Survivor Season 28 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Survivor: Cagayan, sometimes unofficially known as Survivor: Cagayan – Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty, is the twenty-eighth season of Survivor.

At the start of the season, three tribes of six players each were formed, with each tribe characterised by the behaviours that its members were most likely to engage in on a daily basis.

Six players have returned for succeeding seasons after quitting throughout the course of the season, including Kass McQuillen, Sarah Lacina, Spencer Bledsoe, Tasha Fox, Tony Vlachos, and Woo Hwang.

Survivor Season 28

This season’s unpredictable nature and dynamic cast have made Cagayan a favourite among Survivor fans.

The post-merge game in particular was distinguished by a higher-than-usual amount of betrayals and blindsides, and there were several intense confrontations between competitors.

This season’s highlights featured Tony Vlachos’ frenzied plotting and Spencer Bledsoe and Kas McQuillen’s controversial behaviour.

Tony was crowned the season’s sole survivor after defeating Woo Hwang by an 8-1 vote.

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A Brief Description of Survivor Series

One of the most successful American reality television shows, Survivor debuted in 2000.

It features a group of contestants who are thrown in a remote location and must overcome a variety of obstacles.

Over the last two decades, it’s been on the air for 40 seasons, and its popularity has only grown.

Season 28 of the show had a theme of ‘Beauty, Brawn and Brains’ and was recorded in Cagayan, a region of the Philippines. Check out this season’s Survivor cast and their stories.

Presented by – Jeff Probst

No. of days – 39

No. of castaways – 18

Winner – Tony Vlachos

Runner-up – Yung “Woo” Hwang

Location – Palaui Island, Philippines

Country of origin – United States

No. of episodes – 14

Survivor Season 28

Both Survivor Cagayan and Heroes vs. Villains have been added on Netflix, which has made it easier for fans to discover the show and get a better sense of what it is like to be on the show.

Aside from the wacky tribes, Survivor season 28 also brought us Tony, Woo, Tasha, and other strong and memorable players, as well as the Spy Shack, Cops R Us and a quit that didn’t make host Jeff Probst upset. Survivor season 28

After every episode of Survivor Cagayan, I would provide a review and some intriguing behind-the-scenes information, like the genesis of Tyler Perry’s super concealed immunity idol.

This was back in spring of 2014. Season 28 recaps, analyses, and stories are all compiled here for your convenience.

Production of the Survivor Show

Survivor: Blood vs. Water was filmed immediately after the previous season to save money, as has been the case since Survivor: Samoa.

Several members of the cast and crew are claimed to have stayed in the area to enjoy its beaches and other natural attractions, according to reports.

According to Jeff Probst, the “B.B.B.” season format was a response to the public’s desire.

the logo, torches and tribal Immunity Idol all bear Balinese devil patterns while being shot in the Philippines.

The season’s theme was heavily influenced by Indonesian culture (predominantly Balinese).

For this season, Survivor: Micronesia winner Parvati Shallow continued to present the Survivor After Show.

The 28th Season’s Contestants

Aparri (“Brawn”), Luzon (“Brains”), and Solana (“Wild”) were the three tribes that comprised the new cast (“Beauty”).

Cagayan province towns Aparri and Solana are named after the Luzon tribe and Cagayan province towns respectively.

Cliff Robinson, Garrett Adelstein, David Samson, the president of Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins, and former Miss Kentucky Teen USA Jefra Bland were some of the notable cast members in the film.

This show was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Sarah Lacina and Tony Vlachos, the show’s sole survivor, became household names after their appearance on the show.

David Samson

Garrett Adelstein

Brice Johnston

J’Tia Taylor

Cliff Robinson †

Lindsey Ogle

Alexis Maxwell

Sarah Lacina

Morgan McLeod

LJ McKanas

Jeremiah Wood

Jefra Bland

Latasha “Tasha” Fox

Trish Hegarty

Spencer Bledsoe

Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen

Yung “Woo” Hwang

Tony Vlachos

Future Appearances    

All four of the original Survivor cast members returned for Survivor: Cambodia: Yung “Woo,” Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen, Spencer Bledsoe, and Latasha “Tasha” Fox In both Survivor.

Game Changers and Survivor: Winners at War, Sarah Lacina and Tony Vlachos returned to the cast.

Aside from the Survivor series, Hwang also took part in the first season of Candy Crush.

Who won Survivor Season 28?

With an 8-1 jury vote, Tony Vlachos was crowned Survivor: Cagayan’s winner back in the show’s first season premiere.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Woo Hwang, a martial arts instructor, came in second, followed by Kass McQuillen, an attorney, and Spencer Bledsoe, a lawyer.

With Tony’s first big win, there was some behind-the-scenes commotion. Kass McQuillen, Tony’s Survivor co-star, alleged that the show’s producers helped him win.

Yikes. “Chaos Kass,” on the other hand, has claimed numerous times that she enjoys causing trouble.

When Did Survivor 28 Release? 

A two-hour episode of the season premiered on February 26, 2014, and featured 18 new players (nine men and nine women).

It was separated into three tribes of six depending on their main attribute: “Brawn,” “Brains,” and “Beauty.” The season was taped in Cagayan from July 11 to August 18, 2013.

Season 28 of Survivor Episodes Guide

Episode 1 – Hot Girl with a Grudge

Ratings 8.4

Released on 26 Feb. 2014

Episode 2 – Cops-R-Us

Ratings 7.7

Released on 5 Mar. 2014

Episode 3 – It’s Our Time to Shine

Ratings 7.9

Released on 12 Mar. 2014

Episode 4 – OddOne Out

Ratings 8

Released on 19 Mar. 2014

Episode 5 – We Found Our Zombies

Ratings 7.8

Released on 26 Mar. 2014

Episode 6 – Head of the Snake

Ratings 9

Released on 2 Apr. 2014

Episode 7 – Mad Treasure Hunt

Ratings 7.9

Released on 9 Apr. 2014

Episode 8 – Bag of Tricks

Ratings 8.1

Released on 16 Apr. 2014

Episode 9 – Sitting in My Spy Shack

Ratings 7.9

Released on 23 Apr. 2014

Episode 10 – Chaos Is My Friend

Ratings 8.4

Released on 30 Apr. 2014

Episode 11 – Havoc to Wreak

Ratings 7.9

Released on 7 May 2014

Episode 12 – Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

Ratings 8.5

Released on 14 May 2014

Episode 13 – It’s Do or Die

Ratings 8.6

Released on 21 May 2014

Episode 14 – Reunion Special

Ratings 7

Released on 21 May 2014

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A popular American reality TV show that started in 2000, Republic World Survivor has a group of participants who are brought to a secluded area to compete in a variety of challenges.

Over the last two decades, it’s been on the air for 40 seasons, and its popularity has only grown. The Philippines’ province of Cagayan served as the setting for the season’s ‘Beauty, Brawn, and Brains’ theme.