption is the transformation of readable data to unreadable data to their users. This can be done with the encryption key to unlock and able to read the data. Where the VPN has two lengths of keys as AES-128 and AES-256. Where the UltraVPN uses the most secure standard encryptions that is AES-256.


The protocol defines the formatted and transmitting of the data in a network. UltraVPN uses OpenVPN that is the most powerful and secured protocol.

Leak protection

In the field of security and privacy, this leak protection plays a major role. The VPN allows us to leak some data to visible when the user’s device has established a connection with the VPN servers. In which the kill switch feature in the UltraVPN does not allow the data of users to leak outside.


The UltraVPN provides the features to their users that includes,

  • Servers over 55 countries.
  • High-speed connection without any bandwidth limitation.
  • Supported in all major Operating systems like Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS with their dedicated apps.
  • Has to Google Chrome browser extension, they work as proxy servers with encryption and protect your IP.
  • It works perfectly with Netflix and torrent.
  • Offers only three simultaneous connection.
  • It does not work in china and not suitable for people there.

User Experience

UltraVPN provides the premium looking and easy to use interface to their users. Their interface looks very modern and clear. They invested most of the time in developing the aesthesis of their applications. For quick and easy navigation is designed for their users to easy to use the app. Wherefrom that, the users can see the feature details. Another cool feature is that they have live chat features when their uses connect to the VPN network.

At the bottom of their app, they have another menu to which you can get information about the VPN on all platforms. It also links for privacy policies and terms of service. If the user is looking for support, as they have a knowledge-based and large list of FAQs, tips and tricks, and other guidance. The users can also navigate to their blogs if their search is not found.

UltraVPN Apps

UltraVPN is available on both Android and iOS platforms. UltraVPN users can easily download from the Play Store and App Store. They have a well-designed app for Android users, but it looks simple and provides top quality service to their users.

The UltraVPN Android apps have a large looking connect and disconnect button to establish the connection with a VPN server. They also show the status of the server connections in them when connected to one network. This button can be toggled at any time to protect the data of the users from the IP and DNS data leak from the VPN.

They have easily accessible country lists that users can use this effortlessly switch between the different country’s locations worldwide. All over this UltraVPN app is very easy to use or to navigate with it. Where the users can enjoy the UltraVPN service by streaming to the user’s favorite shows in a simple and single click.

Customer support

UltraVPN has its customer support to its users 24/7 with some features. For example, an email ticket system, live chat support, direct phone support with impressive to their users. They also have extensive knowledge-based and FAQs on their website to their users. This helps their users to handle simple problems without any phone calls and emails. Where these FAQs have a lot of basic and simple questions on their service to their users.


UltraVPN is the best and simple, affordable VPN provider to makes its users satisfied with their service. They also provide the excellent and best service to their users with safe and secure protection of their data. Thus, UltraVPN is an excellent choice.