Top 10 Best Typing Software to Type Faster Than Ever

Do you wish to learn to type faster and without making many mistakes? The following article shows you how you can improve your typing skills with the help of Typing Software. It also gives you names of the Top 10 typing softwares and their key features. Typing has gained a very important spot among computer skills as nowadays most jobs require typing in a form or other.

Best Typing Software Free and Paid

Most people find it difficult to complete their typing work in time because of their slow typing speed, or sometimes they are embarrassed because they make several mistakes while typing. These problems can be rectified with a little effort and good Typing software. Typing softwares teaches the users to type faster using all their 10 fingers on the keyboard.

It also helps the users to acquire the skill of “touch typing technique,” i.e., typing without looking at the keyboard. Learning this technique helps a person to type very fast, making the least number of mistakes. There different methods of touch typing techniques such as hunt and peck technique, buffer technique, etc.

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Top 10 Best Typing Software Free and Paid

With the following listed 10 Typing softwares, you can not only get better at typing but also do it FREE of any cost.

1 – Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is free software that helps you to learn and master the technique of typing. You can learn to type faster and better with this freeware. This software offers smart features such as when you first start this application, it will ask you to complete a short course in typing.

This course helps the software to analyze your typing speed and skills and offers you relevant lessons for practicing your typing. This software also suggests and advices you to enable different programs to learn more about the proper process of typing. It also offers a guide to different techniques of typing.

Features of Typing Trainer

  • Includes different tips and tutorials.
  • Analyses your skills to suggest a different form of training.
  • Very easy to understand.
  • It offers fun ways to learn to type.
  • It offers typing tests.
  • Suited for young students trying to improve their typing skills.
  • It can be used in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP.

2 – Rapid Typing Tutor

It is a very good typing software to improve typing in a new and unique way. The graphics are colorful and interesting, which hooks up more users to the software. It is different from other typing softwares because of its noticeable features such as a virtual keyboard with moving hands; make your lessons feature and the progress tracking features that keep the record of your current and past typing speed and accuracy.

Although Rapid Typing Tutor has many features, it is not very suitable for first-time learners because it does not offer any typing technique tutorials or any kind of tutorials per se. This software is more appropriate for people who have already learnt where most of the keys are and just want to work on their speed and precision.

Features of Rapid Typing Tutor

  • Colorful themes.
  • Virtual keyboard with moving hands.
  • Can track your progress.
  • Lets you make your lessons.
  • Multiple keyboard layout.
  • Portable version is available.
  • Available in different languages like Spanish, English, Russian, Dutch, German, French, etc.

3 – KeyBlaze

KeyBlaze is a very well known free typing software that is designed for users from age 6-99. This software helps you to polish up your touch-type technique and typing speed. It is suitable for all types of skill levels- beginners and professionals.

KeyBlaze starts with primary skill lessons like identifying the different keys such as navigation keys, number keys, home keys, and punctuation keys on the keyboard and lets you get familiar with them. It then moves on to harder tasks like the different modes of touch-type technique. KeyBlaze includes practice lessons and tests to check on your progress. You can download and print certificates on completion of different courses on KeyBlaze.

KeyBlaze has a professional plus edition that offers additional typing lessons, pro-level exercises, and other exciting custom features.

Features of KeyBlaze

  • I can assess your skills and suggest relevant lessons.
  • Detailed ‘how to’ guides.
  • Variety of lessons for a variety of skill levels.
  • Different types of practice lessons.
  • Fun games to make learning more enjoyable.
  • Built-in dictation tool.
  • Keep track of your progress in graphs and statements.
  • Printable certificates.
  • Suitable for Windows 8, 7, 10, Vista and Mac OS.

4 – Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

It is very flexible and easily customizable typing software. It helps you customize keyboard layouts as per your requirement. You can save these keyboard layouts because this software was designed to not depend on any specific ones.

This software specifically designed to avoid the language barrier because the keyboard layouts on Klavaro can adapt to as many as 24 languages. It let's you keep track of your progress and compete in typing contests on the internet. It helps you improve your touch typing skills with simple tools.

Features of Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

  • Ready to use keyboard layouts.
  • Courses/lessons vary from beginners to professional level.
  • Progress chart.
  • It can include external text.
  • Semi-online contests.
  • The clean and simple graphical interface.
  • Fluidness exercises.

5 – Type Faster

Type faster is a simple typing software that helps you improve your typing skills and also your touch typing skills. This software supports French, US Dvorak, German, US-English, Hebrew, Portuguese, numeric-keyboard, etc. It also has a full Spanish version.

