Moving Away? How to Stay Connected With Friends Online

If you’re relocating then the practicalities of keeping up with your friends can often be difficult. Shortly after the big move you’ll be spending most of your time unpacking and settling into a new routine, then once you’re settled in, it can seem a whole lot of effort to keep traveling back to where you used to live all the time! Thankfully with the advent of the internet, it has been easier for us to stay connected with our friends than ever before. There are loads of ways to stay connected with friends online, but here are some of our best suggestions.

How to Stay Connected With Friends Online

Hold an Online Games Night

Hold an Online Games Night
If your Monopoly nights often end in a board-flipping fiasco, then a browser-based version could be the answer.

For many friendship groups, getting together for a games night is a joy that is hard to beat. However, if you’re relocating then it can be hard to get the whole gang together. If you enjoy a game of poker then you’ll be pleased to hear that PokerStars Home Games provide an alternative.

You can create your own club and then share the link with your friends, allowing you to play in your own private online room. Although you might have to provide your own games night snacks, it’s still a good alternative when you can’t make it over to your friend’s house in person.

For those who are more into traditional board games than a night at the casino, some of the best browser-based games can provide an alternative. Rento is a take on the game night classic Monopoly, and it can be played totally free online. Instead of being based in one select city, Rento is something of a global game.

Rather than picking up the Old Kent Road, you could get your hands on the whole of Bulgaria; instead of King’s Cross Station, you can snag Japan’s high-speed railway. The nice thing about this choice is that everybody will know the rules, and if things get heated then nobody can flip the board!

Host a Quiz Night

With this suggestion you really get out what you put in, so sign into Zoom, Facetime or Skype and get to it. If you’re prepared to create an amazing quiz and be the best quiz master the world has ever seen, then you and your friends are going to have a riot.

Many people go for the general knowledge format and whilst that can be great fun, it’s sometimes nice to make things a little more personal. If you and your friends all enjoy a particular movie or TV series, then why not create a quiz to find out who truly loves it the most? If you got together over a shared hobby then make your quiz all about that.

If you’ve not got an absolutely enormous group of friends then another way to give everyone a giggle is by taking it in turns to have a quiz all about each of the individual members of the group. Like a Secret Santa, everyone gets to choose the name of one person in the group and create a ‘This is Your Life’ style quiz about them.

Although you would assume that the person who the quiz is about will be the winner, this method often throws up a surprise! The best thing about quizzing each other about each other is that you’re already booked in for quiz night for at least as many people as are in the friendship group.

Hold a Cook-Along

If you and your friends used to love nothing more than getting together for a meal out, then a cook-along can be a great way to recreate that atmosphere. One person hosts the cook-along and chooses a favorite meal, giving everybody an ingredients list well in advance. On the night of the cook-along, everyone should sign in to their video-call provider of choice and await a lesson from the designated chef.

You can go as simple or as complex as you want, but remember to pick something that doesn’t have to be in the oven for hours on end. Dishes that can be completed from start to finish in under an hour are generally best. However, if you’ve got something that needs a bit of cooking time then there’s another way you can keep your guests amused.

A mix-along! We all enjoy going out for a nice meal and some of us enjoy a cocktail at the same time. If there are a few keen mixologists in your friendship group then make the most of it and ask them to show you all how to whip up a delicious cocktail. You can sip that whilst your food is in the oven!