Should I Buy A Slow Motion Camera While Being On Budget? Here’s What You Should Do

Do you ever wonder how experts shoot the NBA all-star dunking footage? Do you want to get such a slow-motion video too? The secret lies in the type of camera you use while taking your footage. You have so many options to choose from when you are out there looking for a slow-motion camera. If you are asking yourself, should I buy a slow-motion camera while being on a budget? The simple answer is yes. Read on to discover the types of cameras you can buy.

Should I Buy A Slow Motion Camera While Being On Budget

GoPro Hero Cameras

The GoPro Heroes are a common type of action camera. These cameras can make your process of capturing stunning stills and video super easy. Videologist at Chasing Heartbeats reveal that the GoPro hero cameras have a high FPS count and capture incredible slow-motion shots. These cameras yield stable, crispy, straightforward, and incredibly easy to capture videos.

These cameras also have optional accessories like lighting, display, and audio recording, which you can upgrade with simple modular add-ons. For instance, the light mod in these cameras gives you the illumination you need for your slow-motion videos. These cameras also have hyper smooth features to guarantee image stability. These cameras can also give you a high frame per second at a reasonable cost.

The DJ Pocket 2 Camera

This is a simple gimbal camera that you can hold with your hands and take awesome slow-motion videos. With it, you can shoot at 1080p at 240 frames per second. It has quite a large sensor; hence its shots are more crispy.

The camera has a wide lens of 20mm and an incomparable autofocus feature. It has some mini control features to enhance your precision as you take pictures. However, you might struggle to connect it with your mobile connections and have some unwavering lighting to use this camera.

The Sony ZV-1 Can Be Perfect

If you’re looking for a cheap perfect vlogging slow-motion camera, then designers have designed this camera slow-motion for you. This camera has perfect video autofocus. It has object tracking features and eye autofocus tracking too.

With this camera, you can record your videos at 240 frames every second, and you can adjust the speed to 480, 960, and up to 1080 as you desire. Sony ZV-1 has an excellent internal audio system, has no recording limit, an inbuilt ND filter, and an inbuilt time-lapse mode.

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III Is Good Enough

If you prioritize reliability as you take your slow-motion shots, Canon PowerShot can suit you. It can help you take high frame rate videos, especially while traveling. You can use this camera to take 4K up to 30fps and an HD of up to 120fps.

The camera has unique live stream features. It has excellent sensors and you can easily connect it with your phone. The camera however has a small aperture range and lacks interchangeable lenses.

What About the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Cameras?

This camera can enable you to shoot in 4K at 120fps. It offers maximum flexibility and shows you at least four shooting versions. Another version of this camera design can allow you to shoot 6K. These cameras have high image quality and fewer crop factors.

The camera design has a variety of lenses, can make good shots even in low light backgrounds, and can shoot awesome Blackmagic RAWs. Unfortunately, you cannot take photographs with this camera design. The cameras lack good autofocus and image stabilization.

Buy the Panasonic Lumix S5

This is a full-frame camera that has perfect autofocus tracking. This autofocus works up to 150 frames every second. You can take slow-motion shots in 4K at 60 frames every second. The camera has a good image stabilization feature to help you get stable images even when the object is moving.

Should I Buy A Slow Motion Camera

There are several slow-motion cameras which you can buy at reasonably low prices. You must, however, understand the features that make a quality camera for you to buy the best. For instance, good cameras should have a high frame rate per second and should have high stability so that you enjoy stable shots.

Always choose a slow-motion camera that has a higher frame rate. You can tell this by the number of frames you take per second.  You can also consider other important features like lighting performance, lens adjustability, the camera’s compatibility with your mobile devices, and whether the camera can also let you take photos. Your budget is also a must-think about any time you are out to get a slow-motion camera.