15 Best Sites Like ‘Torlock’ That Work in 2024

Torrent usually refers to a computer file that contains metadata holding various information. It comes with the extension .torrent, but it does not contain the actual contents.

Torlock is a torrent index that helps the user to access the latest TV series and movies. It is always known for high-quality torrents. It is not one of the stable torrent sites out there because the server gets down frequently.

People perceive torrent as a platform to download software, music, movies, games, and much more. Out of all torrent sites available in the market, TorLock has always been known for its high-quality torrents.

The torrent files on TorLock have lots of seeders and leechers, and you can find videos, music, games, software, and much more on the Platform.

How To

In the vast ecosystem of torrent websites, Torlock has etched its name as a reliable platform for downloading content. From movies and TV shows to software and e-books, Torlock is your one-stop-shop for all things torrent-related.

In this comprehensive, SEO-optimized guide, we will explore what Torlock is, its benefits, and address the question of its legality.

What is Torlock?

Torlock is a torrent indexing website that provides a wide variety of digital content. The platform has a robust search engine that allows users to find torrents for movies, TV series, music, video games, software, and more. It is renowned for its user-friendly interface and a well-curated list of genuine torrents.

15 Best Sites Like Torlock to Download Movies, Music, Games, and Software

TorLock somehow managed to survive the mass torrent ban that took place in 2016. It has a drawback, and it is stable because it keeps getting offline frequently. If you have found Torlock offline, you can visit some of the Torlock alternatives mentioned below.

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1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the reliable torrent sites which is used by millions of users. This torrent site offers impressive download speeds and has an easy to navigate user interface. Most of the time, the torrent version of the pirate bay remains accessible while the main site is down. It is advised to the readers to use a good VPN to access websites like pirate bay.

2. 1337X

The popularity of torrent sites decreases each year, but they remain one of the most visited websites. At times, accessing a torrent source like 1337x can be difficult due to bans imposed by schools, offices, authorities, and governments.

1337X is one of the top-rated and most loved torrent sites, visited by millions of users each year. You can find everything on the Platform, including Movies, TV Shows, Games, etc. on 1337X.

3. TorrentHounds

TorrentHound was one of the most popular torrent sites around. Unlike some other torrent sites that have gone down after legal strikes. TorrentHound has exited voluntarily. The owner of Torrent Hound had various reasons, including rising bills, lesser revenue, and pressure from anti-piracy activists.

4. Torrent Project

Just like other torrent sites, such as 1337x is one of the best torrent websites. It is a meta-search engine for torrents with a fast, clutter-free design and verified from numerous torrent sites.

Torrent Project, which makes it great, is the interface that looks clean and well organized. It has quality torrent content, which makes it the best in the business. But this site has been down for several days.


Fans of torrenting software, television shows, music, and movies should be familiar with the EZTV torrent site. It’s one of the best sites for downloading torrents of newly released TV episodes.

It delivers lots of torrents to the users who get their television fix from EZTV. The interface of EZTV is quite interactive, which is another good thing about the site. EZTV proves to be a good alternative for TorLock that you can consider.

6. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is a torrent provider that is listed among the authorized peer to peer torrent systems of BitTorrent. It is an online index of the thousands of torrent files that are available. It has music, videos, movies, books, software, programs, apps, and much more.

The users can explore a lot of torrents and can download them. IsoHunt has a system for uploading torrent files as well. It can be a better alternative to Torlock.


RARBG torrents enable the user to download a wide variety of movie torrents that is not commonly available on other torrent sites. Moreover, it is one of the best torrent sites where you can download movies, software, games, TV Series, and Music for free.

If you want to watch the latest movie tonight, then RARBG may be the destination.
RARBG is blocked in Germany, UK, Italy, Ireland, Finland, and Australia.

8. YTS

YTS is one of the best torrent sites, and it has a lot of users. This website has the edge over other torrent websites over the years. The user interface and downloading compatibility make YTS one of the most popular websites.

