TotalAV Review: Is Total AV Worth It in 2024?

With this advanced technology, the risk of cyber-attacks is also emerging. It is not only for individuals but also for everyday businesses. But we can reduce its risk by using antivirus. But the question arises, which one is perfect? There are a variety of antiviruses offered so as a consumer it becomes difficult for us to decide. So the simple answer is TotalAV.

Being the new entrant, it can be considered as the most efficient and effective antivirus. It is providing very good competition to big brands, including Norton, Bitdefender, McAfee, and Kaspersky.

TotalAV is offered free of cost and also had paid packages at affordable prices, depending on the variations. It is an all-rounder software that protects your data will all varieties of malware. Earlier, they were offering VPN free of cost with individual package but later on, they started charging an extra amount.


Let’s discuss why one should go for TotalAV:

What All Do You Require For Totalav Antivirus?

TotalAV is designed for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices with various variations. That means:

  • For Windows and Mac devices, it provides standard antivirus protection.
  • For iOS devices, its offerings are limited. But still, it provides an optimizer, safe browsing tool, and photo manager.
  • For Android devices, it provides an optimizer and app manager with antivirus protection.

This software is quite compatible with no specific system requirements.

How to Install & Setup?

You need to create an account with TotalAV for using this antivirus. It will then updates its virus definitions and then the installation process will take around 10 minutes. Then you can smoothly use this antivirus. It will load up your dashboard if you are installing it for the first time.

If you are downloading the free version, then you have to-

Step 1: Click the “Download” button for the free version of TotalAV.

Step 2: Then select the version of your device (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android)

If you are downloading a paid version, then you just have to select a suitable package for your system and proceed further with the payment option.

Why Should You Use Total AV?

It is worthy if you are paying for it, as it offers:

  • No specific system requirements.
  • Suitable for Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows.
  • Works as a security shield against cyber-attacks
  • A free version is available.
  • Consumer protection 24*7
  • Anti-adware

But it stands average in malware tests. Real-time protection is not offered in the free version and its quick scans are quite slow. Moreover, no webcam and microphone protection is offered in TotalAV.

The User Interface

If we talk about the user interface, then navigation is quite easy but its interface is not impressive as expected. Some unnecessary options are also available.

TotalAV User Interface

Its dashboard is easily understandable and it also provides access to optimization tools, security settings, scans, web security and boost, disk cleaner, password vault, antivirus, and diagnostics.

TotalAV Antivirus Features

TotalAV is with Multi-OS Support and offers disk cleanup that will get rid of junk files. But it does not provide a password manager, file shredder, VPN, parental controls, and game boosters.

Total AV application is made for Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS but not for Linux. You can access it on Desktop UI but not as a mobile application. It has the option of Live Chat, tutorials, a clock system, and a help center but does not have any forum.

But it has some features that are only accessible only if you are a premium user. Smartphone optimization and boosters, Password Vault, and 24*7 consumer support are such features.


It has all the security measures that one perfect antivirus should have. It is an efficient and effective antivirus. The security features offered are quite limited in case of a free version than a paid one. The paid version has a quarantine version. But if you go for an advanced version, you have the option to protect 6 devices on different platforms.

Safe Browsing (VPN)

The Safe Browsing feature is recently added as it is one of the most demanded functions, which can be accessed by you after paying for it. It helps you in hiding locations during online browsing and you can unblock and access restricted content. Moreover, it provides you WiFi connection and unlimited data.

Web Shield

It is another feature that helps your device in getting alerts, whenever you are visiting sites that have security issues. It protects your device from malicious activities, hackers, and viruses.

Password Vault

It helps you in managing and retrieving passwords and saving them at a safe place with ids. TotalAV helps in easily retaining passwords.

System Tune-up

System Tune-up help in maintaining a computer’s sustainability. It has three tools:

  • The startup program helps in defining and boosting apps
  • Uninstalling applications
  • Browser manager for cleaning cookies

Support and Customer Care

TotalAV has a good customer support and cares so that it can retain its customers. It takes an average of 5-10 minutes to answer queries or mails. Its FAQ page mainly answers all expected questions and proper tutorials are also provided.

You can also solve your query with TotalAV social media platforms. If your query is still unsolved, then you can contact them, 24*7, via mail and phone.

Plans and Prices

It offers three plans besides the free version:

1. Antivirus Pro

Its one-year plan costs $99. You can use it on three devices. It offers ransomware protection, real-time virus/malware protection, anti-phishing, firewall, browser extensions, PC optimization, disk cleaner, remote firewall protection, web shield extension, web browser cleaner & manager, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Internet Security

It is available at a price of $119/year. It includes all the essential internet security services with Cloud Scanning, VPN, Browser Cleaner & Manager, and a lot more. You can protect 5 devices with this plan.

3. Total Security

It costs $149/year. It covers all the features offered by TotalAV. With this plan, you can protect 6 devices and you will be given access to all the features. Sounds like a good deal.

Final Words

With a low-profile, it provides a vast variety of features at an affordable price. A user-friendly interface and full system scans add value to TotalAV. It is standing as tough competition for antivirus giants and has placed in the top 10 lists.