Why Every Business Needs ‘Smith.ai’ To Increase Their Sales

Smith.ai offers its Virtual Receptionists and Live Chat services to many industries like Attorneys, IT, Finance, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Small Business, and so on.

Smith.ai helps businesses grow faster as Virtual Receptionists of Smith.ai saves time and professionally answers customer calls. Smith.ai Live Chat service offers instant responses to web visitors. This service results in more leads.

When it comes to virtual receptionist services and client engagement, Smith.ai has become a name to reckon with. But what exactly is Smith.ai? Is it a real and reputable company? And what services does it offer?

This detailed article aims to provide answers to these questions, offering an in-depth analysis of Smith.ai as a business entity.

What is Smith.ai?

Smith.ai is a company that provides virtual receptionist and client engagement services. It employs a blend of artificial intelligence and live staff to manage calls, appointments, and customer service tasks for businesses of all sizes.

Founded by Justin Maxwell and Justin Johnson, Smith.ai has become a significant player in the burgeoning market of virtual office solutions.

Smith.Ai Virtual Receptionists Service Explained

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists answers calls for small businesses, save their time, and book new clients for them. Smith.ai receptionists are friendly and very professional. They know how to capture leads effectively.


The Virtual Receptionists of Smith.ai are North America based. Smith.ai receptionists answer calls 24/7. Smith.ai also blocks spam and sales calls.

With the help of intelligent AI software, they screen and manage your incoming calls, allowing personalized attention and taking detailed notes on each and every call.

Why Choose Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists can manage multiple calls at the same time, qualify new leads, schedule appointments for you, process and take payments, place outbound calls on your behalf, and much more. How much can Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists help you?

Why Choose Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists not only answer your calls, but they become a part of your team and business. Small business owners should hire Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists service to grow their business.

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists Service Reviews and Ratings 

Smith.ai has excellent ratings. At first, Smith.ai learns what your business  specializes in, but perhaps more importantly, what you do not specialize in.” Smith.ai helps business to grow and led to a 50% conversion rate from potential clients. It also helped new client intake.

Review PlatformRatings

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionist Service Pricing System

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists consist of 3 different pricing systems, which includes Starter, Basic, and Pro. You can also customize your own plan.

Once you choose any pack, You can also take CALL ADD-ONS (PRICED PER CALL, PER MONTH), which includes SMS/Slack notifications, CRM integration, accepting payments, and many more.



You can even get started with a 20-call/20-chat free trial (up to 14 days). You only provide a payment method after your trial is concluded. Smith.ai is a leading and trusted brand. 

Smith.ai offers the best fees and billing system. There is no setup fees, no cancellation, and no hidden fees. They believe in transparency.

Unique Features of Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists consist of many unique features. We have mentioned a few of them here.

1. Professional Receptionists

Professional Receptionists

Friendly, professional receptionists answer all your calls. They know the right method to talk to a client and how to listen to his query.

2. Callback on Client Calls

With Smith.ai you don’t need to worry about losing calls due to bad connections. Receptionists will call them again.

3. Experience

Smith.ai receptionists are experienced professionals, many of whom were previously paralegals or receptionists in offices. They are well aware of and trained in the workings of small businesses.

4. Starts with Greetings

You can tell Receptionists to begin with specific greetings according to your company.

5. Email Summary of Calls

Smith.ai provides a summarized message of each call and transcripts of each chat via email. This allows you to prioritize your responses.

6. New Client Intake

All the information about the new client is collected by the new client intake forms, and then it is stored in your CRM. Smith.ai offers 1 free CRM integration.

7. Dispatch Calls to Multiple Locations

Smith.ai will transfer calls to different numbers within your business. This allows calls to be routed to the correct point of contact and improves service.

8. E-Commerce Order Integration

E-Commerce Order Integration

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionist service is better than others in the e-commerce marketplace. Virtual Receptionists will collect information like item information, order number, and address.

9. Appointment Scheduling

Smith.ai books appointments for you and your clients. It creates these appointments on your own calendar.

10. Lead Data Gathering

Leads are captured and qualified based on your custom criteria by Virtual Receptionists. This allows you to target the best potential clients first.

11. Phone Services

Smith.ai lets you use your existing number.  They also block spam and sales calls and will either block specific numbers (blacklist) or send them straight to you (whitelist) at no additional charge.

Smith.Ai Website Chat Service

In this fast-growing world, quick responses are in demand. Smith.ai Live Chat service is a combination of Professional Agents + AI on your website.

Smith.Ai Website Chat Service

Smith.ai Live Chat receptionists understand your users and then curates information, answer questions, captures contacts, and books meetings instantly and more. In this era of competition, live chat has become crucial to getting more and better leads.

Smith.ai Live Chat Receptionists understand the need of clients in small businesses. They are smart, and they know how to convert queries into leads.

Unique Features Smith.ai Website Chat Service

Smith.ai Live Chat has many useful features like their Virtual Receptionists service.  This guide will help small business owners understand better about Smith.ai Live Chat.

1. 24/7 Live Agents

24-7 Live Agents

Smith.ai Website Chat agents have lots of experience. They reply to every question as they remain to live all the time. Thus, your business never sleeps.

