Uber Jumps Into Europe’s Rapid Grocery Delivery Market

Uber had taken on a new role. They are doing grocery deliveries now. This is not like the common grocery deliveries at all. They are super fast deliveries that provide the Essential items ordered by the people to their doorstep in 15 minutes.

They are not going on a wide scale, though. It is only present in the Paris region of Europe for now. We do not know if Uber is trying to extend the business more in the field either. Maybe it will all depend on the success of the service in Paris.

Uber jumps into Europe’s rapid grocery delivery market with a 15-minute service in Paris

Uber has started a new venture now as they have said that they will have an expanded partnership with the French supermarket chain Carrefour. They are providing a fast grocery delivery service which is called Carrefour Sprint. It should be available to the people by Tuesday.

In Europe, there is a crisis going on, and in the middle of the energy crisis and the pandemic, we see that the people are getting a lot of groceries being home delivered to them to prevent them from going out.

As a result, a lot of delivery service start-ups have popped up in the country. We are seeing a lot of big companies jumping in at the bandwagon too. Uber is also one of them who wanted a piece of cake for themselves.

Uber had seen some troubles because of the pandemic. Many ride-sharing had gone down because of the coronavirus, and people preferred to stay home or take their private cars.

Thus to cut the losses that they had to face, a new angle was required by the people at Uber to make some profit. This seems like a good idea. We sure will let you know if this venture was a failure or a success. We really are looking forward to it and wish them the best of luck.