6 Software Tools And Apps You Must Have For Your New Laptop

We are increasingly becoming dependent on the Internet nowadays. Indeed, it seems impossible to imagine a day in the office without using your laptop at least once. However, there can be a downside to it.

For instance, the use of a laptop and/or a phone can sometimes be time-consuming and even dangerous since cybercrime has been rising more and more. Nevertheless, if you install proper software tools and apps on your laptop, you can make your Internet surfing much more efficient, which means less time-consuming, safer, and better!

In that way, if you happen to be given a brand new laptop for this holiday season, or want to buy one for yourself, then you should know that there are some things you need to do right before you start your Internet surfing and movie watching.

6 Software Tools And Apps You Must Have For Your New Laptop

6 Software Tools And Apps You Must Have For Your New Laptop

To that end, make sure you check this list of 6 awesome software tools and apps you should have for your new laptop!

1. Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular applications on all devices that have the ability to access the Internet. Put simply, it is indeed a must-have application, and there is a good reason for that. First of all, it is free. What is more, as such, it is available for Mac, Microsoft, Android, etc.

Furthermore, there are plenty of extensions that you can install to suit your additional needs and enhance your online experience in general. According to many sources, it is the best place where you can enjoy Internet surfing!

2. VPN

Did you know that your browsing history and the use of the internet are easily accessible to your internet provider? What is more, it is also possible that your data can be accessed by the hackers or government if it needs it for any reason. In order to make your internet surfing safer and better, you can install a VPN. Firstly, let’s answer the question of what a VPN is and why an internet user needs it.

Software Tools And Apps You Must Have For Your New Laptop

The use of VPN is aimed at securing and keeping your personal data safe. In other words, it hides your activity from prying eyes and functions as a firewall for hackers. Likewise, it guards your IP address, online activity, and personal information.

If you want to get one, make sure you search for a guide to having a VPN for your home so you’ll have an idea of which VPN to get. With the right VPN that perfectly suits your needs, you can feel much more at ease while surfing online and have a better overall experience.

3. AVG Free

The virus prey on Internet users all the time and in every corner. This makes it more difficult and dangerous to use the Internet. For this reason, it is essential that you install antivirus software that will protect your device from invasive viruses that can steal your data and damage your device. Therefore, if you’ve got a new laptop, make sure you get this software before downloading and installing any application since you can easily catch a virus on the go.

4. MS Office

MS Office is a package that will provide you with all you need for a successful office career. It contains Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. With these, you can quickly make a presentation for a business plan, write an article, or make some mathematical equations that present important data. Put simply, it will empower you in so many ways and help you be more professional.

5. Cloud Storage

Starting from keeping our memories via photos, videos, and messages – apart from all the professional paperwork that we write and receive, it definitely seems that we increasingly pile up data on our devices. This, however, can make your laptop or any other device run much slowlier and lower its general performance.

In this way, it is important that you share the burden of your data on your device by putting a part of it on the internet cloud such as Dropbox or any other cloud. Once you upload your data on a cloud, you can free up your device from all that data and make it faster.

6. Zoom

Zoom was probably one of the most widely used applications in 2020 and 2021. Due to Covid 19, many people had to work from home, and they could easily arrange meetings by using this awesome application. Since we still live in Covid 19 era, it is almost certain that you will need it sooner or later.

Getting a new laptop is an important event, but installing some essential applications and software in it is equally important. So make sure you consider these awesome ones from this list. Good luck!