2. Customized Branding

Colors and design play an important in the branding of a business. You can select the color of your Chatbot widget so it can match the color of your brand.

3. Proactive Chat

Assertiveness is important, but so is deciding when you want your Live Chat to act. The Smith.ai Live Chat widget can prompt your web visitor to engage in a conversation immediately, or after 10, 20, or 60 seconds.

4. No Charge for Spam or “Wrong Business” Chats

No Charge for Spam or Wrong Business Chats

As a company, you know that every person who connects with the Website Chat agent is a potential customer. You don’t want to be charged for false chats. Therefore, Smith.ai understands the value of your money and takes no charge for spam or sales chats.

5. Responsive Chat Widget

A business gets a query from all types of platforms like Mobile Phones, Tablets, and PC. Smith.ai Chatbot is responsive and works absolutely fine on every kind of device as well as every kind of browser. It also supports many Web Hosting Platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, WebFlow, and so on.

6. Facebook Messages

As we all know, Facebook holds the top position when it comes to Social Media Platforms. You can add Facebook Messenger to your Live Chat plan for no additional cost.

Consequently, Smith.ai Live Chat agents can reply to Facebook messages of your existing and new clients. It will result in more leads for your business.

Facebook Messages

Is Smith.ai Chatbot Free?

Yes, Smith.ai provides free Chatbot, which includes unlimited chats on your website 24×7 365 days. You can use your brand colors in Chatbot. The best feature of free Smith.ai Chatbot is getting transcripts emailed directly to you after every interaction.

How to Increase Leads with Smith.ai Live Chat

1. You should keep updating your Chatbot with new information.

2. If the free version of AI Chatbot is successful, consider an Unlimited Q&A or Unlimited Playbook. While a small additional expense, this lets you extensively customize your AI Chatbot and better serve potential clients. 

3. When integrated with Smith.ai Live Chat, you will have a human receptionist monitoring Chatbot conversations, just in case they need to step in and assist.

Is Smith.ai a Real Company?

Yes, Smith.ai is a real company that has been operational for several years. It has garnered a customer base that ranges from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Its services are especially popular among lawyers, healthcare providers, and other professionals who require high-quality customer engagement but may not have the resources for a full-time, in-house receptionist.

Is Smith.ai a Reputable Company?

Smith.ai has earned its reputation as a reliable and effective service provider. Numerous customer reviews and testimonials affirm the quality of its services. With various features like live call answering, appointment scheduling, and follow-up emails, Smith.ai aims to provide comprehensive customer service solutions.

Furthermore, the company is known for its transparent pricing and flexible plans, adding to its credibility in the market.

What Kind of Company is Smith.ai?

Services Offered

Smith.ai operates primarily as a virtual receptionist and client engagement service. The core services include:

  • Live Call Answering
  • Text & Chat Replies
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • CRM Updates
  • Follow-Up Emails and Calls

Business Model

Smith.ai employs a hybrid model, utilizing both artificial intelligence and human receptionists to deliver its services.

The AI handles routine queries and tasks, while the human staff steps in for more complex or nuanced customer interactions. This ensures efficiency and personalization in customer service.

Target Audience

While Smith.ai is versatile enough to cater to various business needs, it is especially useful for:

  • Law Firms
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Technological Edge

Smith.ai leverages state-of-the-art technology in machine learning and natural language processing to ensure that its AI receptionists are as effective as possible. This makes the service not just cost-effective but also highly accurate in customer interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Can you walk me through what happens after I sign up?

Answer: Once you sign in and choose your plan, we will give you a phone number for your clients. The number is local to you. If you wish to keep your existing number? No problem, just simply forward your calls to us, and we’ll handle the rest.

Q 2. How do you determine if calls are spam or sales?

Answer: Due to years of experience handling millions of calls, receptionists can quickly determine if a call is relevant or is a spam or sales call. An exhaustive record of spam or sales call numbers is also maintained. Spam calls are identified as spam only when we are 99% sure.

Q 3. Will my credit card be charged when I sign up?

Answer: No, you will not be charged during a free trial. At the end of the trial, we’ll share the results, including blocked spam or sales calls, and recommend a next step for you. 

Q 4. Do I have to sign a contract?

Answer: No. All Smith.ai plans are based on month to month without any annual contract. If you wish to leave, you won’t be charged past the current billing cycle.

Q 5. Is there a cancellation fee?

Answer: Absolutely not. We do not charge cancellation fees; just provide 7 days notice you won’t be continuing. 

Final Words

Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists and Live Chat has excellent features which are quite helpful for small businesses to grow further. It is extremely user friendly and affordable. Choose the best plan according to your needs, and you are good to go.

AI-powered service will help you reduce distractions, use your time wisely, and capture more of your leads. Smith.ai is a real, reputable company offering a plethora of services aimed at optimizing customer engagement for businesses.

Its unique blend of human expertise and artificial intelligence sets it apart in the virtual receptionist space, making it a reliable choice for professionals and companies seeking to improve their customer service.

With transparent pricing and a commitment to quality, Smith.ai continues to set the bar high in the virtual office solutions market.