‘The Power of the Dog’ Review: Wild Hearts on a Closed Frontier

Despite owning a prosperous ranch in the Montana prairie with their brother George (Jesse Plemons) and brother Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), things between them are strained.

Phil is a hard-working rancher who appreciates manual labour and thinks taking a shower is effeminate.

‘The Power of the Dog’ Review: Wild Hearts on a Closed Frontier

George, on the other hand, is more concerned with the business of managing a sizable agricultural operation and is quite satisfied to let the ranch workers manage the cattle.

The two have experienced some conflict as a result of those differences, but George’s choice to wed local widow Rose Gordon has caused the biggest rift (Kirsten Dunst).

Phil believes she is simply another gold-digger who is using George’s money to pay for her son Peter’s (Kodi Smit-McPhee) medical school education.

However, Rose is also under pressure because of Phil’s ongoing animosity against her and her kid, which makes the family even more unstable.

But when things unravel, Phil’s ability to keep everyone out of his business also falters because he has his own secrets.

Why is “The Power of the Dog” Rated R?

The Kids-In-Mind.com evaluation lists a fully nude man and other scenes of mostly nude men, the sounds of an off-screen sex scene.

A few kissing scenes, references to sex, a cow’s castration, a rabbit’s dissection, numerous instances of menacing and bullying of a teen boy and adults, alcoholism, arguments, and some foul language.

For information about sexual material, violence, and harsh language, read our parents’ guide below.

The Power of the Dog: Why Should You Watch It?

Working at a ranch in Montana is Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), a representation of toxic masculinity. Phil insults anyone and everyone, even his brother George (Jesse Plemons).

When George marries Rose (Kirsten Dunst) and brings his new family home, things become more difficult.

One good enough reason is the pairing of Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst in a previously unseen outfit.

The layers of harmful masculinity are expertly peeled back throughout the film. While others praised the filmmaker Jane Campion, some reviews hailed Benedict’s performance as his best-ever.


The western “The Harder They Fall,” starring Idris Elba, appears to have set off a chain reaction.

Benedict Cumberbatch, another well-known actor, is also attempting to break into the industry. The Power of the Dog has a R rating, so viewers should be selective about who they see it with.

It’s possible that the movie’s R rating made you rethink your choices. However, we can clarify The Power of the Dog’s R rating. Also, we can ensure you no spoilers will come your way in the explaining process.