There is a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and web series of different languages you can download. You can easily download American, Indian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese web series from this website.

9. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is the verified torrent provider for movies, TV shows, apps, software, anime movies, games, and much more. You can search torrents on lime torrents by going through the advanced search box or directly going to the top torrents and latest torrent category.

It is an independent torrent search engine that doesn’t host the torrents of other websites. You can also add torrent files to the site, make an account with LimeTorrents, and start uploading the torrent files for free.

10. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a  powerful search engine where you can download any movie, video, game, software, and other digital content. It combines results from other search engines to provide a database of torrents from other torrent providing sites. The best fact about Torrentz2 is that it is free and you can enjoy its service anywhere.

11. SkyTorrents

Sky torrents is a user-friendly torrent search engine that combines results from different search engines. With this Platform, the user can quickly discover high-quality content and download. Also, the Platform does not require any registration or installation.

You need to visit the official site, place the keyword into the search bar, and hit the search button. Furthermore, you will get all the detailed results with complete details such as size and files, etc.

12. Zooqle

Zooqle is an online platform where you can download torrent files such as applications, games, movies, themes. Moreover, Zooqle is unique in its usage and gives the user a wide variety to choose from.

It gives you the vast experience of downloading, and file storage is surprisingly robust. Furthermore, this software makes you comfortable because it has all the programs and software that you need.

13. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads proves to be one of the popular Torlock alternatives on the list. Moreover, it is one of the oldest torrent websites you can visit these days. Torrent downloads cover every torrent category like Movies, Music, Books, Software, TV Shows, web series, etc. In terms of a torrent directory, Torrent downloads are not as comprehensive as compared to the other torrent providers.

14. Demonoid

Demonoid is one of the oldest BitTorrent trackers, and it is still functional. It is one of the most trusted sites. Undoubtedly, the user-interface of Demonoid is interactive and well-organized, which attracts a lot of users. Due to its immense popularity among the public, the site is heavily tracked by the authorities, and it keeps on going offline pretty often.

15. iDope

iDope is the new torrent website that is added to the list. It is not that popular in public, but it has a lot of quality content. The site has plenty of movies, and Music, Games, Softwares, TV Shows to offer. The interface is good, but there is still room for improvement. You can download everything available on iDope for free.

Benefits of Torlock

1. Vast Content Library

Torlock hosts an extensive range of content, encompassing genres and categories that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a movie aficionado or a software geek, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for.

2. Verified Torrents

One of the standout features of Torlock is its focus on providing verified torrents. This minimizes the risks associated with downloading malicious files, offering users a safer torrenting experience.

3. Ease of Use

The website boasts a simple and intuitive design, making it easy for both newcomers and seasoned torrenters to navigate through the available content.

4. High Download Speeds

Torlock offers high-speed torrent downloads, which is a significant advantage for users looking to obtain files quickly.

5. Community Reviews and Comments

User reviews and comments provide added assurance about the quality and safety of the torrent files, offering an extra layer of credibility.

6. Free to Use

The platform is free to use, making it a cost-effective option for downloading content. However, it’s important to note that downloading copyrighted material without permission is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Is Torlock a Free Movies App?

While Torlock is primarily a web-based platform, it does not have an official mobile application. Users should beware of any third-party apps claiming to be Torlock, as these may contain malware or violate copyright laws.

Legal Considerations

It’s crucial to mention that while Torlock provides access to a wealth of content, downloading copyrighted material without permission is against the law in many places. Users should always be aware of the legal ramifications associated with torrenting copyrighted content.

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Summing Up

Lastly, these were the 15 best alternatives to Torlock. No need to worry if Torlock goes down or it is shut down. You can go to these torrent sites and download whatever you want.

Torlock is a popular torrent website known for its broad selection of content and user-friendly interface. Its commitment to providing verified torrents sets it apart from many other platforms.

However, users should exercise caution and be aware of the legal implications associated with downloading copyrighted material. Always ensure that you’re complying with local laws and regulations.