Easy Ways to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

If you have both Apple and Android devices, you might wonder how you can listen to your favorite music on all of them. Or maybe you are switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone and wondering how you can transfer your music library from one device to another. 

Every music lover might struggle with switching between the two at some point. Sometimes you just need a quick solution to get this over with. Especially if you create your own music and absolutely need to have your own tracks or a stock audio collection on your devices at all times.

Easy Ways to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

It’s not always so easy to sync your iTunes library with an Android device because they’re not meant to work together. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with the quickest and easiest ways to transfer your tracks, so you have your library on all your gadgets. 

Method 1: Use Apple Music to stream your iTunes Tracks on Android

There is no iTunes, but there is an Apple Music app for Android. So the first thing you should do is to download the Apple Music app on your Android device. You can stream your entire iTunes library after logging in to your Apple Account. If you would like to listen to over 50 million tracks of Apple’s curated collections, you have to buy a monthly subscription for $9.99. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open iTunes on PC and head to Preferences

Step 2: Turn on the iCloud Music Library in the general tab and click OK

Step 3: Download the Apple Music app

Step 4: Sign in to your Apple Account on both devices

Step 5: Now your iTunes music should be available to stream on Android

P.S. Still not able to find your iTunes music? Make sure you’re using the same Apple ID on both devices, try to update the app, or go to File, click Library, and then Update iCloud Music Library.

Method 2: Manually Copy your iTunes Music files to Android

If you’d like to copy some individual tracks rather than albums from iTunes manually, this option could be annoying. There is also a possibility that you lose album art and some data. It depends on what Android music player you use.

Manually Copy your iTunes Music files to Android

Here’s the process:

Step 1: Start by creating a new folder on your desktop.

Step 2: Copy your music files to transfer to the new folder.

Step 3: Use a USB cable to connect your computer to the Android device (you might need to adjust settings: allow transferring files via USB via your phone’s notifications).

Step 4: Go to your Android device storage on the computer, drag and drop or copy-paste the music folder.

Method 3: Use a third-party app to sync iTunes and Android

Several apps can help you sync your iTunes with Android, such as Heapsoft, iSyncr, or doubleTwist. Let’s take the last one as an example. With doubleTwist, you can transfer your playlists, tracks, and videos from iTunes to Android, and make the most of your gadget. They will be stored in the Music folder in the memory of your tablet or phone. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Download and launch doubleTwist on your computer.

Step 2: Enable USB Mass Storage mode (or MTP) and connect your Android to the computer.

Step 3: It should recognize your device automatically and a syncing window will appear.

Step 4: You’ll see the Music tab. Add a checkmark next to Sync Music and select what you want to download (albums, playlists, genres, and artists).

Step 5: Tap on Sync Now at the right corner below and start transferring the music.

There was one more option for transferring music from iTunes to Android – using Google Play Music, but the app is off the market since last year. Google has invested in improving YouTube Music instead. It is very generous of its creators to allow Android users to use Apple Music, the competitor’s app. We hope the methods above will help you to enjoy your music on any device.