6 Traveling Tips for Dubai Solo Travelers

Traveling alone is fun if you are an introvert and find peace in solitude. Many travelers love to travel alone to enjoy the ultimate freedom. While traveling alone you have the opportunity to explore the different parts of the world at your own pace. Also, you can learn new languages, make new friends, and experience life out of your comfort zone.

Traveling Dubai as a solo traveler has its perks. You can stay anywhere you want as the crime rate of this city is almost zero. Arab people are the most inviting and friendly people so you won’t face any hesitation while traveling alone.

Traveling Tips for Dubai Solo Travelers

Tips for an Incredible Solo Trip to Dubai

Before you start your trip, make sure to read and follow the below-mentioned traveling tips for a safe and sound solo trip. You can also get a Car Rental Dubai to enjoy your trip without any difficulty.

1. Book Your Hotel in Advance

Always try to book your tour in advance especially if you are traveling in December or January. It is because the hotels are overbooked and so are the flights.

So, for your convenience book your flight before your trip and reserve your hotel stay according to your stay duration in Dubai. Also, make sure to book your tours in advance as well because Dubai being the top tourist attraction is mostly overbooked.

2. Book Your Rental Car

You can roam around in Dubai by taxi or by using local transport. But, it will be costly and you won’t be able to enjoy the trip as you want. Your car allows you to move around at your own pace and you can rent any luxury vehicle if you are traveling as a solo traveler. To get the best car deals, contact RentalcarsUAE and hire a car on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Book Your Rental Car

3. Learn the Common Rules

Dubai is quite strict if we talk about rules. You need to follow the normal rules to stay inside the city, like following the dress code or not spitting on the road. The traffic rules are the other story as you can be charged from 50 to 1000 AED according to the situation.

So, it’s better to study all the crucial rules before you move to Dubai. Try to obey all of them to avoid so you don’t have to pay fines or penalties.

4. Save Emergency Helpline Numbers

You should make it a habit to save the helpline numbers of the country where you are traveling so that you can ask for help if needed. Although the crime rate in Dubai is low but still save the following numbers if you need any help.

  • Ambulance: 999
  • Tourist security: 800 4888
  • Fire Department: 997
  • Emergency services: 04 223 2323
  • Police: 999

5. Get your UAE SIM

To contact your folks and use the internet you need to get a local SIM card in Dubai. As you are traveling as a solo traveler so buying a SIM card is crucial. Also, all the emergency numbers will be at your fingertips.

Get your UAE SIM

6. Dress Properly

Dubai is located in UAE and it is an Islamic country. You need to dress appropriately, especially in public places. Females can wear casual dresses including T-shirts and Jeans but short shorts are not allowed. For females, it will be better to wear clothes that are not revealing body parts. Although males can wear knee-length shorts.

Final Thoughts

Follow all the above-mentioned Traveling tips especially if you are traveling in Dubai as a solo traveler. Make sure to Monthly Rent a car from the best company so you can move within or outside Dubai. Happy Traveling!