How To ‘TLC com Activate’ on Roku, Apple TV, and Other Devices

TLC is one of the best streaming platforms to go to for all your entertainment needs. Everyone wants to activate the TLC when it comes to content streaming. To activate TLC on your device, you need to go to its activation page and enter the activation code there.

TLC can be activated on various devices like Roku, DirecTV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox gaming console. You need to activate the TLC on your selected device to start streaming the premium content available on the TLC.

Let us see the activation steps involved in activating TLC on different devices.

TLC com Activate

What is TV?

TLC has premium content and over 5000+ channels for one to start binge-watching online. One can access a never-ending list of shows and entertainment on TLC. For accessing all the premium and dedicated services, you first need to activate TLC on your device.

May it be Android TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, and other devices as well. For successful activation, you need to go through the various processes mentioned as per the device. Then, you have to enter the activation code on your device to stream premium content online.

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How To Activate TLC On Smart TV?

These are the steps explained below to activate the TLC on smart TV. If you are using one, you can follow the process for the successful activation of TLC.

Step 1: Open the browser and go to chrome or safari and enter the web link (

Step 2: Once the page opens, you need to create your own TLC account. For the TLC Go account creation, you need to enter your email and set a password for the same.

Step 3: Next, download the TLC Go app on your smart TV. Enter the activation code in the space provided.

That’s it. Now, you will be able to access the TLC premium shows online. Follow these steps for successful activation of TLC Go on your Smart TV device.

How To Activate TLC On Roku Using

Roku is a popular streaming device that allows users to access TLC Go for seamless content streaming. If you are using a Roku device and want to activate the TLC Go then, you need to follow the steps listed below. For this process, you need to have two things a cable connection and good internet connectivity.

Step 1: Power on the Roku device and connect it to the home internet connection. To create an account, you need to visit the Roku website (

Step 2: Enter all the appropriate and correct details to get the activation code. Set up the account and log in with the Roku account to get the TLC activation.

Activation Steps On Roku Device

Step 1: Go to the Roku channel store and download and install the TLC Go app on Roku. Firstly, complete the account log-in and set up. This will get you the activation code.

Step 2: Go to the page and enter the activation code there. This will complete the activation process on the Roku device.

These are the steps you need to follow to stream exciting TLC tv shows online.

How To Activate TLC GO On DirecTv Now?

The below-listed methods will help you to activate the TLC Go app on your DirecTV device.

Step 1: Power on the device, enter the log-in details to complete the process using the DirecTV credentials. Install and launch the TLC Go app on your device.

Step 2: Follow the steps carefully to get the activation code. Go to the page and enter the code there. This will make your activation process successful for DirecTV Now.

How To Activate TLC Go On Amazon Fire TV Stick? 

Below listed are some steps you need to follow for a successful TLC Go Activation on the Amazon Fire TV Stick device.

Step 1: Go to the Home of the Fire TV stick and install the TLC Go. You will get to see a set of instructions that you need to follow to get the activation code.

Step 2: On your smart device, open Enter the code and then click Activate.

Once the TLC Go app gets activated, you will be able to stream the shows online.

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How To Activate and Watch TLC LIVE On Apple TV

To get the TLC Go activation on the Apple TV, you need to go through the steps to complete the process.

Step 1: Open your Apple Tv and search for the TLC Go app.Once you find it click on the Download and then Install the app. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to get the activation code.

Step 2: Navigate to and enter the activation code there. Click on the Activate option for a successful installation.

These are the steps you need to follow to activate the TLC Go app on your device. These steps will help you if you want to use TLC Go app on the Apple TV.

How To Activate TLC On Xbox One

To activate the TLC Go app on your device. You need to follow some of the steps listed below. You need to follow the exact same steps to get the activation of the TLC Go on Xbox One device.

Step 1: Open the Xbox one device, install the TLC Go app, and open it. Follow the displayed instructions on your screen to get the activation.

Step 2: Go to the page and enter the activation code. Click on Activate for a successful installation process.

This will make you stream the premium range TV shows on the TLC Go premium content online on the Xbox One device.

How To Activate TV On Android Or iOS

If you own an Android TV or iOS then, you need to go through the steps mentioned below for successful activation of the TLC Go app on your device.

Step 1: On your Android device, go to the play store, go to iTunes and download the TLC Go app.

Step 2: Once installed, click on the Get started option. The next step is to sign in using the Tv provider credentials.

Step 3: For the activation code, go to to get the code. At last, enter the activation code if necessary.

I hope these instructions will help you activate the TLC Go app on your Android or iOS TV.

The Benefits of

Ease of Access: is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to browse through an extensive library of shows, documentaries, and exclusive content.

On-Demand Streaming: Missed the latest episode? No problem! You can catch up on your schedule.

Exclusive Content: often offers behind-the-scenes footage and interviews that are not available on the regular cable channel.

Watching TLC on Your Phone

The answer is a resounding yes! TLC has a mobile application called ‘TLC GO,’ available on both Android and iOS platforms. Simply download the app, log in with your cable or streaming service credentials, and start watching your favorite TLC shows on the go.

Streaming TLC Live

TLC GO: Aside from on-demand content, TLC GO also offers live streaming of the TLC channel.

Third-Party Services: Websites and apps like Hulu Live and Sling TV also offer live streaming of TLC, among other channels.

Compatibility with YouTube TV

If you’re a YouTube TV subscriber, you’re in luck! TLC is one of the many channels available on YouTube TV, and yes, TLC GO is free with your YouTube TV subscription. You just have to log in using your YouTube TV credentials to unlock all the content.

Is TLC Available on Prime Video?

While Amazon Prime Video doesn’t offer the TLC channel per se, it does offer the option to purchase or rent individual episodes or entire seasons of certain TLC shows. This is ideal for viewers who are only interested in specific series.

The Cost of a TLC Account

Technically, a TLC GO account doesn’t cost anything. However, you’ll need to have an existing subscription to a cable or streaming service that includes TLC in its package to log in and access the content.

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TLC Go app offers the users to stream TV shows from 5000+ channels. These are some of the activation methods on various devices like Roku TV, Android TV, iOS, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV Stick, DirecTV, and others. I hope this article is helpful for you guys. and its associated platforms provide a versatile and convenient way to enjoy all that TLC has to offer. Whether you’re tuning in live, catching up on missed episodes, or delving into exclusive content, the benefits are extensive.

The service’s compatibility with mobile apps like TLC GO and other streaming platforms such as YouTube TV adds to its accessibility. Even if you don’t have a traditional cable subscription, various streaming services make it easier than ever to get your TLC fix.

So, go ahead and explore the rich, diverse world of—because there’s something for everyone. Share this comprehensive guide with fellow TLC enthusiasts and stay connected with your favorite shows anytime, anywhere!