What is ‘Snapchat Planets’ Meaning And the Order of the Solar System

All of the competing services now require users to pay extra for access to their premium features. Those who pay for these subscriptions have access to exclusive perks. YouTube Premium, WhatsApp Business, and Telegram are just few of the services that have switched to a paid subscription model.

Snapchat has followed in the footsteps of these networks by releasing its own, premium edition, Snapchat+. Several Snapchat+ features are reserved for premium subscribers. Snap’s Planets feature fits this description.

It compares your friend list to a solar system and ranks them according to how often you message each member. You could be confused by the hierarchy of Snapchat planets. Have no fear; we’ve got you covered.

Snapchat Planets

What are Snapchat planets, what do they mean, in what sequence, and everything else related to them will be covered in this post.

How does Snapchat Plus Work?

Those that upgrade to Snapchat+ gain access to a slew of premium options. Users must pay a subscription fee each month to gain access to Snapchat Plus and its supplementary features.

Snapchat Plus for iOS and Android is now available in the US for $3.99/month, $21.99/half year, and $39.99/year. There is also a 7-day free trial available before you have to pay for a subscription.

Among the many cool additions available in Snapchat+ are the ability to customise the app’s icon, see who has rewatched your story, and designate certain users as BFFs. But, it’s important to remember that paying the monthly fee won’t get rid of the advertising, so you’ll just have to put up with them.

“Ads are going to continue at the foundation of our revenue plan for the long future,” said Snapchat’s senior vice president Jacob Andreou to The Verge.

Snapchat Planets: What Are They?

You need to be familiar with how the real solar system appears. The nearest planet is the one that orbits the sun. Snapchat’s new feature, Snapchat Solar system, is based on this metaphor.

In the Snapchat Plus universe, you are the sun, and the person with whom you share the most streaks is the nearest planet to you. Your “first closest friend” will also be that person on the social media site.

Similarly, the second, third, or fourth planet in your streak will determine the placement of the subsequent planets. Up until the seventh planet, this will continue.

Snapchat’s planetary sequence is meant as a playful method to highlight your app-based pals and should not be taken seriously. Subscribers of Snapchat Plus are the only ones who can access this special feature.

Where Does SnapChat Rank in the Solar System?

The following is a ranking of the planets or users based on the amount of streaks they have.

The planet Mercury

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun, therefore this bitmoji will appear in front of your top streak buddy. You can also think of him as one of your closest friends. There’ll be a “Pink Planet with Red Hearts” to show you the way.


On Snapchat, Venus is the next planet over. The friend’s username shown here is the individual with whom you share the second-highest number of streaks. A “Beige planet with yellow, blue, and pink hearts” is its symbolism.


Since Earth is the third planet in our solar system, this friend is considered to be our third closest on Snapchat. Imagery for this concept includes a “green and blue planet with red hearts and the moon.”


Your fourth closest friend is represented by Mars, the next planet in the solar system. A “red planet with purple and blue hearts” is its symbol.


Jupiter is the fifth planet in our solar system, so it makes sense that it would display your five closest friends on Snapchat. An “orange planet with no hearts” is its symbol.


A “yellow planet with a ring” named Saturn represents the sixth closest buddy on Snapchat.


Since Uranus is the seventh planet in our solar system, the bitmoji that sits in close proximity to it represents our seventh best buddy. A “green planet with no hearts” is used to Symbolise this planet.


Last but not least, Neptune is the eighth planet in our solar system and the one that displays your top eight Snapchat friends. There is no love or life on this “Blue Planet.”

What are the Planets on Snapchat Friends?

Snapchat Planets is a feature that appears beside the names of your friends in the chat section. These planets are a playful and visually appealing way to indicate the strength and nature of your friendship with someone on the platform.

Each planet represents a certain level of interaction you’ve had with that person, ranging from just added (depicted as Earth) to best friends (usually represented by a unique planet).

What Planet is #1 on Snapchat?

Your “#1 Best Friend” on Snapchat is usually represented by a unique planet that is unlike any of the other planets in your Snapchat universe.

This is the person you interact with the most, based on the frequency of your snaps, messages, and other engagements. Your #1 friend’s planet usually stands out visually to signify the special status of this Snapchat relationship.

What Planet is Pink on Snapchat?

The pink planet on Snapchat often symbolizes a “Super BFF.” This is an elevated level of best-friendship, indicating that you have been each other’s #1 best friend for at least two months.

It’s a way Snapchat rewards sustained interactions, making the pink planet a sought-after symbol in your friend list.

What is “Best Friends” on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s “Best Friends” feature is essentially a list of people you interact with the most on the platform. The list is automatically generated based on the frequency and types of interactions you have with your friends.

This could include sending snaps, chatting, and other in-app activities. Your Best Friends are then denoted by unique planets, making it easy to identify them at a glance.

How do Snapchat Best Friend Planets Work?

Snapchat Best Friend Planets operate based on an algorithm that considers the frequency, recency, and type of interactions you have with each friend.

The more you interact with someone, the higher they climb on your planetary hierarchy, potentially reaching that coveted #1 spot. However, these rankings are dynamic and can change as you interact with different people.

How Does Snap Score Work?

Snap Score is another feature that quantifies your level of activity on Snapchat. Your Snap Score is essentially a combination of the number of snaps you’ve sent and received, stories you’ve posted, and other factors.

You can view your Snap Score by tapping on your profile icon. Unlike Best Friend Planets, your Snap Score isn’t publicly displayed to your friends but is a good internal metric for how active you are on the platform.

Snapchat continues to make its platform engaging and interactive with features like Planets, Best Friends, and Snap Scores. While these features are primarily for fun, they also offer insights into your social interactions and activity levels on the app.

Whether you’re aiming for a pink planet or just curious about how it all works, these features add an extra layer of excitement to your Snapchat experience.