Two Men Are Arrested in 1996 Disappearance of Kristin Smart

On Tuesday, authorities announced that they had detained two individuals in connection with Kristin Smart’s disappearance in 1996.

Paul Flores, 44, was arrested and later charged with first-degree murder. There is currently no bail amount in place.

Two Men Are Arrested in 1996 Disappearance of Kristin Smart

Sheriff Ian Parkinson of San Luis Obispo County said that while authorities have not yet located Smart’s corpse, they are still holding out hope that they will soon.

He confidently predicted, “I think we will find Kristin.” It won’t deter us from our mission to recover her remains in court or out.

Smart, then 19 years old, vanished from her Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo dorm room on May 24, 1996.

The suspect, Flores, who was a student there, was also a member of the school’s student body.

Disappearance of Kristin Smart

It is widely believed that American college student Kristin Denise Smart (born February 20, 1977; proclaimed legally dead May 25.

She was kidnapped, raped, and murdered at the end of her freshman year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly).

Smart went to an off-campus party on May 25 hosted by a fellow Cal Poly University student. She was discovered unconscious on a neighbor’s lawn at around 2 a.m..

At which point two other students began guiding her back to her dorm room. A third student, Paul Flores, joined them.

He said he would get Kristin back to her room securely because it was close to Smart’s. Since Smart’s disappearance, numerous searches have been made, but to no avail.

Man Accused of Killing kristin Smart With His Father’s Help

Paul Flores, 45, is accused of killing Smart, a fellow student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, in Smart’s dorm room. Flores has been charged with first-degree murder.

His dad’s facing murder accessory charges. The prosecution claims he assisted his son in transporting Smart’s body to the Arroyo Grande residence.

Where the body was buried for at least some period of time under the deck. Each has entered a not guilty plea.

According to KSBY’s coverage of the trial, Deputy District Attorney Christopher Peuvrelle claimed.

During opening comments that he believes Paul Flores murdered Smart in Smart’s dorm room and then hid the body.


Detectives reportedly conducted two raids on Paul Flores’ residence in San Pedro, some 25 miles south of Los Angeles, in February and April of 2020.

In addition, the station reported that Flores had been detained in February 2021 on a firearms allegation unconnected to the current incident and then freed on bail.

Paul’s father’s house in San Luis Obispo County, California was searched by law enforcement in the middle of March utilising cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar, as reported by CBS Los Angeles.