This software is more ideal for schools, colleges, and other training facilities because it has special features for beginners and a very user-friendly interface. This software is aided to be accessible for blind users. It also has a built-in 3-D game to add excitement to your learning process.

Features of Type Faster

  • Accessible to blind users.
  • Simple interface.
  • Suitable for educational facilities.
  • Supports several languages.
  • In a built 3D game.

6 – Just Type

Just type is a free typing software that helps its user improve their typing accuracy and speed. It is a simple software that helps the user through the process of learning touch type.

With just a few weeks of dedicated practice on Just Type, one can intensify their speed up to 100wpm. It is a highly beneficial software for kids who are trying to gain any kind of writing skills and practice touch type. This software also has built-in advanced keyboard designs.

Features of Just Type

  • Advanced type features.
  • Advance keyboard designs.
  • Quick responding system.
  • Highlights your errors.
  • Suitable for students and kids.

7 – Ratatype — Online typing tutor and typing lessons

Ratatype is an excellent free typing software that helps its users learn to type in unique and effective ways. It teaches you to touch type in various techniques while maintaining posture.

Ratatype has a specific feature that allows its users to work in groups. This makes it easier for users to interact with each other, especially students. This software includes several practice lessons and tests to compare your progress in typing speed and accuracy against others. You can add as many members as you want to these groups.

Features of Ratatype

  • Excellent graphical design.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Available in different versions for schools, individuals and businesses.
  • Lets you work in a group.
  • Excellent support system.
  • Limitless methodical free typing test that records your results.
  • Can compare test scores online with other users.
  • Provide a certificate for completing lessons.

8 – KTouch Typing Tutor

KTouch is a highly demanded typing tool suitable for only Linux OS. It is an excellent software to practice touch typing skills. It offers a large variety of attractive features like graded typing lessons, a wide variety of keyboard layouts, typing statistics, the option to create typing lessons on your own, etc.

It has a very friendly and easy to use interface that can also be understood by kids. With KTouch, you can test yourself anytime to find out the level of your typing and touch typing skills.

Features of KTouch Typing Tutor

  • Available in several languages.
  • Variety of keyboard layout.
  • Multiple profile option.
  • Charge your progress.
  • It can separately monitor accuracy and speed.
  • Suggests available courses to improve your skill level.

9 – Max Type Pro

Max Type Pro is a typing learning tool that helps you to get better at typing with accuracy in a fast and fun way. Multiple users can use this software at ones. Each user can create their passwords to protect their accounts and save their specific settings.

This is professional software that has many different learning modes that helps you progress interestingly.  It provides 21 informative and adaptive lessons to get you familiarized with the tools. It teaches the proper ways to place you fingers on each key of the keyboard while typing.

You can get a statistical report on your average typing speed, accuracy, and mistypes. Max Type Pro was you with metals and grades on performing well on the test provided. You can also play games and exercise your typing skills on song lyrics and sports articles to make your learning process more fun.

Features of Max Type Pro

  • Detailed tutorial lessons.
  • Six different modes.
  • Weekly and daily reports.
  • Controlled learning time.
  • Built-in the exercise library.
  • Lets you personalize your exercises.

10 – Tux Typing Tutor For Kids

 Tux typing tutor for kids is a fun way to make kids learn to type. It is the open-source, free typing game designed especially for kids. It has several levels and challenges through which kids can learn how to type on the keyboard for the first time.

It supports several languages, which makes it easier for the kids to understand. It has two different video game versions, one with phrases, complex words, and finger placing lessons for older kids and another with simple alphabetical and easy word games for the younger ones.

Features Tux Typing Tutor For Kids

  • Free educational gaming software.
  • Cute cartoon style effects and graphics.
  • Supports a large variety of languages.
  • Lots of different levels of challenges.
  • Supported on Linux OS.
  • Excellent software to improve kids’ typing skills.
  • The different versions designed for different proficiency levels.

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Summing Up

Ages ago, typing skill was a requirement for only typists, stenographers, and secretaries working in different industries. Still, in today’s world, it has become a must-have the skill to lad almost any proper office job. If your typing skills are not so good, you need to make time and work hard to improve it deliberately.

When it comes to skills, typing with speed is just not enough; accuracy is also a very important trait. If you can type upto 100wpm or more but make several mistypes doing so, then it will be vain. The above listed 10 Typing Softwares can assist you in getting better at tying in no time and that too for FREE. But to make sure which software is best suited for your style and skill level, make sure to give them all a try.