What is ‘Smiley Dating Test’ And Where Come From

Discover your ideal partner and explore your romantic side with this Smile Dating Test. This quiz is both entertaining and serious. In a world awash with dating apps and match-making sites, the concept of “Smiley Dating” is breaking new ground.

This unconventional approach relies on facial expressions, specifically smiles, to gauge compatibility between prospective partners. But how accurate is this smile dating test?

Can you differentiate between a genuine and a fake smile? In this article, we dive into the intriguing science of Smiley Dating and answer all these questions and more. If you want know about Smiley Dating Test So, Continue reading!

What is Smiley Dating?

Smiley Dating is a relatively new concept in the realm of relationship assessment. It revolves around the idea that smiles can be an excellent barometer to measure compatibility between two individuals.

Unlike conventional dating platforms that use algorithms, interests, and textual bios to suggest potential matches, Smiley Dating focuses on the power of a smile as a natural, immediate indicator of attraction and compatibility.

Is There a Smile-Based Compatibility Test for Romance?

The Smile Dating Test is a 20-question relationship exam that uses emoticons to reveal your dating persona. The quiz’s smileys stand for different lover types according to the MBTI. While some receive extremely romantic emoticons, others are paired with nearly aromantic ones.

Smiley Dating Test

The Test Is Working How?

The Smile Dating Quiz asks you a series of questions on relationships that help expose your innermost thoughts and feelings. The questionnaire then uses your replies to determine your personality type based on the MBTI system.

Please keep in mind that the Smile Dating Test is not a measure of romantic compatibility. It has no bearing on whether or if you are attractive or content in your romantic partnership. It causes you to feel more emotion when you’re with that special someone.

Here are 16 Famous People Who Look Great in a Smile.

Each person’s MBTI type corresponds to a specific dating niche. For instance, ENTJs are introverted and goal-oriented in a partnership, whereas ENTPs are upbeat and enthusiastic when it comes to love.

If you know your MBTI type, utilise this chart to find out which dating smiley best represents you.

Smiley Color MBTI Dating Persona
Gold ENTJ Direct and open.
Rose Red ENTP Energetic and positive.
Violet INFJ Sincere and private
Lilac INFP Wholeheartedly and hopefully.
Rose Gold ENFJ Certain and stable.
Yellow ENFP Spontaneous and fun-loving.
Grey ISTJ Reserved but loyal.
White ISFJ Careful and protective.
Brown ESTJ Dedicated and strong.
Pale Pink ESFJ Charming and intimate.
Earth Tones ISTP Casual and free-spirited.
Turquoise ISFP Unrestrained and adventurous.
Cherry Red ESTP Enthusiastic and experimental.
Orange ESFP Delightful and peaceful.
Deep Purple INTJ Hardly opens up.
Galaxy Palette INTP Takes a logical approach to love.

Why the Smile Dating Quiz Exploded on TikTok

TikTok users shared their scores from the Smile Dating Quiz with hashtags like “smile dating test,” and soon the quiz had gone viral on the video-sharing platform. Many viral character quizzes on TikTok in 2022 asked questions like, “What Human Emotion Are You?” However, the Smile Dating Quiz is one of 2023’s initial checks for epidemics.

The test has become widely used all around the world, while having its beginnings in South Korea. And now you can join our participants and get in on the action by uploading your own Dating Smiley to TT.

Now It’s Your Chance to Get Acquainted with Your Dating Self

We must now ask, “What dating smiley do you use?” Find out in less than five minutes by taking the Smile Dating Quiz. You’re so close to letting your true romantic colours shine and finding out how your dates really feel about you.

We won’t require any personal information from you in order to share your smiley with the world for no cost at all.

Is the Smiley Dating Test Accurate?

The accuracy of the Smiley Dating test is still a topic of debate. On one hand, several psychological studies suggest that a smile can indeed provide valuable insights into someone’s personality and emotions.

Smiles are often associated with positivity, openness, and social skills, which are important traits in a partner. On the other hand, smiles can also be deceptive, and relying solely on this method may not provide a comprehensive understanding of compatibility.

How Do You Take the Smiley Dating Test?

The Smiley Dating test usually involves the following steps:

  1. Profile Setup: Create your profile and upload your ‘smiley’ picture.
  2. Smiley Scanning: The system scans through profiles to find matching smiles.
  3. Compatibility Assessment: Matches are made based on the type and quality of the smiles.
  4. Connect: Once a match is found, both parties are notified and can then proceed to communicate.

What Are the Colors of the Smile Test?

Some versions of the Smiley Dating test use a color-coded system to indicate the type of smile and what it supposedly reveals about the person:

  • Red: Indicates a genuine, heartfelt smile.
  • Yellow: Signifies a friendly, but not necessarily romantic, attraction.
  • Green: Stands for a reserved or shy smile.
  • Blue: Suggests a fake or forced smile.

Can You Tell a Fake Smile Test?

One of the biggest challenges in Smiley Dating is determining the authenticity of a smile. Fake smiles often involve only the mouth muscles, whereas genuine smiles engage the eyes and the entire face.

Some advanced Smiley Dating platforms claim to use facial recognition technology to differentiate between real and fake smiles, although the accuracy of such technologies is still not 100% reliable.


Smiley Dating is an innovative approach to finding love by focusing on one of the most primal and genuine human expressions—a smile. While intriguing, its accuracy is still subject to individual interpretation and scientific scrutiny.

Understanding the color codes and the types of smiles can offer additional layers of insight into this burgeoning dating trend.

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