SSL Checker — How to Verify Your SSL Certificate

In simpler words, an SSL certificate simply refers to visitor’s security. This is a kind of criteria that ensures your website is secured and protected from any third-party-hackers or online thieves. All the information and data present on the website is protected in the form of ciphers so that the third party can’t steal sensitive information like username, password, credit card details, search history, etc.

SSL Checker — How to Verify Your SSL Certificate

SSL is a Must-Have Certificate

Google pays a prime focus on web security, and an SSL certificate is a critical parameter in this regard. It’s a must-have certificate nowadays-a kind of a standard in itself. Google highlights websites that don’t possess this certificate as unsafe.

This doesn’t only ruin their reputation in users’ eyes but also affect their search engine ranking adversely. If you want to secure your website, get an SSL certificate easily from a credible company. They come in different ranges of affordable prices and can easily be renewed each year.

Always Check the Navigation Bar!

Users need to know if a website is protected with an SSL certificate or not. A simple tip for this is to check the navigation bar. If the site is secured, you will see the symbol of a padlock before the URL address. In case the site provides no hostage security, the padlock will be cut across with a red line indicating that the site possesses no SSL certificate.

A Padlock Symbol Isn’t Enough

The navigation bar of your website showing the symbol of padlock isn’t enough criteria that your SSL certificate is perfectly working. Just possessing a certificate isn’t enough. You also have to make sure that it is working rightly and causing no issues for your traffic.

Sometimes it may happen that the certificate you have bought isn’t authentic. Don’t worry if such concerns have arisen in your mind after reading this. You can use a Google SSL checker to make yourself sure about the authenticity of your SSL certificate.

SSL Site Checker by Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools has the best Google SSL checker that you will possibly find on the internet. This Google SSL checker is an entirely free web tool. Anyone can easily access it, and the only must-have thing is a good connection to the internet.

It provides an excellent interface for its users, and newbies don’t have a hard time understanding its features and different steps required for running the SSL test online. This Google SSL checker is 100% safe to use and doesn’t misuse the confidential information of users in any way.

Easy and Quick Steps to Check SSL Certificate

Use Google SSL checker to know about the authenticity of your website within a few minutes. This SSL test consists of a few and easy steps that anyone can perform without any difficulty. Let’s have a look at these!

Step 1: Use your browser to open this Google SSL checker. Enter for this.

Step 2: On this webpage, you will see the option Enter Domain (with http://). Copy-paste your domain name in the box provided.

Step 3: Hit the option “Examine SSL” present below the search box.

Step 4: Within a few seconds, the Google SSL checker will show you the results.

Why Does SSL Certificate Matter?

1. Visitors’ Security

An SSL certificate ensures visitors’ security of your website. This comes in handy if you have an e-commerce website where users are continually adding their credit card details and other sensitive information. Even for a site like Small SEO tools, this SSL certificate plays a vital role. Users share their intellectual content on this website all the time.

SSL certificate for Visitors Security in E-commerce website

If it was not protected, all the confidential info would have been stolen by the hackers. Thus, visitors’ security is mandatory nowadays! Use a credible SSL checker tool to make sure that your SSL certificate is providing the right security to its users.

2. SSL Certificate Mandatory

SSL certificate nowadays is not an option. Google has made it mandatory for every website to get this certificate and make sure that the data of their website is encrypted. In case a website doesn’t possess this certificate, Google highlights it by cutting across the padlock in the navigation bar with a red line.

Google is Requiring SSL Certificates

In this way, users can easily know about unprotected sites and won’t risk sharing their sensitive information. In case if you still haven’t got any, contact a credible company to get your SSL certificate now. Keep checking its performance with the help of Google SSL Checker.

3. Makes You Earn User’s Trust

Earning users’ trust is everything. If your users don’t trust you enough, your website will never be one of their options. Hence, getting an SSL certificate is a must-must!

SSL certificate

When users see that your website is protected from third parties, they don’t hesitate to use it. This increases your traffic and makes you have a win-win position.

4. Differentiates Between Real and Fake Websites

A website protected with an SSL certificate is one of its own kinds. This kind of certificate doesn’t allow third parties to create a fake version of the site to deceive users. It helps users to reach the original site and not any other fraudulent version of it.


Nothing can emphasize the importance of an SSL certificate enough. It’s really that important! Get your SSL certificate now from a credible company and keep testing it by Google SSL checker of Small SEO Tools.

This Google SSL checker is the best in the market. It’s completely free of cost and effortless to access. Just have a good internet connection to make this Google SSL checker work for you.