Why You Should Play Stardew Valley and How to Use Co-op

We live in a world where games with graphics bordering on reality are starting to become the new norm. Fortune highlights how hyper-realistic game characters have taken a huge leap due to the perpetually developing technology that is utilized in the gaming industry.

Why You Should Play Stardew Valley and How to Use Co-op

And yet, there are wildly popular games like Stardew Valley that feature graphics you would expect from early-gen consoles. Despite its simplicity, it has been touted as one of the most popular releases in recent years. In fact, the game shines through its simple yet engrossing gameplay.


Why You Should Play Stardew Valley

The common misconception about Stardew Valley is that it’s just an endless cycle of farming. But there is actually an abundance of things to do in the game including fishing, cave crawling, and there is even a social simulator element. And while this may sound too daunting or complicated, Stardew Valley melds every element really well. This is undoubtedly why it effortlessly turned into a cultural phenomenon — attracting millions of players worldwide. This is why many games have tried to emulate its success.

Games like Moonlighter and My Time at Portia take elements from Stardew Valley, such as the dungeon crawling and farming, and put their own spin on it. These aspects of the game make it great already, but Stardew Valley has more to offer than just farming and dungeon crawling. In fact, one of the most popular parts of the game is the fishing aspect, where players attempt to catch all the rare fish.

Fishing in video games is an increasingly popular sub-genre, and gaming companies continue to take a cue from Stardew Valley to capitalize on the trend. Recently released fishing simulators like Reel Fishing and Fishing Planet continue to attract console players worldwide, with the latter boasting an average of 60 hours of playtime per user.

Even the online gaming market has turned to fishing for inspiration. This is most evident in Foxy Bingo’s Fishin’ Frenzy slot game. The slot, which ‘whisks you away to a peaceful underwater scene,’ is reminiscent of how fans describe Stardew Valley’s seamlessly serene fishing mechanics.

Even the visuals between the two are similar, as the cartoonish art style adds a lot of character to the game’s designs. Stardew Valley’s fishes and dungeons have also inspired a slew of products on Etsy ranging from cute fish mugs to plushie monsters from the game. Even Tesla is getting in on the action, as they are planning to include Stardew Valley in the list of games you can play in their cars’ dash display.

This continuous stream of influence and popularity has ensured a steady flow of updates and content, one of the most significant of which is the addition of the cooperative multiplayer mode. Now, if it’s your first time hearing about this, then you’re in luck, as we’ve prepared a quick guide on how to use the co-op mode in Stardew Valley!

How to Play Multiplayer on Stardew Valley

When you’re ready to try multiplayer, select “Load” on the main menu and choose the farm that you want to use. From there, all you’ll have to do is purchase a cabin from Robin’s store and place it on your farm.

How to Play Multiplayer on Stardew Valley

Save and go back to the main menu so you can select the “Co-op” mode. Under the host tab, pick the farm where you initially placed the cabin and start your game. Once the game has been started, all that’s left to do is to invite your friends.

How to Invite Friends in Stardew Valley

The first thing you have to do before inviting anyone is to make sure your server is set up properly. If you only want to play with your friends, set your server to “Friends-Only” or “Invite-Only.” The Friends-Only lets your friends jump into your game whenever they want. Invite-Only requires your friends to have an invite code so they can join your game.

How to Invite Friends in Stardew Valley

Multiplayer adds a whole new layer to this already amazing game, so be sure to fully explore this new experience. Whether it be trawling through mines or spending an afternoon fishing, hours of fun surely await you and your friends.